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Lost Vape Ursa Quest Multi Kit Review: Test Results Are In

Anthony Victor
January 7, 2021

Product intro and specs

The Ursa Quest Multi Kit is the latest kit from popular manufacturer Lost Vape. They gained popularity in vaping for making nice fancy mods (typically with leather or wood) and using DNA chipsets. While they have been known for more expensive high-end mods, they’ve lately gotten into the pod game, by making various pod kits like the Orion and Lyra.

The Ursa Quest keeps the style and looks of a high-end mod, but uses their own Quest chip to make this kit more affordable. This kit includes the Ursa Quest, which is a single 2×700 battery mod that’s rated at 100 watts, and the Ursa Pod tank–a sub ohm pod tank that connects directly to the mod through a proprietary connection. The kit does include a 510 adapter for the mod so you can use any atomizer on it as well.

Price: $99.99 (at Element Vape)
Colors: SS, gunmetal, black (in a variety of leather or wood designs)


  • Dimensions: 126 mm x 43 mm x 33 mm
  • Weight: 173 grams
  • Battery: single 21700/20700/18650
  • Power range: 5-100 watts
  • Input voltage: 5 volts
  • Battery voltage: 3.0-4.2 volts
  • Output voltage: 0.7-8 volts
  • Current range: 1-35 amps
  • Temperature range: 100 -315° C / 200-600° F
  • Coil resistance supported: 0.1-5.0 ohm
  • Coil materials supported: Kanthal / nickel / titanium / SS316 / SS904
  • Color display screen: 0.96-inch TFT

Kit contents

  • 1 x Ursa Quest Device
  • 1 x Ursa Pro Tank (7 mL)
  • 1 x Ursa Pod Tank (6 mL)
  • 1 x 0.15-ohm UB Pro P1 Coil
  • 1 x 0.2-ohm UB M4 Coil
  • 1 x 510 adapter
  • 1 x Airflow control base
  • 1 x 18650 battery adapter
  • 8 x O-rings
  • 1 x Type-C cable
  • 1 x Warranty card
  • 1 x Warning card
  • 1 x User manual

First impressions

Unboxing this kit, was pretty impressed with the design and feel. I received the SS Ukiran leather one and the leather looks great. The mod has some heft to it and feels solid in the hand, but it’s not too bulky at all. It’s a bit too tall with the 510 adapter and your own atomizer, but with the included Ursa pod tank it’s not too bad. It’s larger than most advanced pods—not by too much, but they did have to make room for a 21700 battery.

It came in a nice box presentation and had two coils and two tanks. Not a spare tank, but one tank for each of the two coil types available (more on that later on). It comes with airflow control base for the pod tanks and a 510 adapter to make it usable with any of your atomizers. Overall, I was pretty happy with the design from the start.

Build quality and design

The Ursa Quest is a nicely built mod. It follows the typical designs of Lost Vape mods, which are usually classy and sleek. The frame has a matte finish to it which really makes the leather pop, and the symmetrical design makes it feel comfortable in either hand.  It also feels solid and well-built, but not too heavy. It’s going to be larger than most pods for sure, but about the size of a standard 2×700 single battery mod. It’s not a typical pod mod, it’s more of a sub ohm tank and mod kit.

The fire button is a basic rectangle on the front of the mod above the screen. Below the screen are the up and down buttons and between those is the menu button. Under the buttons is the USB-C port.  It features a nice large and bright 0.96-inch rectangular color screen that’s clear and easy to see. The 510 pin on the adapter is great and gave me no issues with any atomizer. It’s listed at 33 mm wide and the 510 is centered, so realistically no atomizer you’d use on this mod should have overhang.

The mod is available in nine color options. There are three frame colors; SS, black, and gunmetal. Each color has an option of a Ukiran leather, Crocodile leather, or wood. The leathers all start as black and over time with usage start to reveal their colors. Mine already has a nice teal tint to it after only about a month of usage. My SS frame has a nice matte finish which makes the leather stand out more, and isn’t prone to fingerprints. It really is a beautiful mod.

The included tanks in every kit are black tinted and look okay on the mod, but I would have preferred them to be clear, to see the juice level better. The mod looks much nicer with a matching atomizer. Branding wise, they kept it very nice and simple thankfully. There is a small Lost Vape logo on the bottom right-side of the frame and a small Ursa Quest logo on the bottom left side. It’s in a matching color on my SS frame and doesn’t take away from the mod at all. The 510 adapter does have a large Lost Vape logo on each side though.

The battery door is a threaded cap, similar to the caps that we’ve seen on various Aegis mods. It worked great though with no issues. I had no problem getting batteries in and out. I used a 21700, 20700, and 18650 (the 18650 requires the use of an included adapter). There is no button rattle on this mod at all either. Overall, it’s a great looking and well-built mod.

Features and functions

The Ursa Quest is packed with all the modes you could want from a mod and a few extras. There are two main modes; pod mode for when you are using it with the included pod, and mod mode for when you are using it with the 510 adapter. On top of that, you have Power mode (with soft, norm, and hard preheat options), and TC mode for SS904, SS316, Ti, and Ni—without a TCR adjustment option for these modes. Note that one of the pod coils is made out of SS904, but it wasn’t included in the kit so I couldn’t test it. You also get VPC (watt curve), Voltage, and Bypass modes.

There are also three user profiles available, that allow you to create presets to avoid having to adjust every time you switch between modes. Adjusting is very easy in my opinion, and I didn’t see a reason to set up the profiles. But the option is there if you want it and doesn’t really get in the way if you don’t.

Using the Ursa Quest

Swapping between the pods and the 510 adapter is pretty straightforward. There are two press-release buttons on the top front and back of the mod. Press those in and the pod or adapter will pop out of the mod. It’s best to press them in when installing the adapter or pod as well. I found this worked well for me with no issues and was easy to do.

As far as the menu goes, it’s very simple and easy to navigate. Here is a quick rundown:

  • Five clicks of the fire button to turn on and off
  • Use up and down to highlight what you want to adjust on the screen
  • Press the menu button to enter adjustment mode
  • Use up and down to adjust it then menu to accept it
  • Hold up and down to lock adjust buttons (can still fire)
  • TCR and power adjustments are made after selecting the mode

Power mode performance

Testing on this mod was done with fully charged Samsung 30T Batteries. I was happy to see that they listed all three specs. They list max watts at 100, max volts at 8, and max amps at 35. During my testing, the max achieved wattage was 107, so a good rating at 100 watts on this device.

The amp limit I got was 31, which is average for a single battery mod these days. A little short of the listed 35, but more than good enough, since it was able to hit at 93 watts at 0.1 ohms.  The volt limit I got with a 0.63-ohm coil was 8.205 which is great. It shows that it has a boost circuit like all single battery mods should, and came out a little over the listed 8 volts.

The mod adjusts in 0.5-watt increments at 20 watts and above and 0.1-watt increments below 20 watts, which is nice. It’s an accurate mod, for the most part. Pretty average performance, nothing to stand out but nothing bad either. Overall, a solid performer. You can see the full results in the chart above.

They don’t list a charge rate for this mod, which is odd. While I don’t recommend charging mods internally, I did test that just for informational purposes and found the max charge rate to be 1.72 amps. I would give it a rating of 1.75A charging, since you typically round it off.

Temperature control performance

Using SS316L wire and in SS316 mode (there are no TCR settings or values shown), I tested four builds:

  • One simple round single coil
  • One simple round dual coil
  • One fancy wire single coil build
  • One fancy wire dual coil build

The power is fully adjustable as well in TC mode. I was able to get a warm vape around the 450F range, so it is pretty accurate and you can adjust for taste with plenty of wiggle room. It throttles smoothly and has good dry hit protection. I get a consistent vape every time and the power lets you adjust the ramp up. It has no issues powering any build that needs up to 100 watts. Overall, I was very impressed with the performance in in TC mode. It worked exactly as TC mode should, and is easy to set up.

Ursa Pod Tanks rundown

Ok, so let’s do a quick rundown of the tank. While it looks like it comes with one and a spare, they’re actually two separate tanks. One is the Ursa Pro Pod Tank which takes the UB Pro coil line, and the other is the Ursa Pod Tank which takes the UB coil line.

The Ursa Pro Pod Tank has a 7 mL capacity and fits a 810 drip tip, while the Ursa Pod Tank has a 6 mL capacity and fits a 510 drip tip. Both tanks have adjustable air via the included metal base which you use on both tanks, but the kit only comes with one. The air is easy to adjust via a metal slider and on a stopper. Both options are made for DL vaping, and closing down the airflow brings it down to a restricted DL.

The pod tanks are pretty similar to what we’ve seen from the Voopoo PnP line. It has some quirks, but it is a solid design overall. The tanks are one piece with a rubber plug to fill like most pods. The coil system is your standard plug-n-play design. To replace them, you unscrew the base from the pod tank and then pop them out from the bottom. You can’t do it with a full tank, it needs to be pretty much empty. The tanks are both tinted really dark, which makes monitoring juice levels a bit challenging.

Included in the kit is one coil from each of the coil lines:

  • The UB pro P1 0.15-ohm coil rated at 70-90 watts
  • The UB M4 0.2-ohm coil rated at 40-60 watts

I’ve had a few Lost Vape coils in the past but none were really good, and these didn’t really stand out either. Starting off with the UB Pro P1 mesh coil, I found it best around 80 watts. Flavor was decent at best and I only was able to vape about 40 mL of juice before it burned out. Not good at all. Then onto the UB M4 Mesh coil. I found it best around 50 watts. Flavor was again decent, and the coil life was even worse with the coil only lasting about 25 mL. Overall, both the coils were pretty poor performers. They do make an RBA deck for this tank as well, but tat that point you are better off using your own RTA or RDA on the mod.

Pros / Cons

  • Great build quality
  • Nice leather accents
  • Nine color options
  • 510 adapter lets you use any atomizer on the mod
  • Handles 30 mm atomizers without overhang
  • Battery door is easy to open and swap out batteries
  • Good solid weight but not too heavy
  • Large color screen is bright and easy to read
  • Takes 21700/ 20700/ or 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Voltage and watt curve modes
  • Good amp and volt limit
  • Accurately rated for watts
  • Good power mode performance
  • Great performance in TC and easy to set up
  • Easy to use menu system
  • Really fast charge rate (1.72 amps)
  • Tanks use standard 810 and 510 drip tips
  • Good 6-7 mL capacity
  • Pod tanks are tinted too dark
  • Coil performance is poor
  • No charge rate listed anywhere


Overall, Lost Vape did a great job with this mod. Their Quest chip performs great and they were able to make the mod more budget friendly by using it over the DNA chip. I can’t find any issues with the mod itself, and all the worthwhile cons have to do with the tanks. Sadly, the coils were a letdown, and an RBA deck doesn’t make it worth using when you can use your own RTA on it instead.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend it as a pod mod due to the lackluster performance of the coils I tested. But if you are looking for a single 2×700 mod to pair with your own atomizer, this is a great choice for both TC and power mode users.

Let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for reading!

I started doing reviews at the end of 2016 bringing a unique amount of data and fair points that has made them grow in popularity. I’m an avid temp control vaper but will vape pretty much any style of vaping. My goal is to bring as much good, fair, and unbiased information to the forefront as I can to aid vapers in making informed decisions to get the best vape for their style. I enjoy helping people really get the most out of their vape and finding their “aha” moment when it all clicks into place.
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3 years ago

On the UB Pro P1 coil, im surprised you got such low usage out of it. I went through 200ml of juice through mine with no issue. I was running at 75w but I was running in TC NI mode due to the coil being NI80. Seemed to be perfect for me. Great flavor and cloud production and never a dry hit.

Anthony Victor
Anthony Victor
2 years ago
Reply to  Scooter

Hi Scooter, sorry for the late reply. TC NI mode is for NI200 or nickel coils. NI80 is nichrome. It’s not a compatible mode. if you switch it to the correct mode the coil will be even better.

2 years ago

The coils were a letdown? That’s not what I have experienced.
I recommended this kit to my friends because the flavor is off the hook.

steve novak
steve novak
3 years ago

i dont know ive had no problem with the pro coils the ub pro p3 run great in temp mode since that’s what they were made for as the mod runs in 944 stainless same as the coils there is an adapter for the rda so u can pulse it im running a 316 clapton coil also in temp mod i’ve had no dry hit and the thing runs great sorry but as i think u didn’t notice that the p3 coils are made out of 944 stainless so u can run the factory coil in temp mode thanks because… Read more »

Anthony Victor
Anthony Victor
2 years ago
Reply to  steve novak

Hi Steve,

Sorry for the late reply. I wasn’t sent the Pro P3 which is the only TC mode compatible coil they make. I can only judge the coils they sent me which was the Pro P1 and the M4. I didn’t discuss the P3 because I can only speak of what I was sent to test.

2 years ago
Reply to  steve novak

I need some help. I’m new to mods and temp control and all that. I’ve used exclusively pod mode. Was using low wattage nic salts but recently had the smok nord x when switching over to e liquid and now the lost vape thelema and smok thallo. I’m having trouble with watts and coils and didn’t know if you could guide me to a good tank and coil 510 setup (no rba or rta) to use at what wattage and what setting with this ursa I just ordered and what ub pro coil I should use at what wattage and… Read more »

3 years ago

I’m really surprised that you found the coils and tanks so lacking. Personally, I’m very pleased with both and am now using this device exclusively. It’s been a while since I’ve used pre-made coils but this is almost as good, if not better than, as the flavor from a rebuildable. Needless to say, I’m very impressed with this device.

Anthony Victor
Anthony Victor
2 years ago
Reply to  Tiger

Me too, lots of people had better luck. I had some bum coils and could have gotten bad ones but they sent some extra after the review and they weren’t much better. It also could be becuase i have a higher standad having tried many pre-made coils for review. Lots have changed in the past years and these one’s could be better then the ones you used years ago but weren’t up to par with current ones on the market. I’m glad your enjoying it though. The device itself is excellent.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tiger

Yea ive been getting 1500 hits off the ub pro .15. I run it at 47 watts and could get more out of them but happy with the amount!

Ben anderson
Ben anderson
2 years ago

What size rda will fit on the Ursa?

Spyros Papamichail
Spyros Papamichail
2 years ago
Reply to  Ben anderson

Hi Ben,
Up to 30 mm atomizers should fit on it.