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Moreish As Flawless E-liquid Review: Custard Fans Look No Further!

Spyros Papamichail
November 26, 2019


Moreish As Puff is the main e-liquid division of Cherish Vapor, a company that was established in 2018 in the UK. The company offers a great variety of e-juice lines, with their catalog including over 70 recipes to date. All their shortfills and nic salt juices are TPD compliant, and the company provides the paperwork here.

The Moreish As Flawless line comprises of seven custard-based flavors and, based on the handcheck count, has become very popular lately around the EU. All flavors come in 70/30 ratio and are available in 25, 50 and 100 mL, with enough space left to take them to 3 mg using 18 mg regular nicotine shots. The company also offers nic salt shots in strengths of 10 and 20 mg. The Moreish juices can be bought directly from their website or from a large selection of vape shops in the UK/EU.

“Moreish” is a British word that means “so pleasant to eat that one wants more”. Keep reading to see if their juices live up to their name.

Price: £17.99 (100 mL shortfills), £14.99 (50 mL shortfills), £6.95 (25 mL shortfills)

What are shortfills

Shortfills appeared in the EU shortly after the TPD landed on the 20th of May 2016. With nicotine-containing juice limited to bottles of 10 mL, the costs were skyrocketing for EU vapers. E-liquid companies started producing nicotine-free juice offered in bottles with extra space, meant for the user to add their preferred amount of TPD-compliant nicotine shots. Most shortfills come in 30, 60, and 120 mL bottles, and can usually go up to 3 mg or in some cases even 6 mg with the use of nicotine shots.

How to use shortfills

Shortfills are easy to prepare. Just remove the bottle cap and the dropper cap, add the preferred amount of nicotine base, and fill up the rest of the bottle with VG and/or PG if needed. Put everything back together and shake the bottle for a couple of minutes. As soon as the bubbles disappear you can start vaping. For better results, you can leave the bottle aside for 24 hours to allow the juice to homogenize.

Moreish as Flawless flavors

I tested the flavors using my Wotofo Recurve RDA built with Wotofo’s 0.3-ohm Alien coils. As a note, shortfills should arrive pre-steeped and usually need no more than a day to be ready, but I did notice a slight development in flavor after a week or so. I received the 120 mL bottles with 100 mL nic-free juice, and the final products came out at 75VG and 3 mg nicotine using 18 mg full-VG nicotine shots.

Original Custard

Description: The classic, the original, and the best, this custard brings you sweet creamy vanilla flavours!

My take: A full-flavored, warm and eggy custard that seems to be the base of all the flavors of the line. Very balanced in sweetness and a great recipe overall. There’s not much to not like here. I’ve had more complex custards, but I really liked the fact that they kept it simple on this one. It is great on its own, but some may like to experiment with using it as a base for their favorite fruit or tobacco custards. I am generally not a fan of mixing premade juice with DIY flavors, but I still may add a couple of berry or tobacco flavors to see how it comes out. Two thumbs up!

Crème Brulee

Description: A creamy custard is topped with caramelised sugar for a classic dessert vape.

My take: That’s a more complex custard recipe. I guess they are using the Original Custard base with a bit of added spice and sweetness from the caramelized sugar topping, but it is a very different vape to the OC. It’s bolder and more desserty, and a fair bit sweeter. The Original Custard is more of an all-day vape for sure, but I found myself reaching for the Crème Brulee bottle much more often. So much so that it ended up being my favorite of the line after a while.

Strawberry Banana Custard

Description: Sweet strawberries and bananas join together in a velvety custard for a delectable vape!

My take: One of the flavors I stay away from is banana. I am not a fan in real life, and certainly not a fan in e-juice. Interestingly, this is one of the few bananas I can actually vape! The culprit is obviously strawberry, which makes up most of the exhale and adds the high notes that most banana juices miss. But the banana is still the dominant note, and its fans will not be disappointed. All in all, that’s another solid flavor in the line.

Rhubarb Custard

Description: Take a blast to the past as rhubarb fills a rich crumble with a smooth creamy custard for a flavour just like the classic dessert.

My take: Where I come from (Greece) rhubarb is not a thing. As a result, rhubarb vapes feel weird by definition to me, and this one was not different. At first at least, as I slowly started coming back to it for some mysterious reason. After a couple of revisits, weird became interesting, and now I am hooked. And even though I am not ready to say that I am a fan of rhubarb vapes, I am certainly a fan of this juice.

Blackberry Custard

Description: Fresh, sharp blackberries compliment a smooth, silky custard for a fantastic flavour!

My take: This is the sweetest juice of the line. I really liked it at first, but the strongness of the blackberry and overall sweetness of the juice started giving me some flavor fatigue. I would have also preferred a more realistic blackberry; it feels a bit too artificial, or even perfume-y here. It vaped better on a sub ohm tank for me, so if that’s what you are using you can certainly give it a go.

Apple Crumble Custard

Description: A blast to the past with this nostalgic vape, as sweet apples are combined into a smooth crumble, topped with creamy custard, just like momma used to make!

My take: Not a huge fan of this one, but some of it is personal preference. As with banana, apple vapes are not in my list of favorite profiles. The apple part is too dominant in this juice, and the crumble part is there, but not as up front as I would have liked it to be. There’s also a spicy undertone in the mix, but I can’t spot what it is exactly. It is a solid juice, but it is not for me.

Banana Custard

Description: A smooth rich custard is blended with some sweet fresh banana for a classic flavour!

My take: It smells like bananas in custard, it tastes like bananas in custard, but I don’t like bananas. Thankfully, they achieved a great balance between the custard and the banana, but unfortunately (for me), it is a very realistic banana flavor. The juice is spot on and I am confident that banana lovers are going to savor it, but I only dripped it a couple of times for science.

Some final notes; all the juices are relatively clear, and I was very happy that they didn’t overdo it with the sweetener. Even their Blackberry Custard, the sweetest of the line, is not one of these juices where the sweetener is muting the flavor. As a result, I didn’t need to rewick as often as I expected. But they are still custards, and they will strain your coils more than simple fruity juices would.


I was very excited when I got word that I will be receiving these juices for a review. I had been seeing them in social media for a while now, but never had the chance to try them for myself. And I am happy to say that the Moreish As Flawless line lived up to my expectations. They are meticulously crafted juices and while not all of them were a fit for my palate, that has more to do with my preferences and not the quality of the juices. Moreish built a great custard base and developed a very solid line around it. If you enjoy a good custard, you should totally check them out. Highly recommended.

Having quit smoking using vapes in 2016, I quickly developed somewhat of an obsession with all things vaping. I managed to turn my hobby into a full-time job, and I now work as the content manager here at Vaping360. In my free time you'll find me gaming on my PS5 while playing fetch with my dog, Buffy.
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