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April 20, 2023
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Ooze Booster Review: A Handheld E-Nail That Actually Hits Like a Nail

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Dave Kriegel
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Ooze Booster

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Product intro and specs

Ooze is a brand that seemingly became a household name overnight. At least in stoner households. They are best known for their weed pens but also provide a variety of cannabis-related accessories and, apparently, now e-nails as well. Today I will be testing out the Booster, an extract vaporizer with a built-in water pipe adapter. So, an e-nail that functions as a dab pen.

The Booster utilizes replaceable coils featuring their new C-Core tech. It has a 1100 mAh battery and three heat modes. The device charges via USB-C and does passthrough charging. I will be testing it out with some dabs as both a handheld vaporizer and an electric dab rig.

The Booster was sent courtesy of Ooze for the purpose of this review.

Price: $50 (at Ooze)

Colors: Blue, black, red/black, rainbow.


  • Battery capacity: 1100 mAh
  • Weight: 81.7 grams
  • Diameter: 25 mm
  • Length: 125 mm
  • Sub-ohm vaporizer
  • 100% heavy metal free
  • Voltage range: 2.7-3.7V
  • Manual mode/15-second sesh mode
  • Compatible with 14 mm water pipes
  • Built-in safe sesh protections
  • For travel and home use

Kit contents

Ooze Booster features

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The Ooze Booster is larger than your typical wax pen. It weighs in at 81.7 grams and almost looks more like a portable flower vaporizer. It’s 125 mm in height and 25 mm in diameter. The device features a glass water pipe adapter concealed by a plastic bottom cap. The mouthpiece is also made of plastic, and it twists off with a little half-turn.

The Booster utilizes a new type of heating system called C-Core Onyx. The atomizers are made of a black porous ceramic material. C-Core tech is said to provide even heating and clean flavor. Other features include three voltage settings (2.7V, 3.2V, 3.7V) and a 15-second sesh mode.

How to use the Ooze Booster

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The Ooze Booster is easy to use in both modes. Before you begin, you’ll need to remove the mouthpiece and install one of the included coils. Here are some tips for using the Booster.

  • Remove the mouthpiece with a half twist
  • Remove the bottom cap to use it with a water pipe
  • Load a small dab right in the center of the atomizer
  • Re-attach the mouthpiece
  • Five clicks to turn the Booster on
  • Three clicks to cycle through voltage settings
  • Two clicks to engage session mode
  • One click to end session mode early
  • Hold the button to use it in manual mode
  • Voltage settings

    • Green: 2.7V
    • Blue: 3.2V
    • Red: 3.7V

      How does it perform?

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      The Ooze Booster actually performed a lot better than I expected. I never had the best experiences with portable e-nails in the past. Especially ones that use ceramic dish-style atomizers. They usually hit much weaker compared to a real rig or a desktop e-nail.

      The hits were strong and flavorful with the Booster. Using it with my bong, it actually felt like I was doing a low-temp dab on a legit nail. Especially on the highest setting, the Booster was rocking. Huge thick clouds with plenty of terpene flavor. Of course, on the lower voltages the flavor was a lot crisper and more pronounced, but with less clouds. Each setting delivers a distinctly different type of hit. The lower the voltage, the more hits you’ll be able to get per dab.

      I am most impressed with the performance of these C-Core Onyx atomizers. Ceramic dish-style coils can provide clean flavor, but usually at the expense of vapor density. These coils put out a decent cloud, even on the lowest voltage setting. I like how you don’t get those funky burnt hits at the end of the session. The C-Core is actually doing a good job vaporizing my dabs evenly. Last but not least, they heat up quickly, producing vapor within just a few seconds of heating up.

      How to clean the Ooze Booster

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      Cleaning the Ooze Booster is easy. You can even clean off the coils. Here are some simple steps for keeping your Booster nice and clean.

      • Twist the mouthpiece off
      • Pop out the ceramic piece inside of it
      • Remove the bottom cap
      • Gently twist and pull the glass adapter piece out
      • Soak the parts in alcohol, rinse, and dry completely before using
      • Clean the contacts on the base of the device with an alcohol swab
      • Clean the outside of the device itself using an alcohol wipe
      • Clean the inside of the coil and the bottom contacts using an alcohol swab
      • Battery life and charging

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        The battery life on the Ooze Booster was awesome. The battery capacity is 1100 mAh, which doesn’t sound much. But that’s just a number—the actual vaping time can vary based on the amount of power a device utilizes. With the Booster, I got session after session over the course of two weeks on a single charge. Now that’s crazy!

        The Booster takes around two hours for a full charge using the cable and a wall adapter. It also does passthrough charging, so it’s always available for your next sesh. Unfortunately, there is no way to know how much battery life is left, but it does start blinking red when it’s time to plug it in.


        Pros / Cons


        • Excellent flavor
        • Great battery life
        • Strong vapor production
        • Even vaporization
        • Heats up quickly
        • Easy to use
        • Sesh mode/regular mode
        • Affordable
        • Heavy-metal free


        • Plastic mouthpiece
        • Only compatible with 14 mm water pipes
        • No battery life indication



        There weren’t too many cons to speak of with the Ooze Booster. I wish it had some way of indicating battery level, but it does pass-thru charging and massive battery life. Also, I am not thrilled about the mouthpiece being plastic—I wish they had used quartz, ceramic, or even wood. With that said, it’s not a big deal since I primarily use it by inhaling through a glass water pipe.

        But other than that, the Booster kinda blew me away. I really enjoy the flavor I get from these C-Core atomizers, and the hits are very satisfying. It works just fine as a standalone vape but is a lot more fun to use with a bong. Best of all, it actually hits like a real-deal e-nail! It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for an affordable and portable e-nail that also functions as a vape.

        What was your experience like with the Ooze Booster? Leave a comment below.

        Ooze Booster

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