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Tendou Vapor Tokugawa RDA Review

Jeremy Mann
November 15, 2016

Tendou Vapor Tokugawa Intro

The Tokugawa RDA from Tendou Vapor is a beauty and a beast of a 24 mm dripper. Able to be run with single or dual coils (among various other creative builds that I can’t even name!), the Tokugawa is capable of massive clouds and incredible flavor. And you are not bound by one or the other. The Tokugawa has plenty of customization for the vaper that loves pushing the limits of their RDA, or even if someone just loves to just enjoy a bleep ton of flavor.

The Tokugawa has an interesting “cross-post design” deck that automatically centers your coil(s) over the bottom airflow housed inside a deep, 6 mm juice well. The Tokugawa also has side airflow that you can use by itself, or in conjunction with the bottom airflow (and you can use the bottom airflow by itself as well). All in all, there is a whole lot of air capable with the Tokugawa when you want to get foggy, but it also performs well with much less air when you want to get juicy.

I was skeptical of this RDA because I thought it was going to be all clouds and no flavor. The Tokugawa could not be further from that! Although you can cloud up a space with one rip, you can also be floored with the flavor you can get when you use something like a Clapton coil.

So let’s get into the review and look a bit closer at the Tokugawa RDA by Tendou Vapor.

PRODUCT Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • One Tokugawa RDA
  • One JAW 2.0 chuff cap
  • One bottom airflow seal cap
  • Extra o-rings and screws


  • 24 mm diameter
  • 6 mm deep juice well
  • 19 mm diameter build deck
  • Unique cross post design of build deck
  • 2.5 mm post holes secured by flat head screws
  • Dual adjustable side airflow
  • Centered bottom airhole with seal cap
  • Dual adjustable bottom airflow with 3 openings
  • 9 mm Delrin wide bore drip tip
  • JAW Top Cap 2.0
  • PEEK insulators
  • Gold plated brass positive pin

Notable Remarks


Fit and finish

First things first: The Tokugawa RDA is machined beautifully. All parts are immaculate and fit together perfectly. The PEEK insulators are quite thick and should withstand prolonged use at high power levels without issue. Both airflow controllers operate smoothly and precisely. And the o-rings… man, the o-rings are nice!

It’s also nice to see someone bring back the conical top caps. This was a feature many of us used to believe helped the original Magma perform so well. The Tokugawa (as can be seen in the Tokugawa gallery above) has a beautifully machined conical top cap. I can’t say it enough. It’s nice.

Tokugawa Build Deck


The Tendou Tokugawa RDA’s build deck is perhaps its most intriguing feature. Tendou refers to it as a cross-post design. All four posts are arranged on the outside diameter of the deck in a circle. The positive block is one piece with terminals located at the 12 and 6 o’clock positions. Likewise, the milled negative posts would be at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. All four terminals trap coil leads beneath (headless) “flathead” screws.

When installing the coils, your leads should face the same direction whether you are using a single- or dual-coil build to line up correctly with one positive and negative terminal. A single coil would best be suited in the center of the deck over the bottom airflow. Dual coils should sit parallel to one another with one coil’s leads going to the right, and the other coil’s leads going to the left of the deck.

The positive block features PEEK insulators, both in the 510 connection, and one very thick insulator under the entire block. No doubt these insulators can handle high power vaping without a hiccup! It is secured with a gold-plated positive pin that protrudes enough to safely use the Tokugawa on a hybrid device.

Coil builds

The Tokugawa can be built using either single or dual coils (or various crazy builds creative builders can do). I initially found dual-coil builds to be more work than I want to put into it, but it’s not a big deal at all after getting one or two builds under your belt. Normally, I just build regular macro or micro coils (kanthal) and go. But with the performance I am getting from the Tokugawa, I think I can put in an additional five minutes into fancy coils to make sure it’s perfect.

The coils I used were random coils I keep from various shipments. Unfortunately, I don’t know any of the specs of the coils I used this time. What I can say is that for any type of exotic, twisted-type wire, as long as it fits in the Tokugawa’s 2.5 mm post-openings, I would try it!

Airflow and airlflow controller


The Tendou Tokugawa features both side and bottom airflow, and vapers may choose to use one or both together. The bottom airflow is a large, single opening in the center of the deck. I recommend using the bottom airflow for a large, single coil build. A bottom outside airflow control ring (AFC) has three settings to feed air to the coil(s), with openings located on both sides of the ring.

The bottom airflow controller doesn’t have any knurling or any other “catch” for you to grab onto. It’s easiest to adjust when the barrel isn’t on. You can also pop off the bottom airflow ring for more airflow, but the aesthetics of the RDA will be off. But if performance is your thing, know it is an option. For a dual-coil build, you can seal off the bottom airflow with the included adapter, or leave it open for a bit more air to keep things running cool. However, the dual-adjustable side airflow is very helpful when using two coils of really low resistance, and is recommended. But simply for dual coils in general, you can just use the bottom airflow (it is what I using mine, but with just two holes open).

Note: For a single-coil build, you don’t have the option to just use one side slot for airflow.

Performance of the Tokugawa

The Tendou Tokugawa is primarily intended for exotic, multi-strand coils for cloud and flavor production (but not ones that are larger in OD than 2.5 mm). This is an RDA for those who want an interesting deck, deep well, and the ability to run and keep cool exotic coils. One can definitely power up a gigantic single coil in the Tokugawa, with plenty of room for sizeable dual coil builds as well… but the well isn’t wide enough for cotton wicks to be very wide.

When just using the bottom airflow, the Tokugawa is capable of producing large amounts of dense flavor and vapor. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but it may produce too much vapor and flavor. Well, I am not sure if that is possible, but the point is that it performs amazingly well with multi-strand coils (or maybe some flat wire). Basically, give yourself a lot of surface area.

Oh… and for some reason, I can’t get this joker to leak. I am sure I could if I just poured e-juice down the tip without any regard, but that’s stupid. And I won’t be putting this in my pocket, upside down or otherwise. Normal vaping. Nope. No leaking for me.


  • Attractive
  • High-quality machining
  • Unique and innovative build deck
  • Easily coiled and wicked
  • Huge juice well
  • Variety of airflow and coiling options
  • Spectacular cloud production
  • Incredible flavor


  • Deck may be confusing initially
  • Airflow ring is not easy to manipulate
  • No side airflow for a single-coil build


I love this RDA! I would not purchase an RDA like this on my own, though, but I am glad it was sent to me. Once again, it is a beauty and a beast!

The Tokugawa RDA is made extremely well, and it vapes great — but this is not an entry-level RDA. The build could get a bit frustrating for a new builder, but it shouldn’t be too bad as long as it isn’t your first rodeo.

I don’t consider myself advanced, just experienced. I am able to get amazing performance out of this — like, absolutely incredible performance — but I also believe that I have not seen the full capabilities of the Tokugawa RDA.

Highly Recommended

I'm the chief editor here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.
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Frank Castle
Frank Castle
4 years ago

One of my favorite RDAs, great clouds and amazing flavor. My only gripe, the itty bitty “post holes” I love building “exotic” coils like staple staggered, and nothing I normally make fits in them. Had to resort back to tiny aliens. Does work great though.

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