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October 11, 2019
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The Dollar E-Juice Club Review: Nic Salt on a Budget

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Jeremy Mann
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The Dollar E-Juice Club Nic Salt

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The Dollar E-Juice Club is a Southern California e-liquid manufacturer with loads of flavors and competitive pricing. I recently reviewed some of their regular nic juices, but this review is about their nic salt line. I will be reviewing five of their nic salts; all five of these juices are new to me and weren't covered in my other review of their regular nic. They have a lot to choose from. The Dollar E-Juice Club has close to 70 regular nic juices but only five nic salts.

The Dollar E-Juice Club pricing

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The Dollar E-Juice Club gets its name from the fact that you can buy regular nic in 5 mL samples for $0.99. The nic salt versions cost $1.99 for single 5 mL samples. Also available are sample packs that contain all five nic salt flavors either in 5 mL or 15 mL bottles, and they’re all 50/50 PG/VG. Here’s how the pricing breaks down, as well as the nicotine options.

Nicotine salt concentration

  • 35 mg/mL
  • 50 mg/mL
  • Nic salt pricing

    • 5 mL: $1.99
    • 30 mL: $7.99
    • 5 x 5 mL sample pack: $9.95
    • 5 x 15 mL sample pack: $24.99
    • The Dollar E-Juice Club has good prices on regular e-juice, but they’re not wildly cheaper than others nowadays. However, their pricing on nic salt is cheaper than many others on the market. The average price of a single 30 mL bottle of nic salt is around $15, which means vapers are paying close to $0.50 per mL. The Dollar E-Juice Club nic salt pricing is around $0.26 per mL for a single 30 mL bottle.

      That said, I don’t know why e-juice companies charge almost 100% more for nic salt versions of their juice. I appreciate that The Dollar E-Juice Club is almost 50% cheaper than the average cost of nic salt. But still! There’s really no justification for the drastic price hike of nic salt juice over regular nic juice. DIYers know this! Nicotine salt is not some exotic ingredient that increases the overhead in any significant way, which is why 35 mg/mL costs the same as 50 mg/mL.

      But I digress. Back to the review.


      The Dollar E-Juice Club Flavors

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      As stated, the nic salt line from The Dollar E-Juice Club comes in five flavors from their regular nic line. I received both 35 mg/mL and 50 mg/mL concentrations. The colors of the liquids in both concentrations all look like a light shade of golden.

      Honeydew Strawberry (Menthol)

      Easily for me the best and most vibrant flavor of the bunch. It's sweet with a natural fruitness finished with a light cooling sensation—it's more like mint than menthol. If you want a cold sensation, this won't do it. I'm happy it doesn't. The honeydew flavor and strawberry taste almost equal, which gives the juice a unique vibe. Almost like a new fruit! Either way, I keep going back to this one despite me thinking this would be my least favorite. Also, it has the best throat hit of the line which makes me want it more.

      Apple Juice

      A nice refreshing taste of apple, but I wouldn't call it apple juice. It reminds me of the FlavorArt Two Apples flavoring, and I wish it was a tad sweeter. But it's overall perfectly vapeable. There's nothing off about it, even if it is a bit one dimensional. If you like simple yet accurate tasting flavors, this might be right up your alley.

      Strawberry Milk

      I don’t traditionally like “strawberry milk” flavors because I think they almost all taste the same and are aggressively artificial. This one isn’t so bad to me. It’s mildly sweet with a natural strawberry flavor and a creamy undertone, plus some other dessert note. The strawberry reminds me of Flavor Apprentice Strawberry Ripe, which has a natural strawberry taste and aroma. Even if there was no love connection made with me, I think fans of this flavor will not be disappointed.

      Blue Raspberry Sourbelt

      Simple but a pleasure to vape.This juice is described as “thin candy belts busting with blue raspberry flavor with sour sugar coating.” The blueberry and raspberry candy flavors work well together and are both equally sour and sweet. It's not as sour as I would like, but it’s still very reminiscent of the candy. I really like this one. Yes, I’m a grown man that likes candy flavors.

      Strawberry Lemonade

      I’ve been a fan of lemonade vape juice for years. This one is as good, if not better, than many others I’ve tried. It’s described as “freshly squeezed lemonade infused with strawberries.” Aside from the “freshly squeezed” part, this is exactly how this flavor tastes. An assertive candy strawberry hits you first, and then finishes with a tart lemonade. One of my favorites.

      Note: These juices were tested in a Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDTA with a 0.7-ohm round-wire spaced coil. I have it set to 12 watts. All of the juices performed well and didn’t gunk up my coils any more than other juices of similar profiles, but I have not tried these in any pod vape.




      For the typical cost of nic salt e-juice, I think The Dollar E-Juice Club is a good option for the budget-minded vapers out there. The flavors didn't knock my socks off, but nic salt e-juice for me is rarely about flavor, it's more about getting that nicotine satisfaction and hit. The sweeter candy and drink flavors like Blue Rasberry Sourbelt and Strawberry Lemondade were a couple of my favorites, but Honedew Strawberry Menthol was the one I liked most. The kicker was I tried that one last because I'm normally not a fan of menthol. Go figure. My favorite was a menthol juice!

      When ordering, you can get free shipping for orders over $35 subtotal. New customers get 15% off with code WELCOME15.

      The Dollar E-Juice Club Nic Salt

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