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June 27, 2019
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Usonicig Zip Review: Vapor from Ultrasonic Vibration

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Jeremy Mann
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Usonicig Zip

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Usonicig Zip intro and specs

The Usonicig Zip is an exciting refillable pod system for nic salts or regular nic. You may be saying to yourself, “what’s so exciting about it?”. Well, the Zip actually has no coil... or any kind of heating element! Instead of a conventional atomizer, the Zip utilizes ultrasonic high-frequency vibrations that convert e-liquid into vapor.

The first product to feature this atomization tech was the Rhythm, Usonicig’s first product released over a year ago. It was sizably larger but, despite its unique design, it wasn’t quite ready for prime time. Now the ultrasonic vaping experience has been fine-tuned further, and Usonicig hopes this product will bring their innovation into the mainstream.

Colors: blue, silver, pink, black, orange

Kit Contents

  • Usonicig ZIP Kit with one pod
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card


Build quality and design

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Although the Zip has a unique atomizing system, the body-styling reminds me of the Aspire Breeze and many other similar refillable pod vapes. When you see it, you’d never guess what is actually going on inside of the pod.

Fully assembled, the aluminum-alloy Zip measures 19 mm x 34 mm x 94 mm and weighs about 70 grams with a full pod. It features a clicky button-fire draw and refillable 2 mL pods with a user-friendly top-fill which requires a simple twist of the pod.

Built on a beast of a 1200 mAh battery, the Zip is meant to give you a long time between charges. It also offers several electronic protections, like short circuit, low voltage, over-vaping, disconnect, and dry-burning. Although this device looks like your typical pod vape, it’s hard not to be intrigued by it.

Usonicig ZIP pods

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The Zip’s twist-to-fill system is similar to the Innokin EQ’s, except the Zip has a top-fill which allows you to fill it without removing the magnetic pods. There are two small buttons in the middle of each side of the pod that you can press to unlock a release for the mouthpiece to swivel. This is said to be "child proof."

There are two rubber filling ports under the mouthpiece that are wide enough for any kind of bottle top or dropper pipette. Filling is easy and mess-free.

Since it’s a refillable pod, I can’t see the ultrasonic atomizer. From what I’ve heard, there is some sort of cup inside—maybe ceramic—that holds and wicks the juice. I’m not exactly certain how it all works, but Usonicig says that you should let the juice saturate for up to 10 minutes before using. That’s the only reason I guess they don’t call this device “no wick and coil.” They just say “no coil.”


Ultrasonic vaping: The claims

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This is where things get interesting. The ultrasonic vaping experience comes with a lot of claims, some of which I can’t confirm. For instance, Usonicig states that the high-frequency vibrations that transform e-juice into vapor happen at 3.0 MHz, which translates to 3 million vibrations per second!

They claim that this type of vaporization results in a cooler vape of smaller aerosol particles that keeps the nicotine salt from decomposing. Apparently, this should make the flavor purer and smoother without any spit back or harsh temperatures. Usonicig says this makes for a “healthy experience,” and they tout their pods as having a life-span of up to 5000 puffs.


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The performance of the Zip is actually pretty good. It really surprised me because I own the Usonicig Rhythm and I figured the experience would be the same. It’s better than that.

I used two juices:

Super Salt Mangosteen: 50 mg/mL; 50/50

Halo Whisper: 24 mg/mL; High PG

All those juices worked fine. The flavor is good. It’s not great by any means, but it’s at least as good, if not better than traditional pod vapes with average performance. The Zip even has a decent throat hit with high nic, which impressed me. I wasn’t expecting that, but I’m glad it’s there. The draw is a legit MTL. Not too tight, but not lose by any means. It’s similar to the Aspire AVP.

Although the Zip does not use a heating element, the vapor is actually warm once it gets going. The initial vape is kinda cool from a cold state (just sitting), but after a couple quick puffs it rises to comfortably warm. I traditionally like a warm-to-hot vape, and this is right on the cusp of what’s desirable for me.

There has been zero leaking, not even any seepage or condensation, and no spit back. I can barely even hear anything happening on the inside. There’s just a low hum that the user can hear. I can't say if the suggested life span of the pods really does meet 5000 puffs, but I’m betting that these pods will last a long time because there’s no heating element that can burn up.


Pros / Cons


  • Truly innovative
  • Hefty 1200 mAh battery
  • Long-lasting performance from pods
  • Simple and effective refill system
  • Clicky button
  • Surprisingly good flavor for ultrasonic atomization
  • Good vapor
  • Comfortably warm vape


  • Takes primer puffs to get warm after sitting
  • Design aesthetics are run-of-the-mill


I’ve been in touch with Usonicig since late 2017. I have the Rhythm and a couple other Zips they sent me from early this year. When I first got the Zip, I wasn’t that impressed. Even Usonicig recognized that it wasn’t quite right. Two shipments later plus some fine-tuning and updating of the ultrasonic vaping technology, now I can say this device performs well enough that consumers might like it... even if just for the novelty factor.

I give credit to Usonicig for doing their best to get the experience right. I wish other companies would be more sober-minded about the products they’re putting out. Furthermore, Usonicig is actually doing something that hasn’t been done before. I don’t mind giving them the space to get it right.

I won't get into their claims of a healthier experience or nicotine that doesn’t decompose, but I can say that this is a forward-thinking technology that comes with decent performance. The Zip does not vape the same as traditional atomizers, but it’s not supposed to. However, I am able to enjoy it along with my other vapes.

Usonicig Zip

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