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Vandy Vape Berserker S Kit: Features and First Impressions

Jeremy Mann
August 28, 2019

Product intro and specs

The Vandy Vape Berserker line is the gift that keeps on giving. Always catering to MTL, the new Berserker S Kit is a simple design for beginners, smokers, or anyone seeking convenience. As a matter of fact, the “S” stands for “simple.” Like all the other Berserker products, the Berserker S is designed by Alex from VapersMD and manufactured by Vandy Vape.

The Berserker S kit is an 1100 mAh vape pen and a 2 mL MTL tank. The pen operates with a constant voltage or in bypass mode with a power range of 5-25 watts. It comes with two MTL coils: the new 0.7-ohm mesh coil, and a horizontal 1.5-ohm regular coil that was used in the Berserker MTL kit. The device is made out of lightweight but durable plastic and stands just over 96 mm with a diameter of 22 mm. It weighs about 56 grams making it short and lightweight.

Myvpro sent me this kit free of charge for the purpose of this review.

Price: $27.99 (at MyVpro)
Colors: Coke red, sapphire blue, pearly white, pearl black


  • 96 mm x 22 mm
  • Battery capacity: 1100 mAh
  • Capacity: 2 mL
  • Coil resistance: 0.6-3 ohm
  • Power range: 5-25 watts
  • Working voltage: 3.2-4.2 volts
  • Output voltage: 2.8-4.0 volts
  • Output mode: Bypass mode/constant voltage mode
  • Working current: up to 8A
  • Standby current: up to 15uA
  • Charging port: micro USB

Kit Contents

  • Berserker S kit
  • 1x 0.7 M coil; 1 x 1.5-ohm horizontal coil
  • Spare O-rings
  • Micro USB charger

Features and first impressions

The most striking part of this kit is evident when you hold it. It’s really light! But fans of Vandy Vape may think the device feels cheap since it’s not made of metal. The pen and tank are made of PSU (polysulfone) plastic. It’s heat-resistant, durable, and it’s more comfortable for personal-carry. Although the body is plastic, it’s still well made. The paint job feels and looks even, plus the plastic body won’t show a scratch as prominently as it would if it was painted metal.

Staying true to its name, the Berserker S is all about MTL. There are five airholes in the airflow ring measuring 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm. 1.4 mm, 1.6 mm, and 2 mm. The individual settings span super tight to a loose MTL, but if you want a (very) restricted lung hit, you can leave them all open for max airflow. Personally, I use the 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm holes with high strength nic salt.

The Berserker S battery capacity is 1100 mAh from a non-removable 18350 battery. Normally, I detest using 18350s for anything, but I’ve been largely impressed with the battery life. Maybe not impressed per se, but not frustrated by it either. That’s just as good to me.

The 2 mL tank has a top-fill accessed by a screw-on top cap with a non-removable tip. The tip is small and its curved shape is reminiscent of the “Ming” drip tips. It’s very comfortable to use and ideal for MTL via its 4 mm ID. The top-fill happens through a refill membrane (self-closing flap) that makes the tank leak-proof when filling, which is there to address TPD2 law that mandates devices be free from accidental spills. All my bottle tips fit with no problem. There will be a little liquid leftover on top of the flap after a fill…but it’s not as bad as some press-to-fill systems.

The flavor is better to me with the mesh coil…

The device comes with the same 1.5-ohm coil as the original Berserker kit, and the newly introduced 0.7-ohm mesh coil. They both have the same 4 x 2.3 mm wick holes and will have no problem wicking 60 VG. They’re both full-fledged MTL despite the difference in resistance. However, they do perform differently. The flavor is better to me with the mesh coil and the throat hit is best with the horizontal coil. They both have fairly quick ramps and the power feels neither too hot nor too cool. They’re just right for MTL!

It’s too early for me to assess the coil longevity though. I have four of these S kits in rotation right now, but only one that’s carrying the 0.7-ohm coil has been refilled. I haven’t noticed any drop off yet with that one (using it with YamiVapor Taruto 50 mg/mL), so my fingers are crossed that they have a longer life than what I experienced in the Berserker MTL kit. If the coils hold up, I think this would be a solid kit for someone looking for an MTL vape that’s more substantial than a pod vape, but not too bulky or heavy.

I'm the chief editor here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.
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