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September 23, 2020
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Vape Craft E-Juice Review: Is Their House Line ADV Worthy?

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Vape Craft Inc.

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Vape Craft is an online vape shop based out of California, USA. They were established in 2015, and offer a vast selection of e-juice, vapes and accessories. I’ve tried OMG So Good in the past and it lived up to its name. Today we will be taking a look at their five best vape juice flavors.

If you’ve been staying up to date with the latest news, you are probably aware of the FDA’s PMTA deadline. According to their Instagram page, Vape Craft Inc. said they’ve submitted more than 200 SKUs for FDA approval. I wish them the best of luck. Now, let’s find out if their house flavors are worthy of all day vape status. Keep reading to find out.

These e-liquids were sent courtesy of Vape Craft Inc. for the purpose of this review.

Vape Craft pricing

Vape Craft e-juice starts at $5.95 for a 30 mL and 120 mL for $15. They also offer discounts in form of bundles, so the more you buy the more you save. I received a Fat Pack containing their house line, but you can customize your own with your favorite selection of flavors. Here is a rundown of their bottle and bundle prices.

Single bottle pricing:

  • 30 mL: $5.95
  • 120 mL: $15.00
  • Bundle pricing:

    • 3 x 30 mL bundle: $12.95
    • 4 x 30 mL bundle: $15.95
    • 3 x 120 mL bundle: $45.00
    • 5 x 120 mL bundle: $75.00 (Fat Pack)
    • Vape Craft house line

      I tested these e-liquids using a few sub ohm tanks, and the Vaporesso Xros. All of their e-liquids are 70% VG blends, which is perfect for tanks and rebuildables, and still suitable for most pods.

      Blueberry Custard

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      I have always been a fan of custards, not so much blueberry. The reason is that blueberry seems to be one of the more difficult flavors to recreate in e-liquid. With that said, when I took a whiff of this stuff, and it actually smells like fresh blueberries. I loaded it up in my tank and got a fresh tangy blueberry taste coupled with a smooth and creamy custard base. It reminds me a little bit of blueberry yogurt. It’s sweet, but not overloaded with sweetener. Overall, I’m impressed with how they nailed that blueberry flavor, and how well it goes with the custard. I usually go with the straight or strawberry custards, but this was a nice treat for me.

      French Vanilla Cheesecake

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      The name of this flavor alone put a smile on my face. Cheesecake? Yes please! This flavor is silky smooth and has that pie crust flavor to it. It tastes like cheesecake, which is one of my favorite desserts, but it isn’t too sweet or “cheesy”. French vanilla cheesecake has a light and creamy taste that really satisfies my taste buds. It’s the closest thing in this line to a straight custard. If you like creamy custard flavors that are sweet but not too sweet, you’ll appreciate this one. It was my second favorite out of the five that I tested.

      Candy Watermelon

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      Let me sum this one up for you in two words: Jolly Ranchers. The name candy watermelon doesn’t do this flavor justice. It doesn’t just taste like any candy; it tastes exactly like Jolly Ranchers watermelon hard candy. It’s on the sweeter side of candy e-liquids without overdoing it. There is not much else to say about this flavor. It’s a clear choice if you like watermelon candy flavors, that taste exactly like one of the most well-known treats of all time. I’m more into their creamier flavors, but this is a spot-on e-liquid that I suspect many will go crazy for.

      Rich Tobacco

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      This is the only flavor I requested in 12 mg nicotine. There is nothing like a good tobacco flavor in a nice pod vape! Rich tobacco is a very smooth and delicate tobacco flavor. It has a slight hint of caramel which sweetens it up a bit. (I love it when they add caramel.) All in all, this is not a dry and realistic tobacco flavor, it’s more on the sweeter side. I’ve tried many great tobacco flavors, and this one is right up there with Halo Tribeca. In other words, it is a tobacco juice that won’t remind you of cigarettes.

      OMG So Good

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      I saved the best for last. I first tried this flavor years ago when Vape Craft was still a brand-new company. It’s now one of their top selling flavors, and rightfully so! The name does a decent job at explaining how much awesomeness you are going to get hit with. OMG So Good combines elements of bourbon, brown sugar, creamy custard, vanilla, and cheesecake. They just went all out with this flavor. If you’re into creamy desserts, this one will check all your boxes. It has a lot in common with French Vanilla Cheesecake, but with a whole gang of flavors added. If you’re trying Vape Craft for the first time and love dessert vapes, try this one and find out why it was so appropriately named OMG So Good.



      When I think of Vape Craft, the first things that come to mind are their rich and creamy flavors like OMG So Good. I think they excel at custards and desserts, but their candy, tobacco and fruity flavors were on point as well. My top three Vape Craft flavors right now are OMG So Good, French Vanilla Cheesecake and Blueberry Custard. I’ve been blasting through this stuff quickly, but all of the e-liquids I’ve tried so far seem to have ADV potential. If you’re looking to stock up on some good flavors right now, I would suggest grabbing a few of their Fat Packs.

      Have you tried any of their flavors yet—which one was your favorite? Leave a comment below!

      Vape Craft Inc.

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