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Vaporesso Osmall Preview: It's Impressive...So Far

Jeremy Mann
March 20, 2020

Vaporesso Osmall intro

Vaporesso is back again with two new MTL pod vapes, the Xtra and the Osmall. This hands-on preview is about the smallest of the two, the Osmall. When you see it, you might just say, “it’s-o-small!” Get it?

The Osmall uses 2 mL pods with a 1.2-ohm coil wicked with flax cotton—not ceramic! The Osmall is super lightweight, weighing only 26 grams with a textured plastic shell and a low-capacity 350 mAh battery. And it’s priced just around $14. My first thought was that it would be just another cheap pod vape. You know, good to keep around in case of emergency, but not something you’d choose to use. Well, even though it’s still early in my testing, I’ve been choosing to use the Osmall. Let me explain…

Price: $13.90
Colors: Black, dark blue, dark red, grey, red, rose, blue, gold


  • Dimensions: 84.2 mm x 26.5 mm x 13.4 mm
  • Coil resistance: 1.2-ohm
  • Battery capacity: 350 mAh
  • Wattage: 11 watts
  • Pod capacity: 2 mL
  • Micro USB and pass-thru charging
  • Magnetic pod connection

Kit Contents

  • 1.2-ohm regular POD
  • USB cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Features and first impressions

The Osmall has pretty much stayed with me since I got it last week. It’s so light that I don’t mind having it in my pocket with other small items. I can even easily hold it in between my lips while I type, like a hands-free vape. The pods are drop-in, magnetized pods like Vaporesso normally does. But instead of the usual weak magnets that cause the pod to pop out with a minor fall, the Osmall pod housing is deep enough that the pod stays in most times. The magnets might be the same as they always use, but the device is so light that the magnets feel stronger.

The mouthpiece is similar to that of the Vaporesso Renova Zero, and fits perfectly in between the lips. The draw on the pods is easy yet tight with no loud snap, crackle, or pop—and the coils fire quickly from only a light draw. My only gripe so far is that the refill plug is a bit of a letdown. It’s the kind of plug that you can fully remove. I’d prefer it to be anchored to the pod to prevent it from getting lost. But the refill port is wide enough for most droppers, and the pods are clear yet dark tinted.

The Osmall wick’d the thinnest and thickest juices

As I said in the intro, I’ve been choosing to use this Osmall. But why? So far it seems like a regular pod vape. Well, it is a regular pod vape, but it’s allowed me to do something no small device like this has been able to consistently do: vape all-VG juice.

Maybe it’s because of the “flax cotton and non-woven fabrics” as a wicking material that gives it this flexibility? The wick holes are fairly large for the coil size, so that could be it too. But it doesn’t just wick thick juices, it even wicks thin juices with no flooding or gurgling. If you’re an old school vaper, you most likely remember thin Halo juices and the most infamous of the thick, hard-to-wick juices, Boba’s Bounty. In the Osmall, I’ve been able to switch between Halo original Tribeca directly to Boba’s Bounty. That is n-O-small feat!

The throat hit and flavor are both solid, but the ability to easily wick juice almost anywhere on the viscosity spectrum is what’s really impressed me. But before I say the Osmall is good as I think it is, I have to test more coils. Too often I think something is great, then subsequent batches of coils don’t work out the same. My new coils should be here soon. After I test more, I’ll be back with my full review. Will the Osmall continue to impress? We’ll see.

I'm the chief editor here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.


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