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August 21, 2023
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VAPORESSO VECO GO Review: A Solid Vape Pen with Great Coils

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Product intro and specs

With the VECO GO, VAPORESSO is resurrecting a line that hasn’t had an entry since 2018. The original VECO was a sub ohm tank which was also part of the VECO One and One Plus vape pen kits back in 2016. Then we had the VECO SOLO and VECO SOLO Plus pens in 2018, and that was about it.


The VECO tank was the talk of the town for a while, as it was the first tank to come with drop-in coils, which allowed coil swapping with the tank half full. The VECO GO doesn’t have much in common with the VECO tank. In fact, it doesn’t even have replaceable coils—it is a pod-based vape pen powered by a long-lasting 1500 mAh battery, with pods that hold a whopping 5 mL of juice and come in 0.6 and 0.8-ohm options.


Vape pens have become a bit of an afterthought in vaping, as pod vapes offer more or less the same performance in smaller packages. Keep reading to find out if the large battery and pod capacity of the VECO GO can attract some of the pod vape crowd.


Price: $17.99 (at Element Vape)

Colors: Black, silver, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, sunset, coraline


  • Dimensions: 23.4 mm x 112.5 mm
  • Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
  • Output power: 25 watts max
  • Charging current: DC 5V/2A Type-C

Kit contents

Build quality and design

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VAPORESSO sent me two devices, the black and the yellow options. Both colors are gradient, with the black one fading to a grey and the yellow one mixing orange with yellow. The device is made of shiny aluminum and is compact and lightweight, considering the capacity of the battery.

The device comes with only one pod, which is becoming a trend lately. I wouldn't mind much since this is keeping the costs down, but I would have liked to have tried the second compatible pod for this review. In fact, the pod that came with one of the devices I received stopped working after I went through 0.5 mL, which would have complicated things. Thankfully, it came back to life the next day on its own.

The pods are dark-tinted but visible enough, and the mouthpiece is super comfortable. The magnets holding the pods are strong, and the device feels very well-made and sturdy. VAPORESSO used the fancy LED battery light that they’ve been using in most of their devices as of late. It is a detail, but these lights do stand out and give the device a modern look.

Getting started

Not much to discuss here; the VECO GO is a very beginner-friendly device. Just remove the plug of the filling port to fill the pod, give it five minutes for the coil to saturate, turn the pod until it clicks into place, and draw on the mouthpiece to vape. To set the airflow, just rotate the pod. The draw goes from a tight MTL to a very restricted DL.


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As I mentioned earlier, there’s only one pod in the package (0.6 ohm.) Flavor is fine and it works well both for MTL and restricted DL. I was expecting a bit more flavor out of it since VAPORESSO’s COREX coil line has been great in every device I’ve tried. It’s not bad at all, but I guess the taller pods sacrifice a bit of the flavor. I prefer it in MTL; it produces warm vapor and it works very well with 20 mg nicotine salt juice.

The one thing I need to say about the COREX line is that these coils vape great from the first puff, and last longer than every other pod coil I’ve tried. I am on my fourth fill (approximately 17 mL) and even though I’m not using the cleanest nicotine salt juice out there, I’m sure I could go one more refill before swapping pods. This is not my favorite COREX-powered vape, but if you prioritize battery and pod capacity, you won’t be disappointed by its performance.

Battery life and charging

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The battery is rated at 1500 mAh, and it is one of the longest-lasting batteries I’ve ever seen on a pod-based vape. Expect to go through a full pod (5 mL) on one charge—although the vape will be weak for the last 1 mL or so.

There is no “light show” on the VECO GO like there was on the XROS 3 NANO, but that’s probably for the better. The LED line pulses while you vape, showing the battery level:

  • Green: 70-100%
  • Blue: 20-70%
  • Red: 0-20%
  • I timed a full charge at 50 minutes. Their 2A charging rating seems to be legit, and considering the battery capacity, that’s impressively fast.

    Pros / Cons


    • Good build quality
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Very easy to use
    • 5 mL pods
    • Adjustable airflow
    • No leaking
    • Good flavor (from the first puff)
    • COREX coils last long
    • Large battery
    • Fast charging considering the capacity (50 minutes)


    • No second pod in the box
    • No charging cable included



    The VECO GO is a good vape and a great option for someone looking for an old-school cylindrical vape pen with large pods and a long-lasting battery. I don’t expect it to be a best-seller, not because it’s not a good vape, but because the product category has become a bit of a niche.

    My one complaint is that I wish there was something more to the VECO GO. I may sound a bit too harsh, but that’s because VAPORESSO has raised the bar by releasing one of the most innovative vapes ever in the COSS. There’s nothing that really stands out about the VECO GO, but it is a legit contender in the low/mid power vape pen category.


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