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Vaporfi Grandma's Dutch Apple Pie Review

Vaping360 Team
November 11, 2016

Vaporfi Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie intro

Vaporfi and Cosmic Fog have teamed up again for another e-juice flavor. First it was Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream (yeah, for real!), and the second juice is (just like their first juice) a max VG, “DA/AP-free e-juice” called Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie.

Hopefully, Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie will kinda land somewhere between the lingering taste of real apple pie and my favorite pastime of being in the kitchen with a pie baking in the oven, filling the room with it’s aroma… but in vapor form. That would be awesome! And I know that is a lot to ask of e-juice to replicate that kind of experience, but look at Vaporfi’s packaging for this juice. It’s kinda hard not to have high expectations when the e-juice comes in a container that could easily contain a real slice of pie.

Anyway, since I can’t vape packaging, it’s time to crack open this bottle.

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Notable Remarks

Notable remarks

Once I opened the bottle of Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie, there was no surprise there: Apple pie! But with a deep, pastry scented note.

Time to taste the vapor.

Vaporfi Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie is a sweet, pastry-forward apple pie e-juice with subtle notes of warm spices. No wonder this was released during the fall! The apple tastes slightly tart, which balances the whole experience against the sweet, spiced pastry crust.

The overall flavor saturation of the liquid is good, but it’s not near maxed out. It is, though, perfectly identifiable and far from lackluster. And I think Vaporfi (Cosmic Fog) did a great job actually making the juice not just as apple pie flavored, but Dutch apple pie.

Closing thoughts

From what I gather, Dutch apple pie is mostly distinguished from American apple pie by the crust. American apple pie is traditionally just a “normal” top crust, whereas the top crust of a Dutch apple pie is more of a pastry, either in streusel form or as a lattice formation (like on the box of Vaporfi’s Dutch Apple Pie).

I’ve made a lot of e-juice before, and it’s safe to say that apple pie (in any form) is something that most DIYers have tried. Vaporfi’s Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie is something I would be very proud of if I made. It isn’t for me a knock-your-socks-off liquid that will replace any part of a real apple pie, but Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie is still an easy recommendation for someone looking for an apple pie e-juice that captures a bit of the essence of that wonderful dessert.


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