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October 25, 2021
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VELO Nicotine Lozenges Review

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Jeremy Mann
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VELO Nicotine Lozenges

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VELO nicotine lozenges review

VELO nicotine lozenges are a modern oral nicotine product with a unique design and great taste. This product may have a broader appeal for adults looking beyond nicotine pouches  (which VELO also makes). If you're looking to quit smoking or vaping, you should consider trying these.

The lozenges are sold for $4.59 a pack and come in 1.7 mg nicotine per piece, with 12 lozenges in each container. There are four flavors: crema, berry, dark mint, and mint. Additionally, there are two kinds of lozenges: hard and soft.

The hard lozenges are about as hard as a peppermint mint but smaller, transparent and designed to look like rhinestone. I haven't tried the soft lozenges yet, but VELO describes them as soft, flexible, but not chewy.

VELO nicotine lozenges can be found on the website and at various smoke shops. Check the official VELO site for full pricing details and subscription plans.

How to use VELO lozenges

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To open the container, press in the collar at the top front-side of the container, then pull up on the lid.

These lozenges are not candy, don't look like candy, and are not to be eaten as such. They are to be used similarly to nicotine gums and pouches. Put them in your cheek and park them.

Of course, when you want to move the lozenge around to another area of your mouth, you can. But the smaller it gets, the more it's not on your gums per se, just in between your cheeks and teeth. Just remember, you're not supposed to chew them or suck on them. I don't know how "bad" it would be to eat them like that, and it might happen accidentally, but know that's not the intended use.


VELO flavors

With all the cinnamons, wintergreens, spearmints, and peppermints in other oral nicotine products, I was thrilled to see crema and berry. The flavor is surprisingly good with no burn or peppery nicotine taste—likely because the nicotine is so low at only 1.7 mg.


Similar to butterscotch but with more vanilla. A silky flavor that both reminds you of something but also tastes fairly distinct.


A creamy mixed berry with various notes of natural fruit flavors and a smidgen of star anise. It's actually quite refined.

Overall experience

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On the VELO website, it says, "Want mellow? Let VELO sit. Or move VELO around for a more intense experience." And additionally, "you may notice a warming sensation. Roll with it—it’s part of the experience."

I only notice a slight warming sensation, but for such a low concentration of nicotine, I can feel it coming on! It's indeed mellow, but quite enjoyable.

I can keep one in my mouth for up to a half hour or longer, especially when I work. If there are any cons with these lozenges in my experience, it's that they dissolve like a hard candy and can get sharp edges. If the lozenge is parked in your cheek, that's not an issue. But moving them around too much after they've dissolved a lot makes them less comfortable than soft lozenges. It also makes them harder to not chew when the piece is so small. Other than that, I have no complaints. VELO nicotine lozenges are highly recommended.

VELO Nicotine Lozenges

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