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March 21, 2017

Vaping Youtubers: The 14 Biggest in the World

We’ve created this list based on subscriber counts only. Quality of reviews is more subjective and the subject for another post. Subscriber counts are accurate as of 15th March 2017.

Since publishing our Top 10 vaping YouTubers article last week, we received a lot of helpful feedback from the community. To address your comments, here is the new and updated version! You are in for a few surprises. One thing we weren’t aware of is just how big some of the Russian YouTubers are. This new list is an expanded version and shows just how global the vaping community really is. Ranking is based on subscriber count only.

Stay tuned for our next list – “Top Vaping YouTubers you’ve probably never heard of” – coming soon!

Abby Vapes

Located in Atlanta, GA, Abby has been vaping since 2013, and has been posting videos to Youtube since March 2014. Her most popular videos are mostly vaping tricks, vaping tips for beginners and instructional videos on wicking techniques. Abby brings a down to earth humor to her vids.

Zophie Vapes

Zophie reviews sub ohm tanks, box mods, and RDAs. She’s also done an extensive series of coil building tutorials. Besides that, Zophie also has her own line of e-liquids, Zophielicious. Zophie is known for her honest, unbiased reviews and loyal fan base.

Vape Capitol


Based in Los Alamitos, CA, and sponsored by Dinner Lady, “Vape Capitol was created in 2014 to tell the stories of the vaping industry, and those behind it.” Famous for their videos on vape tricks, cloud chaser profiles and buildlapses, we like the dark, moody aesthetic of Vape Capitol’s videos. They also do a mini documentary series, “Vaping saved my life”.

Mike Vapes

Motto: “keep on vaping”

After smoking for 24 years, Mike says that vaping saved his life. His channel is specialized in reviewing vaping devices, tanks, and e-juices. Mike is your go-to guy if you like in-depth reviews with a self-deprecating, dry sense of humor. He also has his own e-liquid line, “Hit that juice”.

Tia Vapes

If you’re looking for an overview of what’s on the market right now, check out TiaVapes. Her channel is intended to be the online shopping network of vaping. Tia devotes a lot of time to e-liquid reviews and also posts a lot of giveaways.

George Batareykin

The first Russian Youtuber on our list, George Batareykin’s (meaning “George has a lot of batteries”) channel offers a wide-ranging look at vaping mods, RTAs, RDAs and e-liquids. His channel is the longest-running Russian vaping channel on YouTube. He is also the main admin for the Russian vaping forum under his own name with over 13,000 members.


Motto: “Can I taste your juice?”

If you’re looking for in-depth product reviews then PBusardo is your go-to guy on Youtube. Coming straight outta NYC, Phil has been creating content since April 2011. In his own words, he is looking for “friends, not fans”, and although the average video comes to around 45 minutes, his conversational tone makes him a pleasure to watch. He offers vaping advice from the perspective of the ex-smoker, and did a great cost breakdown on vaping vs smoking. Aside from his own line of Eliquids, his alter-ego Philly Mays did a great job of launching the Legal Vape 4000.

Suck My Mod

The vaping duo Matt and Vanessa’s most popular videos are gear reviews. Matt combines his interest in gadgets and electronics to provide an informative look at issues such as shorting batteries, formaldehyde in vaping, and gear comparisons. Vanessa’s humor plays nicely off Matt’s more factual, informative manner.

Alex from VapersMD

The second Russian YouTubers on our list requires little introduction. Alex – a Russian vaper who is based in Moldova – has recently been making trails with the Skill RDA, a collaboration between Twisted Messes and himself. Highly acclaimed in the international vaping community, Alex told us that he is strongly involved in advocacy around vaping. His unbiased, honest reviews mainly cater to his Russian-speaking audience. He is also a member of YouTube collective Vape Alliance.

  • Subscribers: 229,128
  • Views: 42,142,107
  • YouTubing since: September 2014
  • Most popular vid: iJust 2 Kit review


Motto: “remember to stay sexy!”

The big man with the big Leonardo figurine known as Twisted is known for his goofy sense of humor.
To date his most popular video is a funny look at the evolution of vaping, The Evolution of Vapeception. He combines his passion for vaping with his background in stereo and loud bass. My favorite video has to be his stuck in the woods road-test of the Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit. Just be careful hitching a ride with the guys in the white sheets, Twisted.

Maskit Vape

Maskit’s channel was originally for gaming, where he enjoyed a large subscriber base. However, in the last seven months he’s made over 180 videos that have all been vaping reviews and tutorials. We asked Maskit how he describes his channel. He said: “I’m just doing reviews and expressing my opinion. The main thing is objectivity and impartiality. My style? I am an honest and carefree alcoholic!” Za zdarovye Maskit!

  • Subscribers: 281,839
  • Views: 41,287,804
  • Youtubing since: November 2013
  • Most popular vid: FuChai 200W-TC review


Motto: “let’s keep on vaping”

Nick aka GrimmGreen has been making vaping videos since February 2009, longer than anybody else on this list! Specializing in RDAs and mech mods, GrimmGreen is an articulate and honest commentator. He also covers news and advocacy on his Thursday VLOG. We like the metal lead-ins and Star Wars references.


Hailing from WA, IndoorSmokers had a twenty-year long habit before switching to vaping. He’s made videos highlighting the negative side effects of vaping (finally being able to taste his ex-wife’s cooking, spinning plates, cushions and just about anything else on two fingers). He also has a separate channel for dry herb because, you know, we won the war on drugs in WA.

Rip Trippers

Motto: “Smoking is dead, vaping is the future, and the future is now”

No list of Vaping YouTubers would be complete without Rip Trippers. Whatever you think about the quality of the reviews (or the dryness of his knuckles), there’s not many out there who can get as much information across as quickly as Rip. Criticized by some for his unnatural editing, we think that can be a good thing – who wants to watch a 30-minute review that can be done in 7?

That about wraps it up. Remember, we’ve listed these YouTubers based on their subscriber count only. Taste is always subjective. There are plenty of informative, less well-known YouTubers who aren’t on this list, but that’s a topic for another article.

What do you think? Do you watch reviews on YouTube for product information? Do subscriber numbers even matter? Let us know in the comments!

Meyrick is an in-house content creator and contributor for Vaping360. Originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia, his vaping journey has taken him from Germany to Northern Ireland and Australia and back again. He is convinced that vaping is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but also a great experience in and of itself. A passionate writer and artist, when he’s not unboxing and reviewing the latest devices, he’s probably collecting vinyl or shooting pics with his Spotmatic F.

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i would add Qorax Stan. Guy makes great video’s !!!


In Italy we have “Santone dello Svapo”, he have 162,888 subscribers. I think he’s doing a great job!

Meyrick Payne

Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve been looking for more Italian Youtubers, eventually we will add il Santone to the list!


I have my own review channel, look for vapedog1666 with over 300 videos from the last 6 years…

Meyrick Payne

Cheers Gareth, you just got yourself one more subscriber. Our own Dinner Lady review coming soon!


what about meeeee


I was never asked for a quote…


HAHAHA , oh my god , you guys made a huge commotion. Just like vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking , reviewers are 95% of the time are promoters . For starters they never test it for an extensive period of time . Seconds , how many times you seen reviews (from reviewers in your list ) promoting complete rubbish tanks or mods . I want to write more but i have dry knuckles and i can’t write a lot and i have my pajamas as well .

Chance Heisterkamp

None of the above so called top ten vapers. I don’t follow any of them. I am surprised none of the vapers I follow are on here. I might fast forward a rip video to see what a new deck looks like. There are much better informative people to follow besides these sheep.


Poorly researched and pointless article. If based on subscriptions alone, it’s factually incorrect. If based on who does the best reviews, that’s subjective. There are many other better reviewers with fewer subs, all this does is direct people to established, successful reviewers when there are better ones struggling to break through. Of course when we say ” reviewers” we should in some cases be saying “reviewers/promoters”. How about a top ten list of great reviewers you’ve probably never heard of?


I would also love a Top10/15 list of awesome reviewers we might not heard of, which is based on the quality and continuity of their videos.

Meyrick Payne

That’s a great idea! Also, please note that we ranked the various youtubers in terms of their subscriber numbers only. Anything else would be subjective, as you say. We will re-publish the article next week with changes and updated numbers.


I just wanted to take a moment to offer a small break from the poo-flinging in the comments section. I appreciate the work that you and Jim do to bring some good content to this site. Vaping360 has become one of my personal favorite vape news sites on the net. Keep up the good work guys!

-Sean H @ Lightning Vapes

Meyrick Payne

Many thanks Sean, positive feedback is always appreciated!


Yep, missing = Vaping Bogan, Zophie Vapes, DJLSB Vapes, VapersMD, Vaping Biker………..


Alex from VapersMD has over 227,000 and I had 110,000 on March 2. I’m not sure if I’m missing anyone.

Meyrick Payne

Thanks for getting in touch, Zophie. Sorry for the omissions, my mistake. Next week we’ll republish the list – with a few changes!


These are the 10 with the most subscribers dude, that’s all.


And despite the “IN THE WORLD!” claim, only English-speaking ones.

Christoph Egger

You are missing Vaping Biker, DJLSB Vapes, Vaping Bogan and so many other fantastic reviewers! 🙁


That’s it — just my thoughts:
DJLSB, Vaping Biker, Todd, Vaping with Vic, Ruby, and: BOGAN of course ;-)) Love it.

But this list was certainly made by the amount of subscribers: I look forward to the (subjective) »Kind of: Best of« — Cheers


I forgot OhmBoy Josh … sorry for that !!!


Thank you for your info

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