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June 4, 2021
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Update: 19 More FDA Warning Letters; Total Now 122 This Year

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Jim McDonald


Update June 4

Since the article below was published on May 17, the FDA Center for Tobacco Products has posted an additional 19 warning letters sent to small vaping manufacturers.

Each of these companies registered products with the FDA as part of the agency’s Deeming Rule requirements, but did not submit Premarket Tobacco Applications (PMTAs) for some or all of their products by last year’s Sept. 9 deadline. According to the FDA, the companies behind this group of 19 warnings have more than 378,000 listed products.

  • Adirondack Juice LLC (Adirondack Vapor & Co.)
  • Big Chief Vapor Products LLC
  • Blue Eyed Vapor
  • Capitol Hill Vapor Co.
  • Central Iowa Electronic Cigarettes Inc
  • FF Vapors, LLC
  • High Voltage Vaporz LLC
  • JP & SN Enterprises Inc. (eCigs International)
  • MJM Distribution Inc (Asheville Vapor)
  • Nelson Endeavors, LLC (Liberty Vape Co.)
  • Nicfixed, LLC (Good Karma Vapor)
  • Nicotine Nirvana
  • Premium eJuice USA LLC (Vapor Lab)
  • Sema International Inc.
  • Soul Vapor
  • The Iron Crow LLC
  • The Vapor Shop
  • Tiger Vapes
  • Vape Lizard E-Juice LLC

May 17, 2021

Since our last update on March 12, the FDA has issued 35 additional warning letters to small vape manufacturers and distributors that have not submitted Premarket Tobacco Applications (PMTAs) for some or all of the products they sell.

The agency has so far issued 103 warnings to small vape manufacturers this year (some are separate facilities owned by the same company). Each cited company registered products with the FDA, but did not submit a PMTA by the Sept. 9, 2020 deadline. Companies were required to stop selling products that weren't submitted on time for FDA review.

According to the FDA, the companies that have received warning letters sell or distribute more than 904,000 “unauthorized ENDS”—almost all of which are bottled e-liquid products.

The first round of FDA warning letters issued this year went out on Jan. 15—just two days after a letter from 12 U.S. Senators urged the agency to eliminate flavored and high-nicotine vaping products through the PMTA process. With as many as several hundred small e-liquid manufacturers still in operation without having submitted PMTAs, the FDA has plenty of additional targets to appease harm reduction opponents in Congress.


Forcing small manufacturers to exit the legal market may earn the FDA brownie points with some members of Congress and anti-vaping organizations like the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, but it is unlikely to eliminate all of the cited products. With no real market for e-liquid labs, and online sales restricted by the inclusion of vaping products in the PACT Act, some small manufacturers will probably change their names and continue to produce e-liquid products off the regulatory grid.

The 35 manufacturing facilities that received warning letters between March 16 and May 11 are:

  • Bouji Moj Oyeeb, Inc. (MasterMix E-Liquid)
  • B-X Vapor
  • Custom Vapes
  • DIY Vapor Supply LLC
  • Electric Freedom Inc. (Crown7)
  • Flavor Concepts LLC
  • Grand Vapors
  • Hi Lyfe Vaporz
  • Jash International, Inc
  • Kealani Distribution LLC/Violet Vapor LLC
  • Kidney Puncher LLC
  • KY Liquids LLC
  • Legend Vapor, Inc. (Legend Vapor)
  • Little Town Vaping (Swamp Vapor)
  • Little Town Vaping (Swamp Vapor Lafayette)
  • Little Town Vaping (Swamp Vapor New Iberia)
  • LJ’s E-Smokes LLC
  • Lucky’s Convenience & Tobacco, LLC (Lucky’s Vape & Smoke Shop)
  • Lucky’s Vape & Smoke II
  • Lucky’s Vape Lounge LLC
  • Morin Enterprises Inc. (Ecig Crib)
  • Nice Guys Distributing
  • Nicoticket LLC
  • Northwest Vapors LLC
  • Oregon Vapor LLC
  • Planet Vapor
  • Realistic Wireless Inc (Vintage Vapors)
  • RNJ Field Inc (Thunderhead Corporation Fife)
  • Rocky Top Vapor, LLC
  • RP Vapors, Inc.
  • SIMPLYEJUICE, LLC (Simply E-Juice)
  • Smokecignals LLC
  • Smokin Fire Vapor
  • Str8Vape
  • Super Vape’z
  • The Juice Bar
  • The Smoker’s Alternative
  • The Vaporium
  • Van Howling Enterprise LLC (Driftwood Vapor)
  • VaporBombCOM
  • Vapor Outlet Inc (Union Hills Vape Shop)
  • Vapors Gold LLC
  • Vapor Tech Hawaii, Inc.
  • Voltage Vapor Shop LLC
  • Xtreme Vapour
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