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November 22, 2021
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Press Release: Geekvape Releases the Obelisk 65 FC, the World’s First Fast Charge Pod Mod

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NOTE: This is a sponsored press release written by Geekvape. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Vaping360.

Geekvape, the world-renowned vape brand, has today announced it has passed the rigorous Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV) test regime for its Safe Fast Charge which is applied on their latest Obelisk 65 FC. In March 2021, Geekvape released the world first mod with fast charge – Obelisk 120 FC which reshaped vape ecology. Now, Geekvape pushes into fast charge market one more time by bringing the world first pod mod. The Obelisk 65 FC is equipped with this technology and guarantees safe rapid charging via USB-C in 18 minutes and an ultra-long battery life.

Geekvape fast charge tech passed TÜV test.

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TÜV, or the Technical Inspection Association, is a group of independent companies in Germany that test, inspect and audit products and solutions for their safety, security and sustainability. Equipped with two connected batteries in series, Geekvape’s Safe Fast Charge technology achieved 96.9% charging current and battery capacity after more than 300 rounds of TÜV charging and discharging tests — far outperforming the international standard of 60%. The battery component adopts multi-electrode charging and discharging technology, which well balances the temperature and charging efficiency of the batteries and achieves safe fast charge.

“At Geekvape, we adhere only to the most stringent global safety standards. Our Safe Fast Charge technology has been strictly tested by leading independent parties, including the TÜV and FCC. As a result, we can confidently say we have achieved the world's first fast-charging e-cigarette technology that is truly safe and durable,” said Siner Kong, the product manager of Geekvape.


Built-in batteries ensure safe durable fast charge experience

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With a number of different battery brands on the market, the safety, quality and price of each vape can vary dramatically. When manufacturers purchase low-cost batteries that have not been vigorously checked and certified, this may lead to safety hazards, particularly when using high-current fast charging technologies.

To ensure the highest level of protection for its consumers, Geekvape only uses its own built-in batteries in its vapes. Each Geekvape battery cell undergoes tens of thousands of rounds of rigorous tests, including squeezing, short-circuiting, dropping, overshooting, exposure to high temperature, and vibration. The cell is then strictly checked from the manufacturer’s side, resulting in a truly safe and revolutionary fast charging experience. Beyond safety, the outstanding performance in TÜV tests demonstrates the Safe Fast Charge technology’s immense durability — mitigating any concerns that a built-in battery will age quickly due to a reduction in capacity.


Geekvape reshapes vape ecology by pushing into fast charge market

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The Obelisk 65 FC may turn out to be another hit in vape industry. Geekvape’s Safe Fast Charge technology has dramatically changed people’s vaping habits. At the moment of "power anxiety", the emergence of fast charging technology effectively solves the problem of insufficient power. For a long time, a strong R&D team insists on innovation, and companies continue to invest heavily. Geekvape has never stopped innovation in hardware. After many rounds of demonstrations, Geekvape chose to vigorously develop fast charge technology, break industry barriers, break through technical problems in the fast charge industry, and strive to mass-produce the technology and transform it into products. With the launch of Obelisk 65 FC, Geekvape becomes a leader in fast charge without doubt.
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