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May 11, 2023
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Press Release: AIRBAR Released BPC Honeycomb Mesh Coil System

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NOTE: This is a sponsored press release written by  AIRBAR. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Vaping360.

AIRBAR comes from the vaping lifestyle of fashion, which was established in YouMe Group, whose mission is to produce vape products with high quality to improve the life style of smokers in the world.

Powerful strength of research and development

As a Chinese brand of the high-tech electronic cigarette enterprise, the AIRBAR brand has made a huge investment in research and development, including 50 engineers and 12 technical experts. In addition, it is set with R&D centers at home and abroad, so it has been equipped with the top strength of research and development in the industry. From 2019 to 2021, the AIRBAR R&D team of YouMe Group made three-years experimental cooperation with institutions to jointly release the report of Study on the Technology of Electronic Smoke Component Detection and Health Assessment; meanwhile, it is released with the article in the international journal, MDPIF, The Emission of VOCs and CO from Heated Tobacco Products, Electronic Cigarettes, and Conventional Cigarettes, and Their Health Risk.
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Birth of the BPC Coil System

Electronic cigarette has gone through more than ten years of development, and the vape coil has been upgraded ceaselessly. However, there has been no essential breakthrough in technology for years and the core problems have not been settled. Thus, it needs technical reform to change the current situation. As the new forces of atomizer research and development, the AIRBAR team of YouMe Group develops a highly revolutionary BPC COIL with such principles as a aerodynamics (cooling and accelerating atomization), Aerogel molecular (large particle selection and anti- condensation), micro molecular permeability (negative pressure leakage prevention) through three- years hardworking struggle, so as to highlight the breakthrough product advantages brought by cutting-edge technologies from structural design, e-liquid taste, atomization experience.

BPC introduces an all-new honeycomb structure for improved flavor, increased vapor production, and a smooth and consistent draw. BPC - B means boost, carrying the ideal of AIRBAR brand to bring healthier products to users; P means pure, expressing AIRBAR's original mission to provide a superior vaping experience; C means clean, representing AIRBAR's product attributes to bring purer and safer taste; BPC means that AIRBAR will continue to grow and develop stronger technologies to bring better and healthier product experience to users.

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Four Core Advantages of BPC Coil

1. Flavor reducibility+60%, consistent with the target taste

BPC Coil makes the synthetic metal with a thickness of 0.6mm as raw material, and the fineness of the completed product could reach 0.3mm through a series of complicated processes, including laser engraving, mechanical stamping, and precision machining. The combination of vape coil with high precision and e-liquid storage cotton with high quality could provide better controllability of temperature release from atomizer when heating up, and the smoke particles generated would be smaller and evener; in addition, the vapor volatilization is richer. Through the verification of a professional device, the flavor reducibility of the target taste is greatly improved by 60%.

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2. -87% Reduction in harmful substances, a healthier vaping experience

BPC Coil is adopted with the food grade antibacterial material. The vape coil not only inhibits and delays the production of microorganisms harmful to the body but also keeps the stable performance during the heating to prevent reaction with other substances to produce harmful chemicals to the human body. According to the result of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HPHC), the content of harmful substances such as benzaldehyde, acrolein and ethylene glycol is 0; compared with the traditional atomizers, the BPC Coil could reduce the species of harmful substances by 87%.

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3. Consistency of taste +23%, maintains mellow aroma

Both sides of a metal network of BPC Coil are adopted with the design of a narrow airway to improve the air flow speed and accelerate the atomization effect; the whole processing of BPC Coil is completed with the quantitative design in atomization process, mechanical equipment, instrumentation and automation so as to ensure the purity and independence of tobacco oil, consistency of taste. Consequently, the first puff and the last puff of vapors would have the optimal taste without the dimming mellow aroma.

4. Nicotine atomization efficiency+12%, experience a stronger throat hit

The mixed components of bamboo charcoal powder and coconut shell carbon powder are made as the raw materials of oil guide cotton. The oil guide cotton is closely fitted with the BPC Coil so as to enhance the nicotine atomization efficiency of the product from 78.1% to 89.4% and to upgrade the atomization efficiency by 12% so that users could experience a more satisfying throat feeling when using the products.

Comparison of nicotine atomization efficiency of all products (%)

Nicotine atomization efficiency is the ratio of the actual nicotine content per puff to the nominal content of the vape oil. The higher atomization efficiency of the product, the nicotine in each puff is closer to the nominal concentration, which can bring a better product experience to users. The higher nicotine atomization efficiency the products perform, the better experience brings to the user.

ProductWithout BPC CoilWith BPC Coil
Sample A74.30%84.4%
Sample B75%86.67%
Sample C76.05%87.88%
Sample D78.1%89.4%


Development direction of AIRBAR

AIRBAR BPC Coil system would gain widespread attention from the industry once it is released. The AIRBAR would keep developing to be the key participant in the electronic cigarette market; meanwhile, it is also the leader in vape coil technology of electronic cigarettes.
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