March 2, 2016

Wismec Reuleaux Issues With SMOK TFV4 and Other Third-Party Atomizers

The Problem

In a short amount of time, the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 has become a hugely popular vaping device. People love its combination of power, versatility, and uniquely comfortable ergonomics. Many vapers are also enjoying the Smok TFV4 tank. With a great top-fill system and a wide array of coils that accommodate almost every vaping style, the TFV4 is one of the most popular sub-ohm tanks on the market. Unfortunately, in some cases, these two devices don't play well together.

Last week, a vaping industry friend of mine pointed me to this Reddit thread about the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 and the Smok TFV4. Due to the relatively short length of the former's 510 connection, it's possible for the TFV4 to damage the Reuleaux, making it unusable. The Reddit poster linked to an image of an email from a Wismec customer service representative (CSR). The rep said:

"Do you don't use our brand? As the length of the atomizer's thread is longer than 4.6mm which our device could support max, especially the Smok atomizer. If you thread the atomizer on for a long time, it will damage the 510 thread of our device. Sorry that our warranty is invalid for this situation."

The Controversy

SMOK TFV-4 Mini on xCube II
SMOK TFV-4 Mini on xCube II

Some Reddit users and posters on various forums interpreted Wismec's response in various ways. Some believe that the company is trying to lock users into the Wismec system. They think that the company is trying to get vapers to only use its atomizers and devices.

Others believe that Wismec is simply trying to absolve itself of liability. In other words, they think that the company is saying, "The problem isn't that our 510 connection is too short. The problem is that the 510 threads on certain third-party atomizers are too long. Ergo, it's not our problem."

Either way, this isn't a good thing for consumers. It does protect Wismec and its retail partners, but it leaves vapers with inoperable Reuleaux RX200 devices. The enduser is left up a creek without a paddle. (For the record, I don't really know what that phrase means. I just wanted to use it.)

It is important to remember that this isn't happening with all Reuleaux RX200s that use atomizers with connectors longer than 4.6mm. As with any mass produced vaping device, the tolerances will have variance. While there are certainly some people having issues with the Reuleax RX200 topped with a TFV4, there are also vapers that aren't having any issues with the combination.

Some Clarification

Wismec Logo

I contacted Wismec to get some clarification on the issue. Some vapers, including a few members of the Vaping 360 team, have noticed that other products in the Joyetech family use a similar 510 connection. They noted that popular vaping devices like the Joyetech Cuboid and the Eleaf iSmoka iStick 100W seem to have the same or similar 510 connection as the Reuleaux RX200. Joyetech is the parent company of Eleaf and Wismec.

With all of that in mind, I asked Wismec if using the Reuleaux RX200 with atomizers in the Joyetech family would keep the warranty intact. Here's the response that I received from Wismec CSR Olivia:

"It is better to use Wismec atomizers, as some atomizer threads on the market are too long to thread on. If you thread these atomizers on the device for a long use, it will damage the 510 thread of our device. Our warranty will be invalid for this situation, as the problem is caused by the third-party products. If the 510 pin is stuck down, you could try to make it up with a screwdriver or a nipper."

I interpreted the response as, "The warranty for the Reuleaux RX200 is only good if the device is used with Wismec atomizers." Again, this isn't a good thing for vapers. While I don't have any hard numbers, I suspect that the majority of Reuleaux RX200 users are not using Wismec atomizers. I suspect that most of them are using many different atomizers from many different companies. If my suspicions are correct then most Reuleaux RX200 users are rocking devices with invalid warranties.

The Solution

The Solution

So what's the solution here? There are a few ways to make this negative situation better. The obvious one would be for Wismec to be more lenient with its warranty policy. Yes, it will cost the company and its retail partners money, but it would also engender good will. If vapers feel like Wismec is taking care of them then they'll be more likely to buy Wismec products in the future.

It's likely that Joyetech will use a different 510 connection in its products, as well as Eleaf and Wismec products. This is a simple and inexpensive fix that will negate this issue particular going forward. This would, of course, be applied to yet-to-be-made Reuleaux RX200 devices and future Wismec products.

As for you, the consumer, I recommend (politely) contacting Wismec. I find the company's warranty policy unsatisfactory at best and unreasonable at worst. While there are analogs that the company can make in order to support its policy, I believe that it's unfriendly to vapers. If you agree that Wismec's policy is unsatisfactory then you ought to share your opinion with the company.

Your Thoughts (Please)

As with most things in life, there's a chance that I'm completely wrong about this. What do you think of the way Wismec is handling issues with Reuleaux RX200 owners having problems with the Smok TFV4 and other third-party atomizers? Is the company's policy fair? If you're a Reuleaux user, please leave a comment on whether or not you're having issues with third-party atomizers in the comments section.

Raymond Padilla is a level 26 Pokemon Go trainer, a longtime journalist, and an accomplished verbal entertainer. Kindly visit him at his personal website "RPadTV" (linked above) or his various social media accounts (linked below).

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i unscrewed my tfv4 for my wismec and re-attached it and now im getting a reading at it is working fine


I think that the solution may be to use a file on the bottom of the atomizer to take off a little material. One of my atomizer’s fit perfectly and two of the others don’t. I haven’t tried this solution yet. I will be getting some new atomizers soon and I plan on filing one to fit and I’m also going to try using a drill to create a small recess on one so the pin on the mod will not be under pressure, and the atomizer won’t be loose on the mod. . I will experimenting as soon as I get the new atomizers and will update with the results. These possible solutions should work with any brand that doesn’t fit correctly ? Thus I didn’t use a name or brand of the atomizer!


A few of my attys don’t make connection, like my moonshot for instance


Wismec is making a poorly designed product and needs to take ownership of this fact, and repair or replace any mods with this issue. Next thing you know, they will be saying “only works with our juice, wicks, coils” too. I had a problem with the eleaf 100w istick, 510 connector, and thanks to finding this article, I will not buy a Wismec either. In my opinion, if using an atomizer on a unit causes it to break, provided it has the correct thread (510 in this case) then the mod is shit to begin with.

Darren Jenkins

I have just purchased a smok tfv8 and after a few times of screwing it on and off my reuleaux rx200 I get the atomiser short displayed if I screw it down to far. So I am using a fat rubber oring in between the atomiser and my rx200 to stop it wobbling about and preventing the pin going to far down causing the short. Not ideal but it seems to work.


Also it was a Smok TF-RTA g2 that stopped working on my rx200 prior to the issue, but doesn’t explain why the geekvapes still work I guess


This happened to mine, but luckily it still works with Geekvape Atomizers which may have been the culprit ( or the 30mm bft I owned for a short while) I hear getting a Fatdaddy 510 and replacing it makes it a super badass device but looks hard for the non electrical savvy as it requires soldering and some cutting. Still would be worth a try if I get their new rx200s


I had this problem too. Some atty’s work, some don’t because they protrude too far into the device, looked up how to change the 510 to something deeper etc … too small a process for my old eyes and fat fingers … cut up a business card into 3 round shims to take up the excess length on the affected attys and I’m back in business. While I wish they would make the product more adaptable out of the box, I’m not interested in the time or effort of chasing a solution from them when I can get what I need in 5mins using a pair of scissors. Hopefully this thought can simplify for others too, good luck.


actually the problem is that the 510 connector is plated, then threaded. I.e. the plating is what carries the thread torque. its badly designed, mine just failed. its a complete piece of shit


There should be a huge sticker on the outside of the box, as well as a large warning note in the box if this is how they want to play it.

Mitzi Hemstreet

Interesting. I am using a Horizon Arctic V8 on my iStick 100W TC and notice some “wiggle” in the tank even though it looks flush. I thought it was due to the magnetic battery panels but I’ll have to keep an eye on this. Will try my Cubis “on for aize” to see if there is still a “wiggle”…

richard hursting

My RX200 just had this happen. Was strange at first. On the day the 3.10 firmware dropped I was using the alpha ohmega BFT with it and for the first time saw the ”atomizer short messege”. Saw a tip somewhere to run through the update process again for a fix, did that and seemed to work. Since then I’ve sold the BFT. Now I use it with the tsunami rda and the SMOK TF-RTA. Just today eveytime I put the SMOk rta on, I get the atomizer short messege but sometimes I can get it too work. Yet the Tsunami rda makes contact everytime and works still. I’m not sure what to do I love this device but the 510 is awful. Have an IPV5 coming tomorrow, but I still may contact wismec and see what happens.


Update after a few months, I’m among the lucky with the tfv4 rx200 combo. But I do think Wismec should update their 510 pin. Sorry to see the similar new iStick 200 has same 510 design.

SMOK was no help with the quirks on my Koopor Plus, but it is safe and useable. My IPV Li 3 will chew up battery wrappers if not extra careful taking batteries in and out. Though a bit wide, it is still most reliable and good on holding the charge.

Once I had a defective Herk Plus 0.4 get very hot on the Cuboid, shorted out I think. Got the batteries out to the middle of the yard before anything happened. The mod was more than warm.

David A. Marchand

Add me to the list of rebuilding the 510 connection with a FD Low Profile connector……….. works awesome !


I was going to buy a RX200 and a TVF4 (honest I was), but I am having second thoughts now. Since I’ve never heard anyone raving about Wismec atomizers, I’ll either move on or wait for a fix. Some companies don’t seem to understand the value of satisfied customers.


Wismec makes a number of good to great atomizers. A good friend of mine in the vaping business swears by his Amor Plus tank. A lot of people are anxiously awaiting the Theorem tank. For drippers, the Indestructible and Bambino are nice choices for a low price.

David A. Marchand

I use a small rubber gasket between the RX-200 and the TFV4. works perfect……………….


Would you mind posting the size and material? That info could potentially help other vapers.

David A. Marchand

It is a .5Mil gasket meant to use in a shower head, but adapted it for this use


Awesome. Thanks for the possible fix!


I recently purchased a Reuleaux Rx 200, and so far I haven’t had any issues with the connection of the RDAs or RTAs I have put on the mod. I have used the GRIFFIN 22 RTA, and an earlier version of the TwistedMesses RDA. No problems as of yet, however the Reuleaux does get a little warmer while using the RDA as opposed to the RTA,… even while vaping at same wattage and ohm resistance.


I have used the rx200 and tfv4 combo for over 2 months now with no issues…i just bought the smok tf rta no issues either.


I believe it just bad apples. As it is with any product.


I’m gonna throw it in the trash


Hold on there. I’ll pay for shipping if you please, but let me tinker with it. It’s still a enclosure evenif the board is dead. I’ll send it back if I can get it working again or compensate you if I don’t.


I had my reuleax for 5 days and it stopped working n wismec won’t cover my warranty.. this really Sux… I can’t find a fix for my issue anywhere n nobody will help


Send it to me, I’ll pay for shipping.


What was the specific issue with yours?


I had this very issue using a project subohm Silverplay v2 on the RX200. I had Olivia from marketing and the reply was exactly the same.

My take on this issue is that if many atomizers are going to cause problems with some RXs why not just bundle the mods with a Wismec atomizer and state on the warranty card that not using a Wismec atomizer will void the warranty.

I don’t over tighten. My attys and have been vaping since the ego days aswell, but yet somehow this happened to me also. I did find a bit of a fix though. With a very small flathead screwdriver of was able to pry the 510 pin back up (batteries
out of the mod) to the point where the pin had a bit of spring back to it. I no longer get the constant “atomizer low” message from the RX that prevented me from enjoying it.


Installed a better 510 purchased from Fasttech; not happy had to do it but the replacement 510 is far superior


Some people have been replacing the defaults with Fat Daddy 510s. That’s an interesting solution that should be quite durable.


I’ve got 4 RX200’s and the DNA 200 Reauleaux, all with TFV4 now or have, and no problem. The color variety and stout look of the Tobeco super tank mini looks and works great on the RX200 though, and at less than 20 each and using Atlantis coils the Tobeco super tank mini is tank and coil wise much easier to use, and honestly I like the flavor better unless I have the CLP2 coils in the Tfv4, but this isn’t uncommon, the Smok Subverter mini killed the 510 on several mods, I guess you just have to be careful, but it’s not Wismecs obligation to put together a list of can and can’t use tanks.


They should put a warning on the outside of the box, on a flyer in the box, and in their product description script (most websites just copy Wismec’s specs and item description). Your average vaper would assume it will work since they have the same thread type. I bet some even purchase both the mod and the tank at the same time, assuming the shop would say something, or that the website would have a warning if there was a potential issue.


You’re right, however, it IS Wismec’s obligation to make a mod that will work with ANY atomizer.


It’s NOT a manufacturers responsibility to make a mod that can use ANY tank but their own, good PR but many mods can’t take certain tanks


Who do they think they are? Apple?


Theres a lot of mods out that cannot accept the post on the TFV4, perhaps Smok should make a universal like Aspire or Kanger, or Crown or on and on that doesn’t damage 510 pins. The Smok Subverter Mini same exact problem. I had a customer put one on the Eleaf tc 60 and ruined the pin.
If mods needs to be able to accept any tank, tanks need to be able to fit on and not damage and function on any mod, and the TFV4 is the only tank , likely because of the popularity, and they have an obligation to make the TFV4 lineup compatible with all the mods out too. I don’t see anyone saying other tanks damaged the RX200, which is a budget at best mod 3 batts 200 watt everybody wants one has one mod, but if as in the posts people aren’t happy with the product or customer service, DON’T buy Wismec, there’s plenty of mods out , if the RX200 vanished tomorrow I have a feeling we’d all find something else to buy.


I recently had to contact wismec as well, and either ironically, or by all the csr’s having the same name, I got Olivia as well. Except her title was “marketing”. Now why in the world a marketing rep would be fielding tech questions, I dont know, but it seemed hokey from the first. I have an rx200 that I use the Smok tfv4 tank on. My gf also has the same set up. Mine gets so hot that it could burn the skin off your fingers, hers stays cool. I have spoken to 4 separate vape shops in my area, and all have said the same thing….this is not safe and wismec should do something. The response that I got back from “Olivia” was her inference that basically I was ignorant, the staff and owners of the vape shops I asked were ignorant, and none of us knew anything at all about mods. First she asked for a pic or video…ok….so how is a pic or video going to convey heat or temp to them as long as its not glowing or smoking? Second, she said that since I was vaping at a “high” wattage (mind you that the rx goes to 200 and I vape anywhere from 60-89 w) that the mod would “naturally” get heated up and all i had to do was lay it down and let it cool before I changed a coil. Wow. Some of the most pedantic, dismissive, pathetic customer service I have ever had. Doubt that I will be buying anymore wismec products!!


Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sorry things worked out the way it did. While the customer service aspect of Wismec appears to be problematic (based on Olivia emails shared here and elsewhere), I wouldn’t write off the company just yet. There’s some extremely cool Wismec hardware on the way and hopefully the company reexamines some of its customer service tactics.


Been using an rx200, bought more than 2 months ago, with my Tfv4, Crown, and a couple cheap rdas and rtas. No problems whatsoever. You can niggle over the warranty, but the thing cost less than $40. I think most companies would void a warranty as soon as you mention a product outside their ecosystem being involved. “Hey Apple, I was using a third party charger and my MacBook burst into flames!” “No problem sir. We’ll get another one right out to you.” Right? Plus, try to get a warranty issue resolved with any company in China. By the time you pay for shipping and wait it out, you’ll have gotten old enough to collect Social Security which you can use to buy another absurdly cheap mod or five. Either way, say as little as possible anytime you return or warranty something. Def don’t ever bring up a competitors product ever.


My though is – early on in Vaping, back in the EGO days, I quickly learned Snug is tight and To Tight equals damage.
Many New – Must have the Latest – (Scene Vapers) have little to no knowledge of the devices they are purchasing or of compatibility differences.
While I agree, there should be more Manufacturer leeway, People are getting pissed over something THEY did wrong.

Try Flush mounting a Magma RDA on just about Any Regulated device.

Manufacturers Step up
New Vapers – Ask, then do

Everyone needs to shoulder a little responsibility.


That’s fair. Perhaps it should be noted in the instruction manual not to screw the atomizer on too tightly.


Honestly I read this as an attempt to pass liability off of their shoulders should a product go bad. Not many vapers are familiar with the length of their favorite atomizers 510 and so could be convinced that they shorted their device with the wrong atomizer instead of a fault in the device itself. One thing that most mod companies are aware of is the length and depth of atomizers 510 pin and they often design to work with that, but here we have wismec saying that if we don’t use their atty we potentially void the warranty, it’s almost like they want us to fry the device so that we who were drawn in by the price and the capability buy another


Dumb vapers. Modify it. You Should of tried out the damn device with your atty’s before hand. What happened with your precious Youtube “know it all” “talking yelp papes” reviewers. Did they drop the ball and not do their homework. As far as cosmetics with the said tank not sitting flush, don’t bloody screw the tank down all the way. Just screw it down till you make contact, shocking to hear vapers still don’t know how to perform the simplest of tasks. Just another reason why sub tanks are crap. Let’s see Wismec created a device designed it to…uhm fit their atty’s. The nerve of this money making company. Making their devices compatible with only their atty’s in mind. Yeah yeah, “lots of vapers buy other atty’s and devices from different companies. You can’t expect them to use only one brand or distributer.” Then go start a consumer group and push for legislation to enact 510, attys, & RDA connection standards and regulations. I’m sure your Uncle Sam would gladly step in and help out with that. Modify it, return it or frickin deal with it. Just stop with your bitching, whining & negative princess attitudes. No industry is perfect, You should always expect their to be bumps and hiccups with any new & developing industry/


Most shops won’t let try your atties on a device, and the problem seems to come from a few hour’s use, so that wouldn’t help. Let alone the people who buy online. As far as “modify it, return it, or frickin deal with it”, the issue is they are not able to return it. The company is not standing by its warranty. Some people don’t have a lot of extra money, and can’t just “deal with it”, and your average vaper wouldn’t know how to modify it. Not everything will work together, but the company could easily assume most people would be using a variety of tanks/RDAs with their device. They don’t have to make a list of every tank; just warn people of the maximum pin measurement.


Then don’t buy the damn thing. You really don’t need it then. It’s a buyers market, call the shots. If a shop said I couldn’t try an atty on my device to see how it fits, I’d walk away and tell my friends. That’s just poor customer service and dumb.


Well, actually, I use both Google and Apple products with other companies’ products, and neither Google nor Apple has suggested to me that using a competitor’s products would void their warranties. It’s better compared to, say, Sony and their former tendencies to not be compatible with competitors. Sony has realized this doesn’t work for them either, and now we see Sony products that play nicely with competitors’ products. Even when Sony products didn’t play nice with others, their warranty wasn’t voided by it.

Wismec makes a really good mod with the Reuleaux Rx200. They do not make any atomizers that are usable for RTA users. They make RDAs and two questionable tanks that take proprietary atomizer coils that are available in B&Ms exactly nowhere.

Here’s what it comes down to. I’m an RTA user. I’m using a VCMT on a Reuleaux Rx200. If Wismec won’t honor it’s warranty should I need it, I simply won’t buy any more product from Wismec in the future. Since I buy mods and tanks often, this is significant, because I don’t think I’m alone in this. This is terrible customer service.


Well, the Reuleaux isn’t made in your “community,” so you have nothing to worry about. :p


Yep, I wouldn’t buy it simply for the fact it has too many fan boys and 3 batteries. Just make a PWM Lipo box mod

Cedric Cano Peralta

Bought the RX200w to use in combination with the Aromamizer (2 post version) and so far i had no problems with the connection at all, it can get warm at the front (screen) but nothing to be alarmed so far. If this issue would have been brought to our attention before the device entered the market it would have been a valid point, however now it looks like an easy way out of potencial problems with their device, personally i think it’s a poor way to handle things at their end and may prove to be the turning point for them if they don’t handle this carefully, if no change is in the horizon concerning the 510 connection, then they entered the wrong bussiness and should try something else altogether, vapers shouldn’t have to be restricted to a specific brand if they choose to buy a mod or atomizer.


I completely agree that Wismec is handling the situation poorly. It will be interesting to see if changes are made to the 510 connection going forward.


Looks like they used the same design in the new Rx 200 2/3. If this is true, IMHO, that’s a huge F you to all the tens of thousands of wismec consumers and is extremely disappointing, especially considering as far as I can tell this 510 connection issue is the only flaw that the rx200 has.


How could they prove the issue developed with, say, a tfv4, as opposed to the very rare Wismec Amor?

By the way, who are some of the companies that stand behind their products, whether mod or atty? Worth a few dollars more?

Word like this spreads, and vapers will drop them like a bad habit. Presa, Evic, all of them. Even the local shops will choose other options to sell.


A little under 2 months ago I was in need of a new 200 w unit… Ended up choosing the R200 tc by Smok over the RX200. Two weeks ago my tvf4 tank base wouldn’t come off the mod. Issue ended up being the 510 connection is spinning… Just sent the R200 off to have them either repair is or just send me a new one as this was covered under their 6 month warranty. Point is that great customer service can make or break a company.


The good local shops will back the device whether Wismec does or not, so when it starts costing them money, they will stop stocking Wismec. Even ones that won’t back it will get tired of angry customers. Imagine if you’re a customer and shop sold you both the Wismec and the TFV4. I would feel they should know their products and should’ve given me a warning before purchase.

David A. Marchand

Sigelei stands behind their mods. I like them a lot


“Word like this” spreading can work for the company as well provided they somehow resolve consumer complaints.

I don’t want to say names, but some juice companies have had rather large press issues with either tradmarked names or diacetyls, and then came back and got even MORE successful for debatable reasons.

With hardware, I can think of at least one that had a huge PR issue, and also got more successful once all the smoke had cleared.

So… We’ll see. I’m interestedly in following this to see the resolve.


On the flip side, I haven’t seen a Chinese vaping company successfully spin bad PR. There could very well be an example I’m unaware of though.


There isn’t a way to really prove a vaper was definitely or definitely not using a Wismec atomizer on an RX200 — at least none that I know of. It’s up to the retailer and/or Wismec to honor the warranty or not.

As for recommending vendors, I’d suggest finding a retailer you’re comfortable with first. They are, after all, the first line of defense.

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