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July 11, 20240

Press Release: Dekang Launches New Smokeless Product Worldwide - ”DKiss 21” Smokeless Nicotine Inhaler

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This is a sponsored press release written by Dekang. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Vaping360.

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Dekang has recently launched the "DKiss 21" Smokeless Nicotine Inhaler globally, featuring improved functionality at a reduced price. This product is a groundbreaking nicotine delivery system in the reduced-risk product category, offering a 100% smoke- and vapor-free experience, and is fully protected by comprehensive patents.

At InterTabac 2023, Dekang had already presented the first generation smokeless nicotine inhaler to members of the public and media. After undergoing both a comprehensive re-design of its functionalities as well as a market repositioning, the final version is now ready for order.

DKiss 21 - Redefining the limit of 20 sticks

The series name "21" represents breaking the routine and limitation of the traditional 20 cigarettes. As the smokeless 21st stick, it is a beneficial supplement for heavy smokers, helping to relieve nicotine addiction, particularly in public areas where smoking is not allowed or is considered embarrassing.

A “socialize-friendly” that bothers nobody

This groundbreaking product offers a smoke-free supplement to traditional smoking and vaping, which serves as a nicotine delivery system (ENDS), providing users with a satisfying nicotine experience anytime and anywhere: restaurants, pubs, offices and even planes and trains where smoking or vaping is banned. DKiss 21 produces no smoke, making it suitable for use in any setting without impacting the environment or bystanders. Small in size and lightweight, it can easily be carried in a pocket anywhere.


Innovative non-contact heating technology

Distinguished by its non-contact heating technology, the DKiss 21 Smokeless Nicotine Inhaler sets itself apart from common electronic vapes, ensuring a safer and smoother experience. The unique hot airflow system separates the heating coil and ingredients, meanwhile no vaporization or any chemical reaction occurred during use, which means no harmful substances generated in the aerosols. Designed as a reduced-risk product, it minimizes the health risks, offering a responsible supplement for nicotine users.

Solid nicotine something up

To use the smokeless nicotine inhaler, a Nico capsule containing a secret solid nicotine beads is clicked on to the device body. Furthermore,depending on individual market requirements, the Nico capsule may deploy either synthetic or tobacco-derived nicotine, which means more market potentials and better regulation compliance. 

For more information about DKiss 21 Smokeless Nicotine Inhaler and Dekang, please contact us by

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