Arctic Sub Ohm Tank Review

Horizontech Arctic
Horizontech Arctic

Horizontech Arctic Intro

In this article we review the Arctic sub ohm tank by Horizon Tech. The Arctic features a range of different BTDCs (bottom turbine dual coils) and BTCs (bottom turbine coils) and fires between 10 and 100W. It was the first of the higher wattage sub ohm tanks, so we were excited to give it a try.

We recently reviewed the Herakles and the Freemax Starre which are both similar high wattage devices.

In this review we will be testing both the 0.5ohm and 0.2ohm BTDC coils on the Arctic. We will be using our Cloupor T8 box mod for this review and Vaporfi’s new Artisan e-liquid range. Check out our Vaporfi Artisan e-liquid review for more info on these great tasting e-liquids.

Also be sure to check out our comprehensive best sub ohm tank guide, featuring a summary of all the tanks on the market.


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Horizontech Arctic Specs and Features

Horizontech Arctic Disassembled
Horizontech Arctic Disassembled
  • 1 x Arctic Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 x 0.2ohm Bottom Turbine Dual Coil head (30W100W)
  • 1 x 0.5ohm Bottom Turbine Dual Coil head (30W80W)
  • Price: $30
  • Wattage Range: 10-100W
  • Tank Capacity: 2.5ml
  • Coils Available: BTC: 0.2, 0.5, 1.2ohm BTDC: 0.2 and 0.5ohm
  • Wicking material: 100% Organic Cotton and USA Kanthal Wire
  • RBA: No RBA available
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Arctic Sub Ohm Coils and Wattage Ranges

Horizontech Arctic 0.2 BTDC and 0.5 BTDC
Horizontech Arctic 0.2 BTDC and 0.5 BTDC
  • BTC 0.2 ohm: 20W to 50W
  • BTC 0.5 ohm: 20W to 40W
  • BTC 1.2 ohm: 10W to 25W
  • BTDC 0.2 ohm: 30W to 100W (comes with standard kit)
  • BTDC 0.5 ohm: 30W to 80W (comes with standard kit)

I really like the range of coils that the Arctic offers. We have only been able to try the BTDC coils, but we like that they offer BTC ones, for slightly lower wattage sub ohm vaping. This makes for a very wide-range of wattages at which you can vape the Arctic tank. This means it is suited to a wide range of different wattage box mods, from the iStick 30W to the iStick 50W all the way up to the Sigelei 150W or Cloupor T8. There should be a range there for every vaper, which is great!

One thing I think some of the higher wattage tanks miss is coils for the lower wattage devices. As many people now have a 30W or 50W box mod, having coils for the Arctic that can fire at these ranges is a good move. Other tanks like the Herakles and Freemax Starre, will require much more powerful devices to perform well and do not yet have the same choice of coils. I think this is a stand out feature for the Arctic as there should be a coil there for everyone. The only other tank that has a similar range is the SMOK VCT and Gimlet, who also offer a wide range of coils.

Note: The coils take a while to break in. The first few tanks full didn’t taste that great, but afterwards the flavor improved quite a bit.

Vaping the Arctic 0.5ohm and 0.2ohm BTDC coils

0.5ohm BTDC on full air flow and using a 60% VG e-liquid (Vaporfi Artisan – Monkey Business)

  • 20W – Nothing much happening.
  • 30W – Cool vape with ok clouds, but not much flavor.
  • 40W – More clouds and a luke warm vape with decent flavor.
  • 50W – Good flavor with a nice warm vape. On longer intense inhales the drip tip is already getting slightly warm.
  • 60W – Best flavor for me at this range and I would probably vape the 0.5 ohm BTDC coil at this range as my go to “sweet spot”.
  • 70W – More vapor but on longer inhales the drip tip gets a little warm. Not bad for short big puffs though.
  • 80W – Great amounts of very dense vapor.
  • 100W – I tried the 0.5ohm at 100W for 4-5 big inhales and didn’t get a burnt hit. I wouldn’t vape it at this level, but it seems it can handle it for short period of time.

0.2ohm BTDC coil on full air flow using a 60% VG e-liquid (Vaporfi Artisan – Northern Lights)

  • 20W – 40W – Nothing really happening at this range at all.
  • 40W- 50W – A bit of vapor and a little flavor.
  • 60W – Slightly warmer now and taste coming through a bit.
  • 70W – Better flavor and a warm vape. Drip tip getting warm on longer inhales.
  • 80W – Good dense clouds now and a nice warm vape. Flavor is good, but not up there with some of the other sub ohm tanks I have tried. This is probably what I would vape the 0.2ohm Arctic coil at.
  • 90W – Even better clouds, but a little too warm now for my liking. Drip tip also gets quite hot now when vaping heavily.
  • 100W – Very warm vape, for me uncomfortably so, but no dry hits yet. Clouds perhaps not as impressive, as with the Freemax Starre or Herakles.
  • 110W – Still no dry hits at all and getting even hotter (wouldn’t really recommend vaping at this wattage)
  • 120W – This thing is now getting through a shit tonne of juice. I have just gone through a whole tank in about 15mins, whilst testing the different ranges. The tank is now getting too hot, but it won’t dry hit at all which is a positive.


Many Different Coils and Good Wicking

Aspire Atlantis 0.5 vs Horizontech Arctic 0.2 BTDC Coil
Aspire Atlantis 0.5 vs Horizontech Arctic 0.2 BTDC Coil

So as mentioned earlier, we were impressed with the great range of coils and the different BTC and BTDC coils. This means that for most box mods there should be something there for everyone to vape with the Arctic tank.

The juice holes on the BTDC are massive. Unlike other sub ohm tanks they are not circular, but instead rectangular (see pic below) allowing of plenty of juice flow onto the cotton wicking.

The wicking material is 100% cotton, which is good (no mystery materials!). The wicking on them was very efficient and there were no dry hits at all, even when I vaped with very little e-liquid left in the tank, which was impressive.

Build Quality

The build quality seems good and the device is made from stainless steel. The tank is easy to take apart and the air flow system works well.

Air Flow

The airflow system on the Arctic has 4 holes, which provides plenty of air to the coils. The airflow system is easy to change and slides smoothly into place. However when fully open, which is what we prefer, the airflow makes a lot of noise and whistles quite a bit, which was a little bit annoying. You can reduce the noise slightly by closing the airflow somewhat.


Horizontech Arctic on the iStick 50W
Horizontech Arctic on the iStick 50W

It felt like the coils took a while to start producing some decent flavor. I’d say at least a full tanks worth of vaping before the flavor becomes its best. This is slightly annoying as other tank and coils were tasting amazing on their first tank full.

The 0.2ohm coil didn’t really do it for us, flavor wise. It is still very good, but compared to other high wattage sub ohm tanks like the Herakles and the Freemax Starre, it doesn’t compete at all in my opinion. We have had the luxury of vaping some amazing sub ohm tanks now and the Arctic for me just isn’t cutting it compared with those other two I just mentioned.

The 0.5ohm coil, for whatever reason, for us produced better flavor. It seemed a somewhat cleaner flavor than the 0.2ohm one (can’t quite explain it in writing). It is a shame we don’t have the BTC single coils, to see what the flavor is like on those, but perhaps someone has tried them and get let us know in the comments section below.

Clouds and Vapor Production

I wasn’t that impressed with the clouds. Yes it does chuck out clouds, but let’s be honest all the sub ohm clearomizers do. The Herakles produced way more clouds, if that is your thing.


Horizontech Arctic
Horizontech Arctic

I really like the elegant simple design on the Arctic tank. Its small 2.5ml capacity means that the whole tank is quite small compared to some of the other sub ohm tanks. It is 22mm in diameter, as with the majority of the sub ohm clearomizers.


This is neither a negative nor a positive in my opinion, as the Arctic is priced right in the middle of the market. It is roughly the same price as the Herakles and less expensive the Kanger Subtanks, but therefore doesn’t feature an RBA.



So there is no RBA section on the Arctic, which might be seen as a negative for some people.

Tank Capacity

For me the 2.5ml tank capacity was not big enough. When vaping heavily on the 0.2 ohm BTDC, you can get through a 2.5ml tank in no time at all. When testing the Arctic we got through a whole tank in literally 15 minutes. It would be good to have a bigger tank or perhaps an extension to 5ml as Aspire did with the Atlantis.


It isn’t really a negative, as the flavor was still quite good, but I didn’t feel it was as good as some of the other sub ohm tanks (Herakles & Freemax Starre). The 0.2ohm coils were slightly disappointing given they were “dual turbine” and I didn’t really enjoy the flavor from it as much as the 0.5 BTDC.

Loud Air Flow

As mentioned above, the airflow was very loud when fully open, which was slightly annoying. It wasn’t anything major, but it might annoy some people. Close the airflow slightly to reduce the noise levels.


The Arctic is a well built, doesn’t leak, wicks very well, features 100% cotton wicking and looks pretty good. It vapes pretty well and chucks out a lot of clouds, as is to be expected from a sub ohm tank. We really liked the big range of coils you can get for the Arctic, which means it is suitable for a lot of different wattage box mods and will therefore appeal to a lot of different vapers.

However, we were slightly disappointed with the flavor, specifically on the 0.2ohm coil heads. The tank was also a bit on the small side at only 2.5ml. There is no RBA section either, which might also be a negative for some people.

I like the fact that you have the different coil options for the Arctic, so if you want a sub ohm tank that has a wide range of coils, then the Arctic is definitely a good choice alongside the SMOK VCT or Gimlet.

However if you are looking for pure flavor and higher wattage vaping, I would consider looking at the Freemax Starre or the Herakles. These two for me, produced better flavor than the Arctic, which slightly disappointed me after hearing so many good things about it.

I hope our Arctic sub ohm tank review was helpful and if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below.


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Chris Kendell
Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
  • Jack

    The BTC coils have instantly good flavor. I started with the 0.5ohm btc it came with and found it very good with taste, but burned as soon as I went up around 40w. The 0.2 btdc coil is tasting like popcorn (?). Hopefully it gets better as time goes on.

    • Hi Jack. Sorry for the late response. I found the 0.2ohm BTDC flavor got better after 3-4 tank fulls of e-juice, but it never tasted like popcorn for me. The recommended range for the 0.5ohm BTC is 20-40 watts so would recommend you crank it down to 30-35W and see how that goes. I was interested to hear the flavor is better for you on the BTC coils, as I wasn’t that impressed with the BTDC ones we tried.

      If you are looking for awesome flavor have a look at the Herakles: and the Freemax Starre: These two have stood out so far for us.

      Let me know if the flavor gets any better for you on the BTDC coils!

      Best regards

  • scottmb8

    For me, the 0.5ohm BTDC makes enough vapor at around 25W. However, since the spec’s recommend at least 30W, is running it at 25W bad for the coil?

    • Hi Scott, sorry for the late reply. We were away on holiday the last week. Running at 25W isn’t bad at all and it will actually help preserve your battery and will also make the coil last longer than running it at a higher wattage. Enjoy!

      Best regards

  • YellowKk

    I’ve recently got this tank and I am having a leak problem. Do You know some factors that could be causing the problem? I did switch out the coil as well so I’m thinking either both rubbers on both coils were bad or something in the tank is defective.

    • Hi YellowKk. I haven’t heard of any leaking issues with the Arctic so far. I would take the tank apart and give it a clean and then put it back together making sure all the o-rings/rubbers are all correctly in place. Also make sure the threadings are all screwed together correctly. Apart from that I am not sure how else to help. Perhaps someone who has had this issue can comment.

      Let me know how it goes!

  • Billye

    I recently got an arctic tank and I don’t really know which one it is as the packaging doesn’t say much. But they told me I could but drip juice or tank juice. Can someone tell me the difference in the two or which to use? And if they mix is that bad? Etc.

    • Hi Billye. I don’t quite understand what you are trying to ask? You need to fill up the tank on the Arctic and use it like that. Follow the instructions in the manual.

  • Samantha Stinson

    The arctic tank doesn’t leak…just got mine haven’t had it too long and it leaks on and off again. Gone through 3 nickel coils, the juice is coming out the air chambers dripping down and into my batteries. Can anyone help please?

  • Brittany

    I use the Arctic .2ohm coils with my Sigelei 150w TC. The clouds are fairly dense for me between 70 and 80w. The flavor is exceptional. I started vaping with the Arctic and have yet to find a better tank. After about 5 months on my first arctic, I had issues with the coil getting stuck to the tank. I also had a few leaks the first go-round. I still get minor leaks with my new arctic but not as bad as the first. I’d definitely recommend it for the higher wattage and temp control mods.

  • Andrew

    Hey guys! First time posting on a vaping discussion board. Here goes.

    I got the Horizon Arctic sub ohm tank. I put it on my Joyetech evic vtc mini. I’m using the .2 ohm wick. I’ve tried multiple wattage settings (30-80 watts) and I just can not get good flavor. Much less, decent clouds. I know this tank has gotten good appraisal pretty much across the board. So, is there something I’m missing? I’m using a juice from mtbakervapor. Their moo juice flavor. 80vg/20pg. 6 milligrams of nicotine. Any advice?

    • Liquid seems to be fine for the Arctic, wattage range is about right. Have you primed your coil enough? It takes quite a while for the arctic coil to get started.

      • Andrew

        I coated the inside and vents of the wick pretty well with the juice, then put the tank together, filled it, and let it soak for about 40 minutes before I tried it. Then I let it sit overnight and tasted the same. But, I went ahead and bought a new juice from Artisan Vapor, 70vg/30pg, 3 milligrams nicotine, and did the same thing. And it tastes amazing. Clouds aren’t like what I’ve seen in some Arctic tank reviews, but that doesn’t bug me one bit.

        • Andrew

          I think it may be because the mtbaker juice hasn’t had a chance to “steep”. The website says they make it fresh right before they send it. the second juice I bought must’ve been sitting around in their shop for a while before I bought it.

          • Yes that could be the issue, have you tried using a new coil?

          • Andrew

            I tried both a .2 and .5 ohm BTDC coil with each juice, then started at the lowest possible wattage and worked my way up.

          • I do not know what the issue could be, steeping always helps with the flavor but not with the vapor. Let it steep for 1-2 weeks and that will help with the flavor, and try using higher VG liquids for clouds.

  • I just bought this tank, and I like it so far. Aside from it being a 2.5 mL tank, I enjoy it. But, like the review says… It runs out of liquid very quickly. I’m on a 6mg nic level, and have filled up the tank 3 times tonight. I do have a question though… I have two Aspire Titan coils left over from my old tank that cracked (a stock iJust 2 tank). Can I use those coils on this tank? They’re .5’s (not sure if that’s needed info).

    • Yes they will work.

      • Abdallah Ammar

        So i just built a coil its Nic made 8 rounds and its giving me 0.05 res my mod is ipv d3 and it works only with jouls when i set it to wattage it says lw res so i dont know whats the right amount of Temp or jouls to set… if u can tell me that would be great

        • I am guessing your build is too low?

          • Abdallah Ammar

            So what do you suggest?… im using kangertech subtank mini.. how many rounds should i do or is it something else?

          • More wraps, thinner wire. Try to get the resistance up.

  • Chris

    I like this tank but it flies through juice. Any recommendations on how to consume less juice with this tank?

    • Sadly sub ohm tanks use a lot of e-juice. The only way is to vape less or take shorter drags.

  • Jim Williams

    Question, I bought the Arctic tank on July 1st of this year and the Artery Nugget box mod. I’ve heard from some people that the coils in the Arctic only last them about a week or two, but I still have the original 0.5 OHM BTDC coil in the tank, which means it lasted me about a month an a week. I either must have a great coil, or I’m just lucky. What is the average lifespan on these coils? Maybe because I prefer a lower wattage (25-30) may be the reason it’s lasted so long? I’m still using that coil and in fact put in a new flavor in the tank and it’s still vaping like a champ. 🙂

  • John

    So im vaping on a kooper 200w box mod with the sub arctic horizon tech tank the coil 0.2 OHM BTDC. On the coil it say anywhere form 40w to 100w im trying to find the best settings and watts with the residents to have a good vaping experience w/o having it blow up in my face cuz i know vary little about box mods anyone out there that can help me out..?