Atom Vapes GCeramic Coils Review

We review the GCeramamic coils by Atom Vapes. These ones are made for the Kangertech subtank line, but they also have ones for the Crown and Aspire tanks available.

Atom Vapes GCeramic Coil
Atom Vapes GCeramic Coil

Atom Vapes GCeramic Coils Intro

Today I am taking a look at the GCeramic coils, specifically for the Kangertech Subtank series from Atom Vapes. The GCeramic coils are housed in a 24k gold plated enclosure that fit the Kangertech Subtanks. These could take the Subtank to the next level. Let’s find out.


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Atom Vapes GCeramic Coils Specs and Features

  • 4x GCeramic 0.9Ω Coils
  • 0.9Ω
  • Ceramic Heating Element coils
  • 20/35w

Notable Remarks

These coils come in a very simple cardboard box, all individually wrapped in what feels like a sweet wrapper. I could hardly contain my excitement to unwrap one of these coils and see how it vaped with the Kanger Sub Tank Mini.

Designed and manufactured in the UK Atom vapes have released GClapton coils at first which were designed to be an elite coil for sub ohm tanks which were still using standard wrapped vape coils.

As we found out, they left us wanting a little extra, so let’s see what these GCeramic coils have to offer.

Vaping the GCeramic Coils

I’ve really been enjoying the GCeramic coils. Although compared with most sub ohm coils the 20/35w range is somewhat limited, the performance doesn’t suffer at all. The flavour of these coils is fantastic, better than the standard coils that Kanger offer in my opinion.

I think the coils in the Horizon Krixus, Vapeston Ceramikas and Vaporesso Target tanks do perform slightly better. Kanger do offer a new ceramic coil head, so it will be interesting to test that and see how it compares to the Atom Vapes GCeramic coils (comparison will be added to this review soon).

The vapour production is still pretty good, nothing spectacular; I wouldn’t put it on par with most sub ohm tanks or the Krixus and Ceramikas. But I would say these coils perform better than the Vaporesso CCell coils in terms of cloud production.

Another coil to compare to would be Kangertech’s own ceramic coils. Similar in that you purchase coils separately to your sub ohm tank although these will only work with Kangertech products.

These two sets of coils are very close in performance, for me the Kanger coils edge these in terms of cloud production however these GCeramic coils edge out the Kanger coils in the flavour front. However the Kanger coils are slightly cheaper. If you have tried them we’d love to know which coils you think are better?

The best thing about these coils is they can easily exceed their wattage rating. I wouldn’t take them too high as they are a 0.9Ω coil but I really liked these at around 35/40w.


A Good Way to Test Ceramic Coil Vaping

These coils are a great way to test out ceramic coils if you are unsure. Instead of buying a whole new tank, you can simply buy a pack of coils and away you go! If you like ceramic coils you can then try out a tank designed for them, if you don’t then just don’t use the coils anymore.

Gold Encasing

It might seem a bit bling to some, but I love the gold encasing, the black subtank mini with the gold coil looks badass and I really like it! Adds a bit of style to my tank and a few people have asked me what coils I have because they look so different and unique.


Different Ohm Coils

Atom Vapes GCeramic Coils Packging
Atom Vapes GCeramic Coils Packging

I think the next step for Atom Vapes is to bring out some coils with different resistances. 0.9 is a little on the high side for me, I like to vape between 0.3-0.6Ω on my sub ohm tanks and 0.9 ohm feels very different to me.

Even if they brought out a 0.5 ohm coil I think that would satisfy a lot of us and give us the option to choose which resistance we prefer.


The GCeramic coils are a good starting place for vapers wanting to test ceramic vaping in tanks that they may already have. If you have a Uwell Crown, any Aspire, Kanger or Sense Herakles Tanks, then the GCeramic coils are a useful option for you to try ceramic vaping without having to purchase a new tank.

These Kanger GCeramic coils do give a better flavour than standard coils for the Kanger Subtank range, but in my opinion they are eclipsed by the likes of the Vaporesso Target CCell, Horizontech Krixus and Vapeston Ceramikas our favorite ceramic tank/coils we have tried thus far.

If you have tired any of the GCeramic range be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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