Atom Vapes gClapton Gold Plated Coils Review

Atomvapes gClapton Coils Kanger 0.5 Coil
Atomvapes gClapton Coils Kanger 0.5 Coil

Atom Vapes gClapton Coil Intro

We take a look at the Atom Vapes gClapton coils, which are plated in 24ct Gold. These coils have been causing quite the stir recently, so we take a look to see what the hype is about.

The gClapton gold coils come in three different variations: ones for the Kanger Subtank series, ones for the Aspire Atlantis (also fit the Aspire Triton, Aspire Atlantis 2, Atlantis Mega, Herakles & Silo Beast) and lastly coils for the Horizon Tech Arctic (note these don’t fit the Horizon Phantom).

The gold coils coils feature a Clapton build, which is renowned for its awesome flavor and clouds. Apparently the gClapton coils from Atom Vapes also last a lot longer than the standard stock coils and are meant to last you 3-4 weeks.
Each pack of 4 gold coils costs $21.99, which is more expensive than the standard stock coils for these tanks.

Let’s take a look to see how they vape below.


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Atom Vapes gClapton Coil Specs and Features

Atomvapes gClapton Coils Variations (Aspire, Horizontech, Kanger)
Atomvapes gClapton Coils Variations (Aspire, Horizontech, Kanger)
  • 4 x gClapton coils
  • 1 x Instruction leaflet

Notable Remarks

E-Juices used: Fa-Q Funky Monkey (75% VG) and Finlys e-juice (100% VG)
Device used: SMOK X-Cube II

Note: I’d make sure to follow instructions and really make sure to prime these coils well before vaping them, otherwise you risk burning the coil.

gClapton 0.3 Ohm Aspire/Herakles Coil (25-45W)

Atomvapes gClapton Coils Variations (Arctic, Atlantis, Subtank)
Atomvapes gClapton Coils Variations (Arctic, Atlantis, Subtank)

Wattage: The recommended wattage on these goes up to 45W, but in the instruction leaflet Atom Vapes state the optimal wattage is around 35W. My sweet spot was between 40-45W as this brought out more flavor than at 35W. Anything below 35W, is too low for this coil. Don’t go above the 45W recommendation as it will then start verging on a burnt hit with max VG e-juice.

Clouds: These gClapton coils absolutely chuck clouds and are definitely one for the cloud chasers amongst you. They destroy the original coils in this department and also destroy your e-juice!

Flavor: You really need to make sure you prime these coils well before using. Please follow the instructions that come with the coils to make sure this is done right. Is the flavor better than the original coils? Well this depends on which coil we are talking about. I’d say the flavor from the original Herakles coils is better than the gClapton version. The gClapton is roundabouts on par with the Aspire coils. I would be interested to see what others think about the flavor from these coils, so let me know below. The Aspire gClaptons are a very solid vape, but I had hoped that these coils, being Claptons would be absolutely mind blowing in terms of flavor, which wasn’t quite the case.

Verdict: The Atlantis gClaptons were my least favorite from the three we tried. The flavor wasn’t bad, but I was expecting a lot more from these.

gClapton 0.3 Ohm Arctic Coil (25-45W)

Atomvapes gClapton Coils Clapton Wire
Atomvapes gClapton Coils Clapton Wire

Wattage: For me these vaped best at 45W. A nice warm vape with gorgeous flavor and huge plumes of vapor! To get the most out of this coil in terms of flavor I’d recommend vaping it between 35-45W.

Clouds: As with the other gClapton gold coils, these chuck huge clouds. They produce a lot more vapor than the original coils.

Flavor: The Arctic gClapton coils in my opinion are better than the Aspire/Herakles gClapton ones in terms of flavor. Right away after priming the coils the flavor was present and provided a really enjoyable vape. I was never a fan of the original Arctic coils (I know loads of people loved them) and I think the gClapton coils for the Arctic are better in terms of flavor.

​Verdict: In my opinion the gClaptons are better than the original Arctic coils and certainly produce more vapor.

gClapton 0.3 Ohm Kanger Coil (25-40W)

Atomvapes gClapton Coils Top View
Atomvapes gClapton Coils Top View

Wattage: Due to the slightly more restrictive air flow on the Kanger Subtank Mini the vapor gets quite warm at 45W. It isn’t unbearable, but you can vape these coils slightly lower than the other two. I’d vape these Gold Kanger coils at 40W, but they well from 35W upwards.

Clouds: Again as with all of these gClaptons, the Kanger gClapton produces much bigger vapor than the original Kanger coils.

Flavor: Again just like the Arctic gClaptons the Kanger gClaptons had great flavor straight after priming. I did however get the odd bit of spit-back from vaping these ones. Compared with the original Kanger coils, these were around the same in terms of flavor.

Verdict: I have to say the Gold gClaptons look awesome in the Kanger Subtank Mini as the Gold coil is clearly visible in the centre of the tank. The clouds were bigger and the flavor was up there with the originals, but I don’t think the flavor was any better. One thing I did notice was that my Kanger tanks didn’t leak when using the gClaptons. I think this is because they feature an additional o-ring at the bottom of the coil and it seems to stem any leaking. If you had a leaky Kanger, these might be worth a try. Anyone else notice this as well?

Coil Life

Atom Vapes claim that the gClapton coils of theirs last 30% longer and should last around 3-4 weeks, which would be an impressive improvement. We have been vaping the Kanger gClapton for around 1 week now on and off and it is still going. We will carry on vaping it over the next two/three weeks and report back on how it performs over a longer period of time. If anyone has had any long term experience with these, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


Atomvapes gClapton Coils Variations (Kanger, Horizontech, Aspire)
Atomvapes gClapton Coils Variations (Kanger, Horizontech, Aspire)

The Atom Vapes gold plated Clapton coils are more expensive than the original coils, so should you give them a try? I think it depends what you are looking for. If you just want cool looking Gold coils, then it doesn’t what I write, as you will probably purchase them anyway. If you are looking for massive clouds from your replaceable coils then the gClaptons will blow the original coils out of the water!

However, in terms of pure flavor, I was expecting a little bit more, given these were Clapton builds, which are renowned for flavor. Perhaps it is due to the very high gauge wire being used for Clapton build and the fairly low wattages, I don’t know. In terms of flavor, the Arctic gClaptons were the best of the three I tried and I thought they were better than the originals. However the others, whilst being good, did not quite blow me away as much I had expected to be blown away.

In terms of the longevity/lifespan of the coils and the claim that they last 30% longer, only time will tell and I will update this review again in a few weeks to let you know how I get on, as that could be a big selling point.

This review was based on my personal opinion having tried several of each type of the Atom Vapes gClapton coils. I’d love to know what others think about these coils in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and hope you enjoyed this review!


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
Chris Kendell
Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
  • Adam Booth

    I’ve been vaping on the Aspire version in both my Herakles and Freemax Starre tanks — I have to say the hype train has severely let me down in terms of flavor. Vapor production is good but flavor is severely lacking so far. Bummer.

  • Derek

    I bought a box of the Kanger Clapton coils but they have been burning out within 2-3 days. I have been priming them thoroughly. I have been running them at 30 watts. I love the coil the first day but after that it’s all down hill. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Derek. They should be lasting much longer than that at that wattage. Could be a bad batch of coils perhaps. Other than that, if you are priming them correctly there isn’t really a reason for them only lasting a few days. Anyone else been experiencing this?

    • Damon

      the coil life of any coil is heavily dependant on juice and vaping style. heavily sweetened, thicker, and darker juices will diminish coil life as will chain vaping…

  • Colin Bennett

    I got a box yesterday for my aspire triton, and I am not impressed, I primed it like the box said and I still get almost no flavor. I think if you have a triton, you are better off with aspires 0.3

  • Edward Gonzales

    Hi Chris, I actually tried testing the Clapton coils (25/45W .3 ohm) and hooked it up to my Tobeco Super Mini Tank. My current setup on it is on an IPV 4s. I’ve been vaping at around 40-45 watts. I’ve noticed when vaping the juice I have tends to somewhat kind of boil? I don’t know if that’s the best description for it. I was just concerned if hooking it with the Tobeco Super Mini tank is safe to begin with. Also, should I be concerned with the boiling of my juice? I would definitely appreciate any imput. Thanks!

    • Have you checked to see if the coil is over saturated? That sometimes leads to a “boiling-bubbling” sensation. If the liquid itself “boils” that should not be an issue because that is the way the liquid is evaporated. The Supertank Mini takes Atlantis coils so that is fine. Just let me know if you get any spitback whilst vaping, that means you coil is over saturating and that will lead to bubbling of you eliquid which then leads to spit back.

    • Damon

      the sizzling or boiling, in my experience, is normal for vertical claptons i believe. i have the SMOK pre-built dual clapton in my TFV4 and it does the same thing, especially if i chain vape… the SMOK clapton coils are light years better than the ATOM gClaptons though…

  • pharmer

    I have had similar issues as derek. I bought the kanger gclapton coils and they burned out in a single weekend (2-3 days). Granted I chain vape, they still should be lasting longer since my regular kanger coils last at least a week, let alone 2-3 days. I bought them from vape royalty btw. Overall they’re incredibly disappointing, at least the kanger coils.

  • Damon

    i have to agree with you on the Atlantis/Herakles version of these coils… nothing special really. i picked a pack up on a halloween sale for around $6 and am running them in my Freemax Starre Pro. while the gClaptons have good enough flavor, they are nothing mind blowing and their claim at 3-4 weeks for coil life is laughable… i mean, i suppose if you’re vaping unflavored juice, you might get a month. but, with normal, decently flavored juices i saw a week and a half to two weeks max… IMHO, the regular old Atlantis and Herakles kanthal coils are every bit as good at half the price…

  • Allen

    I use the .5 coils and vape them @ 45 watts, have them in any tank that will take the atlantis style coil, freemax starr, starr pro, tobeco supertank, atlantis v1 and v2. I really like them. I get more than 2 weeks out of each one unless im using milkman juices. To me they seems to have very decent flavor. But you can not put them in a tank and just start vaping @ 45 watts. Start @ 20 and work up from there, keep your airflow open to a minimum, take short pulls, when you start getting good flavor creep up the wattage and airflow. This is all opinion based. If their not being broken in properly then they will not seem as good or last longer than claimed.

    • Yeah, they seem to take a while to break in. Even with a fully saturated coil without priming, it still takes a while. Small short pulls (a few with the airflow fully closed) and you are good to go. Thanks a lot Allen!

  • ServedTheUS

    These things are truly terrible. I bought a pack of 4 and after using 2 coils I have come to the conclusion that they are just hype. They look pretty but the cotton around the coil starts to protrude after some time and the oring at the bottom of the coil failed on one that I used. Also, the flavor is terrible. Even after a week of breaking in they taste like metal in your mouth and produce mediocre vapor. I am using a Wismec DNA200 at 45w with the ni200 Gclaptons. What a waste of money.

  • Glenn Mathes

    This discussion has been up for a while but I wanted to fully test a coil before reviewing.
    Mod- Eleaf Istick 50w. And Istick 100w
    Tank- aspire triton.
    Wattage- 40w when I wake up then 50w rest of the day.
    I first let the coil soak for 30 minutes then primed with slow tight air flow hits at 25w starting then going up by 5w every 3 draws. After fully priming the clouds these make are much better than the stocks and I have just changed the coil for the first time in 26 days (a almost 4 weeks). I vape about 5ml a day at work and about 9ml on the weekends or days off. My only complaint about the coils is that my boxes read the wattages as (the Istick 50w reads them as .4 ohm and the Istick 100 reads them as .36 ohm.)

    All in all they are great coils if you take your time to break them in.

    Most people are not priming correctly or are starting at a much to high wattage soon as they put the coils in.

    • Exactly, it definitely comes down to priming and pre-saturation.

  • Glenn Mathes

    So after leaving my last little bit of input I started wondering what watts these things could handle and when they burnt out. My results follow.
    40w- cool vapor ok taste.
    50w- good clouds. (Can’t see the windshield when driving).
    60w- slight burnt taste. With bigger clouds.
    70w- burnt my throat a little with lots of burnt taste.
    80w- wow this hurts.
    80w again- coil is no good anymore.
    Hope this gave so good info.

    I’ll wreck a coil just to cure my curiosity if needed.

  • loony2nz

    We bought a pack of subtank versions as a test for our shop. Total rubbish. Tried 2 of them and the taste was so horrible that we didn’t even last a few hours with them in our tanks. Just tossed them in the trash. Metallic taste, not much vapor, just pure hype. I run a shop, so yeah, I know how to break in and test new hardware. This product did not pass anything on our rating scales.

  • Zach Plank

    I’ve been using my Aspire clapton for about 2 weeks. I noticed I only get good flavor and clouds with premium juices. Any sort of house blend I’ll run it from 45w to 65w, air opened all the way to air pretty much closed and can’t much flavor. Horrible with max VG juices.

  • Jon

    Clapton for subtank is terrible… Regular is way better than Clapton.. Wasted money

  • J-Hill

    Thomas Hill

  • J-Hill

    I have the Kanger gold Clapton coils .3 vaping around 35_40 watts and I absolutely love them better flavor, then the original and the new vertical coils it’s all in how you prim them cause if you don’t do it write they will not perform like advertise!! I love them!! They also do last longer at least a week longer all around the best school I’ve ever had for my sub-tank mini!

  • Clementhyme

    Not all that impressed. Aspire running Atom gClapton .3’s @ 55watts on a Snow Wolf mini. Funky flavor irrespective of priming and easing into temp…after 2 tanks of juice funky flavor is muted, but still noticeable, sadly. Calling hype as far as flavor, longevity remains to be seen.

  • JR Carroll

    I’m using the kanger subtank coils. The flavor and clouds are much better than the stock coils. My issues is some serious leaking thru the air intake ports. Is anyone else having this issue?

  • dookerj

    They now make these for the Uwell Crown (in both regular and high wattage versions) as well as some other tanks. Haven’t tried them yet but I’m ordering some today!