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Vaping For Beginners

Are you looking to start vaping and quit smoking?! Our beginner vaping section provides smokers and beginner vapers with all the info and tips you need to begin your vape journey. Make sure to read through our vaping guides before you purchase your first vape.

Best Vape Starter Kits 2016
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Vape starter kits demystified. A look at the best vape kits on the market for beginners and smokers looking to switch to vaping.
Best E-juice, E-Liquid & Vape Juices 2016
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We look at the best e-juice flavors, brands & vendors on the vaping market. Want to find the best all day vape, then take a look at our list of e-liquids!
PG vs VG
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Vaping PG vs VG – We take an in depth look at Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, the two main ingredients of e-liquid. Read the full guide here!
Vaping Etiquette
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As vapers we need to make sure we don't give vaping a bad name. Here are some of the unspoken vaping etiquette rules that every vaper should know about.
Vaping Battery Safety #1
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Vaping Battery Safety - We look at vape battery safety and ohms law, two things every new vaper should be familiar with when purchasing their first mod.
Cloud Chasing 101
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Want to know how to cloud chase? We take a look at the mad world of cloud chasing and show you some basic builds to get you on your cloud chasing journey!
Vaping vs Smoking
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Vaping vs Smoking - We take a look at how vaping stacks up against smoking and why switching to e-cigs and vapes could help you to kick your smoking habit.