10 Super-Powered Mods With Crazy Battery Life

Super mods utilize 3-5 cells and are capable of producing enough power for even the hungriest of cloud chasers.


Da heck is a super mod?

Sub ohm vaping has become the standard of most vapers these days. Naturally, companies have been pushing the limits of power and innovation. With all of the high-wattage tanks coming out, a powerful device is needed to take full advantage of their performance. Enter super mods.

With tanks like the TFV12 and Eleaf Melo 300, for example, users may want to push the limits. Your desires have been answered. Now you can experiment with extreme sub ohm vaping on your regulated device. No longer do you have to tinker with voltage drop, ohm’s law and RDA’s.

If you are using a rebuildable atomizer, super mods can give you the power to quickly heat up some of your larger coils. Many of the new devices also feature preheat functionality ideal for fused claptons, aliens and any of the biggest coil builds you can imagine. They have become the new standard for cloud chasers who appreciate the security of vaping on regulated mods.

Many of these “quad mods” are also capable of running on dual-18650’s in addition to four cells.

What do you think about these super mods coming out lately? Is this whole high-wattage vaping thing getting out of hand, or are you looking forward to 400 and 500-Watt mods in the future?

Is anybody actually vaping beyond 300 Watts out there? If you do, please leave us a comment!

Wismec Reuleaux RX300


Based on one of the most popular mods of all time, introducing the new Reuleaux. Now capable of reaching up to 300 Watts, complete with preheat functionality and full temperature control. It has three TCR memory settings and a big and bright 0.96 inch display. It’s a brick of power.

The screen displays information in a six row, two column display. It provides accurate battery life indication for each cell displayed in real time. Powered by four 18650’s, it uses gold-plated terminals and a secure hinged door. It even gives you the option of using it as a powerbank.

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iJoy Maxo Zenith


The iJoy Maxo Zenith is somewhere in between a mechanical mod and a regulated device. It has a variable voltage range of 2.7 to 6.2 V, so it can reach up to 300 W of power. It uses three 18650 batteries and has a precise adjustable potentiometer for fine tuning down to a T.

The Maxo Zenith features an oversized top-mounted firing system, large side vents which light up during usage and a strong magnetic back door. It also has LED indication for your batteries. Unlike a standard mech mod, the Zenith comes standard with all of your basic circuit protection.



The SMOK GX 2/4 is a convertible mod with a max output of 350 W. It allows for use with either two or four cells with the push of a switch. It functions as a compact dual battery mod, and as a cloud-chucking machine when equipped with four cells. Goes up to 220 W with two 18650’s.

The firing bar is designed with ergonomics in mind. Whether you are using it in dual or quad cell mode. The GX 2/4 utilizes a powerful chipset capable of temperature control and complete with an extra large OLED screen. Simple, versatile and capable of chucking out some huge clouds.



At first glance, you might not realize that the SMOK GX350 is a four-cell device. Reaching up to 350 watts using four 18650’s, stable down to 0.1 ohms. It is firmware upgradeable and comes with a full temperature control suite and a large, bright OLED top-mounted screen.

Other notable features include a locking bottom battery door and the ability to run on either two or four 18650’s. It has an extremely slim chassis for such a beastly mod with four batteries. The firing switch is enjoyable to use due to its ergonomics. One of the more compact super mods.

Kanger Five6


Battery life for days… and then some. The Kanger 5 utilizes not four, but five 18650 cells! It only goes up to 220 W, but it will most likely get you through a full day of cloud chucking. The mod sports a carbon fiber lightning bolt on the side and the colorful cases are all interchangeable.

Kanger has decided to focus on the hardcore enthusiasts for this one. With five batteries, it is about the same weight as the quad-cell Wismec RX300. Not exactly stealthy, but if you think of it as a 5-bay charger that you can vape on, than that might help to put things into perspective.



Affectionately dubbed the “cheesegrater” mod, due to its aesthetics, the Primus is different. It sort of resembles an old school AM/FM handheld radio that your grandparents would use. But the Koopor Primus is packed with features like temp control and is stable down to 0.1 ohms.

The Primus uses three 18650 batteries in order to achieve 300 W. It has a big OLED display that displays wattage, voltage, battery life etc. Utilizing a spring-loaded 510 pin, it can easily accommodate atomizers up to 28mm. Last but not least it has a secure magnetic battery door.

Vapmod Spartans 300 W


The Vapmod Spartans combines the power of three 18650’s with a comfortable form factor. It can fire up to 300 W and has full temperature control capabilities. Combined with a top display, the Spartans boasts some of the best features from some of the most popular super mods.

The Vapmod Spartans stands out in every color whether it be white, yellow, red blue or black. Its firing switch was designed for comfort, making it a pleasure to use. The chassis houses three batteries with ease, while maintaining a compact aesthetic. Big things come in small packages.

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iJoy Maxo Quad


When three isn’t enough, quadruple it. The iJoy Maxo Quad gives you maximum vaping power by using four 18650’s, giving you more battery life than ever. One of the first to use four cells, the iJoy MAXO puts out an impressive 315 W and is compatible all the way down to 0.06 ohms.

It features a firmware upgradeable chipset capable of full temperature control for all materials. The design is simple and feels good in the hand. Interchangeable side plates allow you to give it a custom appearance. Last but not least, the Maxo can also be used as a dual-18650 device.

Sigelei Snow Wolf 365


The legend of the Snow Wolf returns. Similar to the iJoy Maxo Quad in shape and design, the Snow Wolf 365 combines style with practicality, making this a potential daily driver. If you desire vaping at over 300W with resistances down to 0.1 ohms, then check out the Snow Wolf 365!

The device uses three-button system to operate and an oversized firing button. Other notable features include a hinged battery door and a comparable aesthetic to the Maxo Quad. The Snow Wolf 365 can also be used as a regular dual-battery mod with up to 220 W of power.

Wismec Reuleax RX Gen 3


Wismec and JayBo have found a way to make their most popular mod even smaller! The Reuleaux Gen 3 combines everything people love about the RX-series in a bite-sized package. The mod accepts three 18650’s and can fire up to 300 watts and the screen is larger than ever!

Other features include preheat functionality, customizable logos and upgradeable firmware. The Gen 3 is fully capable of temperature control with TCR abilities and three memory modes. Of all the super mods, this one is by far the smallest and yet it still puts out a serious dose of power.

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