A Billion Lives Will Hit US Shores Soon!

The highly anticipated vaping documentary will premiere August 6

Chief Cinematographer - Jimi Jake Shaw searching rainforest for wild tobacco
Chief Cinematographer - Jimi Jake Shaw searching rainforest for wild tobacco

A Billion Lives will have its North American premiere in Milwaukee. The makers of the long-awaited vaping documentary announced today that the event will be held at the historic Pabst Theater on August 6. The event will be followed by a huge party presented by sponsor Molecule Labs.

Some seats will be available to the public on July 6 at the theater box office and its website. The filmmakers expect to sell out the theater’s 1,300 seats. Further details will be announced later through the film’s website. Milwaukee is the home of the film’s director Aaron Biebert and its production company.

Vapers need a jolt of energy to keep fighting

A Billion Lives Quote

The release of A Billion Lives has been the most anticipated event in vaping since…well, ever. Vapers have waited and waited to hear the story of vaping’s lifesaving potential told in a compelling and accessible way. We need a narrative that makes the connections for those who don’t understand — or refuse to understand — the “baptists and bootleggers” alliance that has fought to prevent popular and academic acceptance of e-cigarettes and vaping.

The powerful enemies we fight seem determined to win, and they’re willing to use almost any tactic to do it. To have a movie that could generate popular and political recognition for vaping would be a jolt of energy for a lot of worn-out vaping advocates. Fergus Mason reviewed the film for Vaping360 after its European premiere at the Global Forum on Nicotine conference in Warsaw, Poland.

If you’ve been following the vaping debate for a while you probably won’t be too surprised at anything you hear in A Billion Lives, but it adds a rich layer of detail to the bones of knowledge. The sheer breadth of people Biebert has interviewed is one of the film’s most impressive aspects; nobody can dismiss this as the ravings of a few isolated cranks. The filming itself is excellent, too. This is no low-budget production. Artistic values are high throughout and they have done an amazing job of capturing the warped world of tobacco controllers who are willing to protect cigarette sales to maintain their own power and wealth.

In his review, Fergus noted that, “If A Billion Lives can get that message onto screens around the world it could be one of the most influential media works of the decade. It certainly deserves to be.” They’re not there yet, but finally the film will be viewed here in the states, and that’s an exciting step.

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