It’s Chinese New Year: What This Means for You as a Vaper

Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year starts on February 8, 2016 and is a huge deal throughout the country. The majority of China’s businesses will be on holiday for the first two weeks of the month. Considering that most of the world’s vaping products are manufactured in Shenzhen, China, it’s a big deal for vapers too! Whether you purchase online or at retail shops, Chinese New Year can have a significant impact on your quest for new vape gear.

Online Shops

Online Shopping

Many vapers enjoy the deep discounts offered by Chinese online retailers like,, and If you’ve recently ordered from an online retailer based in China and your order hasn’t shipped, don’t expect it to arrive until March (unless you’ve paid for expedited shipping).

FastTech’s website notes that the company will be closed from February 4th to February 14th. HeavenGift’s posted that its Shenzhen warehouse will be off from February 4th to February 16th. Expect similar closures from other online stores based in China.

Brick and Mortar Shops


If your local vape shops haven’t planned for Chinese New Year delays then expect shortages at retail stores. Many popular vaping devices, atomizers, and accessories originate from Shenzhen. These include popular products from Joyetech, Kanger, Innokin, Aspire, and more. Mindful retailers will have stocked up for the holiday, but there are always store owners that forget about it or are unaware of it.

Hopefully Chinese New Year doesn’t cut into your enjoyment of vaping. Hopefully all of your orders from China have shipped and your local vape shops have abundant stock. Either way, have a prosperous Year of the Monkey.

Raymond Padilla

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  • UpriseCrew

    I don’t know why but based on the title I decided to read the article expecting to discover a new form of adversity for vapers brought on by the Chinese New Year. Negative, Chinese New Year has no negative affects on my Vape game. I try to purchase as many products vape or not, from local people or within my community circles. That includes manufacturing and creation of products. Not to come off as racist but I feel making my purchases within my circle of life may have a positive reaction that can only improve or strengthen myself and community. My thinking is, if someones going to profit then have it be within my influence and local communities. I’d love to try and support the rest of the entire world, but realistically I find it best to manage the who’s, where’s and my influence’s in order to maximize my positive intentions, Give it a try yourself, you’ll find yourself more in involved with your own surroundings, people and local communities. I will say, this is a well written and informative article for some and new vapers, but I found the information irelavent to me and lacking. #iamuprise #uprisecrewâ„¢

    • I would guest that the vast majority of vapers use products that are made in China, whether they know it or not. It’s the largest manufacturing region in the world. In addition to the end-products made there (mods, atomizers, etc.), simple things like springs, washers, and screws are made in Shenzhen as well. Most of the batteries vapers use come from China, though there are cells made in Japan, Korea, and Indonesia.

      While it’s nice that you purchase from your local community, Chinese companies are still getting your money.

      • UpriseCrew

        I knew all that again, thank you tho. It’s my hope that this conversation will make others reevaluate their purchasing habits and where their investments are going. While it’s nice you informed others of the Chinese New Year, I will continue to purchase from my local community. LOL. #diepokemod

        • Good luck with that. At least this is slightly more meaningful than your rebellion against tanks. :p

          • UpriseCrew

            Tanks are the tools of those who want to destroy and regulate vaping. You’ll see in time.

          • You forgot to send that memo to Joyetech, Smok, Uwell, Aspire, Kanger, etc. :p

          • UpriseCrew

            Corporations in other countries are not going to have the same concerns as you or me. We are only customer to them.

          • That makes even less sense. Who are these people that are using tanks “to destroy and regulate vaping”?

          • UpriseCrew

            Those companies are the hands of enemy. There only concern is with profit and their God, Money.

    • Mike Vapes

      Uprise, I’m glad you support your local vape shops , but not everyone reading this is as “savvy” as you are when it comes to vaping. Believe it or not, there are many more people new to vaping than there are experienced users, so articles like this are very still very informative. It sounds like you are actually talking down to those who buy product from China, was your very first vape or ecig hand made from your community? I highly doubt that.

      • UpriseCrew

        Actually @Mike Vapes I was aware of the Chinese New Year celebration from a school friend in 6th grade. He was Chinese and I was invited to his family’s restaurant in LA for a week of food and fun. A few years later is prob when I first became aware of it’s impact globally. The Chinese New year is not a exclusive vape related thing. It has been around for a long time. The impact has affected all industries and business long before vape came into existence. Tourism, transportation, governments, consumers, just about every aspect in life directly or indirectly will be impacted by this holiday. Sometimes that affect can be so small you don’t even notice it. Since your playing the assumption game based on your post, I will play along. I would believe that your over the age of 18, and seeing that you feel this article is “very still very informative” you have been living under a rock or suffer from a learning disability. How dose one live at least 18 years of age and not know a thing about Chinese New years? Have you never made a purchase? Did you not attend public school in the US? No TV? As far as “talking down to those who buy product from China” statement I might agree with you. But in reality I don’t judge nor do I bare no true opinion on ones purchasing habits or on consumerism in general. I only feel that what money I spend should go to the people within my sphere of influence/community. Nothing against China or germany or where ever. I just feel my dollar has more power by using it in my ecosystem that surrounds me. I can’t help or support everyone I want to, so I figure I’d start making a difference here with in my community and hopefully that will create a domino affect that will spread outwards, maybe even to you or China.Here’s a link ( to my first set up, with the help of friends which I used a couple D’ batteries to power it or really under power it.It sounds like you should have used the word proactive or conscious instead of “savvy” If I’m hating I apologize you caught me going thru a one thats on year 4 with me.

        • Mike Vapes

          Well you’re assuming i don’t know what Chinese New Year’s is and it’s effect on many industries. I don’t appreciate you spewing from your soap box how you think you are better for buying locally versus buying from from overseas. I assume all of the clothing you wear is hand made, made in the US? Oh it’s not? Please get off your soapbox and take your destructive comments elsewhere.

          • UpriseCrew

            I was not saying I’m better than anyone, maybe you tho. I was only spreading my belief and philosophy on business trade. I do what I can and practice the power to say no if something isn’t to my liking. Stop the butthurt try not to take things personal. This is the land of free expression unless your talking to @mike vapes who will take it personal and attack you. Nice name, very creative…not.

        • There are many people unaware of lunar new year and the global impact it has on business. Since this is a vaping website, the article focuses on that aspect.