Cigreen SVIP DNA200 Review

Cigreen SVIP DNA200
Cigreen SVIP DNA200

Cigreen SVIP DNA 200 Intro

Today I will be looking at a new DNA 200 mod made by Chinese company Cigreen called the SVIP200. This is one of a number of DNA200 mods coming from Chinese manufacturers. Below I take a more in depth look of the SVIP and see how well it stacks up against its other competitors.


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Cigreen SVIP DNA200 Specs and Features

Cigreen SVIP DNA200 Package Content
Cigreen SVIP DNA200 Package Content
  • SVIP DNA 200 Mod
  • USB Charging cable
  • DNA200 chip, for more details click here
  • 1500 mah 3s Lipo battery
  • Size: 95x57x26mm

Notable Remarks


Cigreen SVIP DNA200 Top/Pin
Cigreen SVIP DNA200 Top/Pin

I really like the look of this device. The lighter coloured strip down each side of the mod with the SVIP logo is quite eye catching and looks sleek as well as giving the device a different look whilst still keeping the professional look. I also am pleased with the screen design. The mirrored screen gives the device that sleek look, although at first I was somewhat worried that the DNA200 screen wouldn’t be bright enough and could be hard to read like the IPV4.

However I can say I am very impressed with Cigreen on the screen as the mirrored finish looks very cool and the DNA200 screen is sufficiently bright and I have had no issues reading the screen even in bright lighting.

Build Quality of the Cigreen SVIP

Cigreen SVIP DNA200 Vent Holes
Cigreen SVIP DNA200 Vent Holes

I have been both impressed and disappointed with the build quality of the Cigreen SVIP200. The device feels solid and well made, not once have I felt in danger of damaging the mod, even if I were to drop it. The device is quite heavy however it doesn’t feel overwhelmingly weighty and I think the weight contributes to the feeling of solidity and sturdiness of the device.

Despite this I think Cigreen have let their consumers down somewhat. The battery rattle on the device is simply unacceptable, I don’t know how Cigreen have installed the 3s lipo pack but it seems like they have just thrown it in there and hoped for the best. The battery rattle is no noticeable even when holding the device when you are walking the rattle is noticeable and I think that in the current vaping market this is simply unacceptable. Also I screwed a tank down on the first time of using the mod and couldn’t for the life of me get it off again, thankfully with a bit of brute force the tank budged, it was then that I realised that the 510 contact pin is not a spring loaded pin.

Again this is something that is expected from these newer mods and I cannot understand why Cigreen haven’t included this in what could be their most high-end device. I mean, come on it’s 2015!

Using the Cigreen SVIP

Cigreen SVIP DNA200
Cigreen SVIP DNA200

I found the SVIP200 by Cigreen really easy to use! The buttons were very responsive and had a perfect amount of resistance, although I would like to see them protrude out from the screen a little more.

The wattage up and down buttons also did not have any plus or minus signs which was a little disappointing however once you get used to which button is which it isn’t too much of a hassle.

The screen is also really nice and bright so reading it is not an issue at all, this is something I was concerned about when I saw it had a mirrored finish. Thankfully this wasn’t an issue and the device is super easy and straightforward to operate.


The Design

I really like the design of the device, it looks sleek and professional whilst still looking different from the norm, the stripe down the side of the mod looks really cool too. The curved shape also is a fantastic feature giving the mod a great feel and it fits perfectly in your hand and is super comfortable!

Ease of Use

The SVIP is really easy to use and I haven’t had any problems with the chip or any misfiring issues. I haven’t had any issues with the buttons sticking or not firing/adjusting either.

Battery Life

The 1500 mah 3s lipo battery used is fantastic, this is one of the largest capacity battery packs I have seen and you can definitely tell this is the case! I can get a solid 2 days of vaping out of this device. Although this may differ on the settings you use the device at. I cant imagine chain vaping at 200w will do the battery life any good!


Lack of quality control

I was very disappointed in the quality control of the device. The battery rattle is almost unbearable and the non-spring loaded 510 pin is a complete pain and is such a minor thing that should have been addressed. I think that these 2 flaws alone have thrown this device out of the running for being the best DNA200. If these 2 issues were corrected this device could be an absolute beast of a mod!

Fingerprint Magnet Alert!

The screen of the device is a massive fingerprint magnet, and over time this can lead to difficulty in reading the screen unless you clean/wipe the screen over to be careful of that. Also with the buttons not protruding very far, every time you press a button you get your fingerprints all over the screen.


The Cigreen SVIP200 has the potential to be a fantastic device and could have been one of the best DNA200 mods on the market right now. The battery life is second to none and the solidity of the mod is fantastic too! I cant find any real faults with how the device actually works, however the quality control was just not up to standard unfortunately. The battery rattle and 510 pin are just 2 infuriating issues as they are such simple things to sort out yet were left unattended to. This gives the impression that Cigreen have been lazy with this mod when in actual fact I think that is far from the truth. Yet because of these 2 issues I just cannot see this mod flying off the shelves like it should.

Without these 2 issues this mod is a no brainer but because of them it makes this much more of a maybe instead of a definite yes. Hopefully Cigreen will correct this and bring out a V2 to give this device the chance it deserves to break onto the high end DNA200 scene!


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