Cloud Chasers Inc. Kurt Loeblich Talks Vaping Advocacy

Cloud Chasers Inc. owner Kurt Loeblich talks to Vaping360 about what he'd like to see in vaping advocacy.


CCI Kurt is Fired Up!

Shortly after the FDA deeming regulations were announced, I was on a SFATA conference call listening to what the organization and its members had to say about the issue. While the SFATA portion of the call was quite good, the question-and-answer session was painful…until Cloud Chasers Inc. owner Kurt Loeblich spoke up. He went on a passionate rant about the direction he wanted to see leaders in the vaping community take. A couple of weeks after the call, I caught up with Loeblich at VPX Las Vegas to get his thoughts on vaping advocacy. Check out the interview above to hear what he had to say.

Unity and Changing Perception

CCI Kurt Loeblich Interview

Instead of people look for loopholes and ways to skirt around the FDA deeming regulations, Loeblich was looking for some unity. He wanted to see vaping leaders organize collaborative efforts to fight back. Perhaps it took a little longer than it should have, but leaders in the vaping business have banded together to sue the FDA as a group.

Loeblich spoke about the vaping business fighting back in three ways. The first two are obvious and already happening — taking action legally and working with politicians. The third thing he wants to see is more difficult — changing the perception of vapers to non-vapers. As seen on Samantha Bee’s show, a certain segment of the vaping community makes vapers as a whole look bad. Loeblich wants vapers to be seen as people that are doing something positive and quitting tobacco cigarettes.

With that last point in mind, he’s big on A Billion Lives. He wants vapers and non-vapers alike to see the movie, as he believes it will help change the perception of vapers.

It was great chatting with Loeblich at VPX and hearing his thoughts on vaping advocacy. After you’ve watched the video above, I want to hear your thoughts on his opinions. Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment and let me know.

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