Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA200 Box Mod Preview

Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA200 Mod
Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA200 Mod

Cloudmaker Background

Once upon a time, a company by the name of Evolv created a chip that would change the face of vaping forever. First you had the DNA 20, DNA 30, DNA 40 and now the highly-anticipated DNA 200! I thought the whole point of temp control was to get away from the whole wattage wars but in any case, this thing is going to kick some major vape-ass. If you have been paying attention to the e-cig forums, especially on reddit, then you will know that one of the first devices to utilize this chip will be the Whiteout DNA box mod by Cloudmaker. This company knows how to adapt real quick.

Originally, Cloudmaker was focused on releasing their brand new Whiteout OS which features an open-source chip called the Ares. Not even 2 days after announcing the plans to release this product, Evolv puts out the DNA 200. Since the whole point the Whiteout devices are to be fully customizable, Cloudmaker started working immediately on integrating this brand new DNA chip. It will not only be one of the first of its kind to house the DNA 200 chip but is also “future-proof”. In other words, you can upgrade whenever the next best thing comes out, just like a computer.

Cloudmaker on the Whiteout DNA

“The Cloudmaker Whiteout DNA, the second configuration of Cloudmaker Tech’s modular, future-proof, user-customizable personal vaporizer. This pre-order is for the Whiteout DNA unit, which comes fully-assembled & QC-tested with Evolv’s cutting-edge new customizable DNA200 Temperature Control chipset. The DNA200 can push up to 200W using a 1000mAh (pending) 3S LiPo battery configuration, and we are working on offering a 1300mAh expansion kit! The genius of the Whiteout is that you can interchange and customize every part of it, from changing the color and material of your device’s panels, to upgrading/swapping your chip itself without soldering or special skills. This future-proof flexibility is thanks to our modular design & specially-developed Build Kits, which are based on community requests and released regularly to expand the possible factory-supported configurations of the Whiteout.”

Our Thoughts on the Whiteout DNA

Cloudmaker Whiteout SX Mod
Cloudmaker Whiteout SX Mod

My opinion is that temperature control is evidence that companies are becoming more focused on the actual quality of the vape versus just how many watts it can put out. That being said, why does Evolv feel the need to create a chip that is literally 10x more powerful than the original DNA 20? I can’t truly answer that until I experience it for myself. It was just about a year ago that people were vaping on 20 watt devices with no complaints. Is this whole thing getting out of hand? Maybe your coils will heat up quicker at 200w but then your temp-control is going to bring that down real quick. In any case, we are super excited about the release of this device and can’t wait to try it ourselves. I seriously wonder whether 200w is more than enough power for temp-control or if a DNA 400 is in the works. With an easily upgradable system such as the Whiteout, we need not fear the future.

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