Council of Vapor Mini Volt Review – The Bite-Sized 40W Box Mod!

Mini Volt
Mini Volt

Council of Vapor Mini Volt Intro

The Mini Volt by the Council of Vapor is a very affordable regulated mod with impressive specs for an object that could easily be mistaken as a car key fob. No joke! The Mini Volt is a super stealth device with a bit of decent power for its size. My mind is blown!

Up until recently, if you wanted decent power and a really small size, you’d likely have to go for a direct-connection mechanical mod like a 4Nine. There is still the iStick 10 watt, but let’s be real—the iStick 10 watt has the power of an eGo Spinner.

Now with the Mini Volt, we have a mod that’s practically identical in size to the iStick 10W, but capable of handling a resistance down to 0.2Ω, coming equipped with three power modes, and with the ability to pump out 40 watts of power while being the remarkably weensy height of about two inches!

Let’s take a look at the Mini Volt by Council of Vapor and see if it’s more than just a charming little mod.

Council of Vapor Mini Volt Specs and Features

Mini Volt Screen & RDA
Mini Volt Screen & RDA
  • 5 to 40W
    • 2 ohm Minimum Atomizer Resistance
    • Adjustable in 0.1W increments
  • Three Selectable Output Modes
    • Soft: Slower Ramp, Ideal for Mouth to Lung Inhales
    • Standard: Follows Traditional Power Curve
    • Power: Fastest Ramp Speed
  • 1300 mAh Battery
    • Chargeable Via Micro USB Port
  • Ultra Compact Form Factor
    • 35mm by 22mm by 56mm
  • OLED Display Screen
    • Three Line Display
    • Output
    • Atomizer Resistance
    • Battery Life Indicator
  • Carbon Fiber Wrap
    • Subtle Yet Striking Visual Contrast
  • Rubberized Finish
  • Spring Loaded 510 Connection
  • Product Dimensions:
    • 35mm by 22mm by 56mm

Notable Remarks

Ease of Use

Here’s a quick rundown for how to operate the Mini Volt:

  • On/off: Five clicks
  • Wattage adjustment: Press the fire button and the up button simultaneously; wait for the power to flash and then adjust
  • Power Boost: Press the fire button and the down button simultaneously; wait for your power setting to flash and then make your adjustment (with either the up or down button)

One thing that really through me for a loop is that the mod will turn itself off after ten minutes. It seemed like it was much shorter timespan than that, but it’s a full ten minutes with no activity and then it’s totally off. Obviously it’s not an issue to turn on the mod again after it turns off, but quite frequently when I first got it, I’d go to take a vape and nothing happened. It started to really irk me! Now I just always give a quick press of the fire button before a vape to see if it’s on or not.

It is nice to know, though, that when I leave my mod alone for extended periods that it will not be on. It’s a bitter sweet function.

Build Quality of the Mini Volt

Mini Volt Buttons
Mini Volt Buttons

From what I can tell, so far, the Mini Volt appears to be built quite well. It definitely feels solid—literally solid! It’s a quality unit.

  • Screen: Well lit, but maybe a tad small. I am not a huge fan of having the screen on the top of the mod (could be problems with a leaky atty), but it’s really a non-issue.
  • Buttons: Really firm, steel buttons that aren’t very clikcy, but they do have a decent response and a nice resistance to them. ZERO button rattle! Not a peep.

Finish: No issues with the carbon fiber twill-weave, but along the edge of the bottom of the mod, it looks a little bit like the rubberized finish may be wearing in a couple tine spots. It’s hard to tell.


Mini Volt
Mini Volt

That black carbon fiber twill-weave in conjunction with the black rubberized finish really looks refined. I love how light refracts on the weave of the carbon fiber; it alternates between gloss and matte. It produces a nice effect, and with the rubberized finish, it looks like the Mini Volt has three tones of black. And with all that black, the polished SS buttons gives simply sets it off! Handsome little guy, it is.

One issue many will find with this mod is that because it’s so small, most anything you put on it will look large. Hell, even a Derringer looks like a regular sized atty on it. For RDAs, you may want to stick to low-profile atties like The Derringer, the Stumpy, the REMatty, etc.

I actually would love to see this mod in a larger size. I hope COV reads this. If this is the ‘Mini’, there should be a regular sized one too, right? Wink.


Like in the SXMini S-Class, the Mini Volt by Council of Vapor has three power modes: Soft, Standard and Power. Soft takes longer to heat up the coils by slowly working its way up to the set power, Standard is standard, and Power hits the coils with a small percentage above the set power before leveling back down to the setting.   It all works like it should.

The power feels legit and I don’t question whether or not I am getting what I have it set at.

Charge Port

The charge port is on the bottom of the mod. I don’t like that location, but considering the limitations with the mod’s size, I give it pass here. I won’t add that to the cons.


Mini Volt Size Comparison iStick 50W
Mini Volt Size Comparison iStick 50W

Ever wondered what to put in that 5th pocket of your jeans?

I remember thinking the iStick 50W was small for its power, but look at the Mini Volt next to a mod with only 10 watts more.

1300 mAh Internal Battery

Okay, what do you expect for battery life from a mod that looks like it should live on a key chain? Honestly though, the battery life isn’t bad at all really if your reasonable with the resistance of your atty. I use mine with a 1.5Ω coil and get plenty of life to the charge. Now, it will fire down to 0.2Ω, but aside from how impressive that is, I would not see any point in using a resistance that low for a max of 40 watts. If I had to recommend a resistance, it would be 0.5Ω or higher. But with a 0.5Ω coil, you may get a couple hours out of the battery, but not much.

Note: The Mini Volt also comes in a kit (or by itself like how I got mine). In the kit you can get a Mini Volt Tank by COV that has coilheads with a resistance of 0.8Ω. Ι think that was a very smart move on their part. Of course if you drip like I do, you could always use your Mini Volt with a Royal Hunter Mini by COV—just build it with a resistance of around 0.5Ω οr higher.


  • Super-stealth size
  • Overall build quality
  • Different finishes on the body
  • Solid, well-made buttons
  • Good looks
  • Nice power for such small size
  • Wide range of resistance it can handle
  • Fantastic price


  • The mod will turn off after 10 minutes of non-usage
  • Short battery life if using low resistance builds or using the mod at max power


I don’t think I’ve ever had so few cons, but you ultimately can’t fault a mod this small for the things that may have otherwise been cons.

It is a very, very nice unit and I really think this is going to be a hot seller. It looks great, performs well—considering how small it is—and it’s priced to move!

I hope they come out with more colors because I would love a white one. Good job on this, COV!

Jeremy Mann
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