Council of Vapor RST Tank Review

We review the RST sub ohm tank by COV. The RST is a tiny rebuildable sub ohm tank capable of using stock coils or a rebuildable deck.

Council of Vapor RST

Council of Vapor RST Intro

From the Council of Vapor web site:

Council of Vapor was founded by a group of passionate vapers who were seeking the most durable tools to cope with a long life expectancy and range of uses. Council of Vapor creations are born from the hearts of true vapers and the lifestyle existence as the ultimate goal. The group doesn’t believe that a person makes a mod, we believe that an owners mod becomes a part of them after creation.

Our mods and delivery systems are designed in the US by the Council of Vapor founding team and crafted in Taiwan. We’ve created an easy to assemble, compatible, new aged line of devices that fit a vapers’ true desires. If you looking for a new line to satisfy your needs, look to Council of Vapor, we are a group of experienced vapers who understand the needs of what you are looking for.

Our penchant for acronyms is apparently unquenchable. The RST from Council of Vapor stands for Rebuildable Sub-Ohm Tank.” I’ve also seen it referred to online as the “Royal Hunter RST,” since it’s a spin-off design based loosely on two earlier Council of Vapor RDAs — the Royal Hunter and Royal Hunter Mini. Whatever.


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Council of Vapor RST Specs and Features

Council of Vapor RST Packaging
  • One Council of Vapor RST Rebuildable Sub-Ohm Tank System
  • One Spare Glass Tank Section
  • One 0.2 ohm Coil
    • Preinstalled
  • One Rebuildable Head
  • Spare O-Ring Pack
  • User Manual
Council of Vapor RST Coil RBA Base
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Turbine Drip Tip and Top Fill System
    • Five Angled Airholes
    • Straight Center Airhole
    • Protects Against Spitback
    • Threaded
    • Quad Filling Ports
    • 35ml Capacity
  • CoV RST Rebuildable Head
    • Two Post Build Deck
    • 2mm Diameter Terminals
    • 6mm Bottom Airflow
    • Silver Plated Contact
  • CoV RST Replaceable Coil
    • 2 ohm
    • Widebody Coil Structure
      • Six Wicking Ports
    • Organic Cotton
    • Vertical Coil Orientation
    • 40 to 90W
  • Quad Adjustable Airslots
    • 5mm by 2mm Each
    • Adjustable via Airflow Control Ring
  • Silver Plated 510 Connection
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
  • Council of Vapor Bottom Engraving

Notable Remarks


The CoV RST is available from select online vendors for $40.00 plus shipping. As a U.S.-designed, made-in-Taiwan product, that price may be a bit high, but whether that sticks or affects sales remains to be seen.

Manufacturer’s Product Info

Council of Vapor RST Pin

The Council of Vapor RST Rebuildable Sub-Ohm Tank System is the perfect pairing with the Mini Volt, featuring a compact form factor and the flexibility to be used with either the prebuilt Sub-Ohm Tank coil heads or customized to user preference with the capable two post rebuildable head.

Measuring 22mm in diameter and 45.3mm tall, the RST is has compact dimensions perfect for use with the Council of Vapor Mini Volt.

The RST’s marquee feature is it’s ability to be run with either the prebuilt 0.2 ohm coil head, rated for 40 to 90W, or with the included two post build deck.

The rebuildable head features a two post, single terminal build deck with each terminal measuring 2mm in diameter. The two posts sit on the perimeter of a massive single 6mm diameter airhole, allowing for massive airflow in conjunction with the external adjustable quad 7.5mm by 2mm airslots that feed into the chassis.

The tank is top filled and is accessed by directly unscrewing the turbine drip tip, exposing four fill ports into the tank. The turbine drip tip itself features five angled airholes arranged around a central airhole, and is excellent at reducing spitback.

Perfect for those looking to complete a Council of Vapor set-up as well as those looking for a versatile, compact tank, the Council of Vapor RST Rebuildable Sub-Ohm Tank System is especially a must for those with the Mini Volt.


Council of Vapor RST Coil

The RST is a sub-ohm clearomizer mini-tank that comes with a rebuildable deck. That alone doesn’t distinguish it from many other sub-ohm clearo tanks by various manufacturers that include a rebuild deck or offer one as an add-on option. The RST does have some interesting and fairly unique features, however.

First, it’s a very small tank — eliquid capacity is a mere 1.3ml — with a large and very wide-bore stainless steel drip tip that unscrews from the top cap to provide access to four top fill slots. The drip tip includes a fixed (non-spinning) turbine system to minimize spitback. That design is both a plus and a minus — plus for sophistication, and minus for the inability to use a normal 510 drip tip. More and more tanks are using custom proprietary drip tips, however, so I won’t knock the RST for following that trend.

Quality of materials and machining is fine. Nothing about the tank’s design or workmanship gave me fits, which I appreciate. The RST is available in silver (stainless steel) or matte black, which looks and feels like powder coating.

The installed 0.2 ohm vertical coil head wicked with cotton is also oversized and takes up most of the room inside the tank, which is why eliquid capacity is so low. The trade-off is massive air flow through the coils and more coil wire surface area. I found no information online about the wire used in the coil, but I presume it to be either 22 or 24 gauge Kanthal or stainless steel.

Council of Vapor RST Coil RBA Base

I didn’t find packages of replacement heads for the RST offered online, but Council of Vapor will probably remedy that soon. I rebuild most sub-ohm factory heads with vertical coils (with single or paired stainless steel wire), so I anticipate that I’ll be able do that with the RST head as well.

The included rebuildable deck is a two-post design intended for a single-coil build. Such decks are often neither as well-designed nor heavy-duty as those in dedicated RTAs, and the RST’s deck is no exception to this rule. Still, the deck is easily adequate for its purpose. The bottom air flow hole under the coil is large, as are the two juice channels on the deck’s sides. I used 24ga stainless steel for a simple single-coil build of 0.5 ohms, but the deck is easily large enough to accommodate larger or hybrid wires, such as Clapton or Twisted coils.

The contrasting themes of small versus large, plus the dual-purpose design allowing use of either a factory head or the rebuild deck, make the RST something of an odd duck, but cute as a button. CoV calls it versatile, since they’re the proud parents rather than an independent reviewer.

A unique design feature of the RST is that the deck and chimney can be locked together or unlocked. This allows removal of the deck either with or without the attached chimney, depending on how far the base is turned before pulling out the guts. I’m not sure why the chimney would need removal (except for occasional tank cleaning), but the design does allow the chimney to be removed with the deck if the user desires.


Council of Vapor RST Coil Top

With the pre-installed 0.2 ohm vertical coil factory head, performance was terrific for both flavor and vapor production, which was quite surprising for a mini-tank. Again, however, the vapor-producing components are full size or even larger; only the tank and body are diminutive. So, we get an oversized vaping experience with a mini form factor. The trade-off, of course, is more frequent refilling if the tank is used at higher power (which is natural in the RST’s sub-ohm clearo mode).

Council of Vapor rates the included head at 40-90 watts, and their rating seems accurate on the high end, if overly optimistic at the low end. The vape at 40 watts was simply too anemic for me. I doubt that I’d want to vape the tank in clearo mode at anything less than 60 watts, and 75W was my personal sweet-spot.

Using the rebuildable deck with a 0.5 ohm single-coil build, power is necessarily much reduced. This is true of most similar sub-ohm clearo tanks that offer a rebuildable deck option. Such dual-purpose tanks usually produce more vapor with the factory heads, since they are first and foremost clearomizer tanks adapted to use as RTAs. That’s less a criticism than a pragmatic reality.

Council of Vapor RST Side

The deck vaped nicely in the 30-45 watt range. With my particular single-coil build and wicking, 37 watts was perfect. More than 45 watts pushed the wicking past its limits and toward dry hit territory.

I noticed that I tended to take longer pulls when using the deck at 37W, but that was no problem. In some ways, long pulls are very satisfying. You know that you’re actually doing something, essentially helping to produce the vapor. If the draw is right (which it was for me with the RST), the experience of a long pull can be part of the pleasure of vaping.

In addition to its inclusion in the package, the best feature of the deck is that eliquid consumption is reduced dramatically, allowing longer vape times between tank refills without too great a loss of vape quality. Nice.

I experienced no leaking at all from the RST, which surprised me. I’ve come to expect at least a little leaking from most tanks after refilling, and the RST stayed dry as a bone. That’s a real and noticeable plus.


  • interesting design
  • versatility
  • good performance (in both modes, clearo head and rebuild deck)
  • air flow adjustment has stops at fully open and fully closed
  • top fill
  • no leaking
  • not quite a stealth vape, but close


  • a bit pricey at $40 (compared to many other sub-ohm tanks or dedicated RTAs)
  • minimal eliquid capacity (1.3 ml)
  • top fill requires unscrewing and removing the drip tip


The RST is a pretty cool and versatile little tank. Performance in either mode (sub-ohm clearo or single-coil rebuildable deck) is full-bore and satisfying. My main concern is that the price may be too high for its target audience.

Recommended, especially if purchased for less than MSRP.


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