Council of Vapor Tempest Preview & Interview

Council of Vapor's Tempest is a triple-18650 box-mod with a unique ergonomic shape that's comfortable for righties and lefties.


Council of Vapor Gets Tempestuous

In the very back corner of VPX Las Vegas 2016 was Council of Vapor’s booth, where the company was showing off the upcoming Tempest box mod. I’m glad that I found the booth, because the Tempest was one of the sweetest products I saw at the show. It’s a triple-18650 box-mod with a wonderfully comfortable shape that will feel great to most righties and lefties out there. Check out my chat with brand ambassador Kerry Lam above and keep reading for more details on the Council of Vapor Tempest.

Council of Vapor Tempest Specs

Council of Vapor Tempest
Council of Vapor Tempest

Here are the official specs of the Council of Vapor Tempest from the company’s sell sheet.

  • Material: Zinc, Rubberized Paint, Chrome
  • Dimensions: 85 x 58 x 37mm
  • Wattage: 1-200
  • Three 18650 Batteries
  • OLED Display
  • Ramp Modes
  • Temperature Control
  • Leather Texture Panel For Grip
  • Available in Black and White

Beautiful to See, Delightful to Hold

The first thing that grabbed me about the Council of Vapor Tempest was its shape. For a triple-18650 battery mod, it’s amazingly comfortable to hold. Beyond that, I was surprised that it felt equally comfortable in my left hand as it did my right. (Confession: I’m a lefty that recently purchased a mod that feels great in my right hand and unwieldy in my left.) While I only spent a few minutes with the Tempest, I’m confident that most people will prefer its feel over competing triple-battery mods from Eleaf and Wismec.

The aesthetics are classic Council of Vapor. Both models have the company’s signature carbon fiber accents, as seen on Mini Volt (expertly reviewed by Vaping360’s Jeremy Mann). I was particularly fond of the white model’s looks — very Stormtrooper. While the optional leather accents were listed on the sell sheet, I was told that they might not make it to market.

While I was impressed by the Tempest’s look and feel, I have no idea how it performs. Be on the lookout for more coverage of this mod in the future. For now, share your thoughts on the mod in the comments section.

Raymond Padilla
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  • Mirza

    I don’t like that chrome it screams to me: “I’m cheaaap..” It’s just a matter of taste. White one looks a bit better. Somewhy reminds me on eleaf Pico.

    • Amanda

      Kind of agree.. Not only that but a total fingerprint magnet. Would’ve liked it much better had it been a brushed finish. AND… if they didn’t (along w/ many others, not like they are alone in this, to be fair) keep slow-rolling their release of color options! Well, that and just coming out with stuff…. esp the revisions/updating SO quickly. I mean, I know stuff is quick & that’s just the name of the game but jeez.. the Defiant & Phoenix tanks haven’t been out that long at all & already I saw on their site… V2 for both with significant changes made. Cant help but make me feel like their beta tester (and paying them…. to do so, to boot) Leaving me with a product I prob waited for, researched.. saved up for… & then oh so quickly… have something out of date, without the latest features & that doesn’t work “as well as”, ya know? Just my 10 cents, sorry. Loved their mini volt, so… if anything like that…… Looks like they have a couple/few in the works tho, so we’ll see. I agree the white def. looks better (of the two) Tho I did notice him mentioning “2 color options… then correcting to say, well, upon release” so I’m sure there are additional ones “coming” at some point after. ENJOY…. Live long(ER) & vape on! #ABillionLivesFilm

  • Bobby

    I have one and the fire button does not want to work can anybody help me figure out how to fix it? Lmk asap