Exclusive Preview: iJoy Goodger Tank

Vaping360 takes an exclusive first look at the iJoy Goodger vaping tank.

iJoy Goodger
iJoy Goodger

Meet the iJoy Goodger

Vaping360 has been pleased with several iJoy products in the past and is excited about the company’s latest — the iJoy Goodger tank. While its design language looks familiar, the iJoy Goodger has several unique features that should make it the company’s best vaping atomizer to date. Here’s an exclusive first look preview of the iJoy Goodger.

Reaper? I Hardly Know Her!

iJoy Goodger Black Top-Fill
iJoy Goodger Black Top-Fill

At a glance, the iJoy Goodger looks very similar to the company’s Reaper Plus tank. Certainly some of the aesthetic elements are similar, as well as the wonderfully convenient top-side-fill design. Beyond that, the tanks are quite different.

While the Reaper Plus has traditional bottom airflow, as well as top airflow, the iJoy Goodger features the new “inner circular airflow control system.” The tank design and coil design work in conjunction to give a consistently flavorful vape (on paper). Air is drawn in from the top, distributed evenly throughout the coil, and drawn into your lungs through the center.

As for what the “inner circular airflow control system” (try saying that five times fast) brings to the vaping experience in layman’s terms, I was told that the design enhances both flavor and vapor, with more emphasis on the former. As I’m more of a flavor fiend than a cloud chaser, the design has definitely piqued my interest.

On the practical side, the new tank design in conjunction with iJoy’s previous patent (ZL 2014 2 0818977.X) makes the iJoy Goodger extremely leak-proof. The company refers to it as a “totally leak-free design.” Of course you can get it to leak by actively swinging it around while performing a trapeze act, but under normal conditions the iJoy Goodger should be impervious to leaking issues.

The Boring Specs Section

iJoy Goodger Taken Apart
iJoy Goodger Taken Apart

As for the official particulars, the iJoy Goodger’s diameter is 22.6mm and its height is 63.8mm. The tank will hold up to 4.5ml of e-liquid. The tank material is glass, while the body is stainless steel. It will be available in black and stainless steel finishes.

The iJoy Goodger will launch with two coils, both of which use stainless steel wire. The 0.4-ohm coil has a recommended wattage range of 40-60 watts, while the 0.6-ohm coil has a recommended wattage range of 20-40 watts. Judging from those numbers, it appears that the iJoy Goodger will initially be much more of a flavor tank than a cloud-chasing tank. Again, as a flavor fanatic, that sounds excellent to me.

Keep in mind that the Reaper series has a wide variety of coil types, using different materials and resistance levels. I fully expect the iJoy Goodger to eventually have a similar array of coils in the near future.

Sounds Goodger To Me

iJoy Goodger on Solo Mini
iJoy Goodger on Solo Mini

While the sub-ohm tank market has gone from highly competitive to insanely competitive, the iJoy Goodger looks like a product worth keeping an eye on. Its design appears to be a great mix of aesthetically pleasing and appreciably practical. The top-side-fill and leak-proof designs should make this a great tank for when you’re out and about. The “inner circular airflow control system” sounds intriguing, though the Vaping360 team will want to give it some proper testing before coming to any conclusions. Expect a full review of the iJoy Goodger on Vaping360 in the near future. For now, kindly share your thoughts on the tank in the comments section.

Raymond Padilla
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  • JustJunkMail

    Very nice read. I am interested to see how it works.

    • Thanks for checking out the preview! I’m also interested to see how it vapes in the real world.

    • John Vezirian

      Just a note… Have a couple of these they always flood very badly…. I have to stand them upside down for like 5 min. to use them..

  • Cody Eby

    It looks like it could be a winner…..I have a feeling the airflow will work similar to the Cubis (but I would guess more open). Hope IJoy makes an RBA section for it.

    • I have similar expectations (hopes?), Cody. I liked the idea of the Cubis, but found the airflow…unenjoyable. I fully expect iJoy to unleash a wide variety of coils and at least one RBA section for the Goodger, but have no first-hand knowledge of upcoming parts for the atomizer.

      • Cody Eby

        Well…..I got this tank as a private trial for a company I do testing and reviews for……sad to say I was right. The airflow is more restricted then the tank design would allow…its the coil. The tank design is great…easy to fill, no leaks, good capacity….but the coils don’t allow the airflow the tank provides, and they flood really badly

        • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Goodger, Cody! Were your provided different types of coils to test?

          • Cody Eby

            No, the company I qas testing for hasn’t recieved any, so i was only able to test what comes with the “kit”

          • Vivian_IJOYCIG

            hi, can I know which company send you the samples?
            [email protected]

          • Cody Eby

            I am not sure they would want me to say, as it wasn’t a promotional review, but a private test.
            The opinion is solely my own however, and what I reported. The tank itself is really nice…super easy to fill, great big airflow holes…the only issue I had with it was coil related. I hope to see more coil options released with better air flow through the coil, and flooding addressed (It is very likely the airflow that is CAUSING the flooding in the first place. Restricing the air flow inside the coil would increase negative pressure, causing an increase in liquid drawn into the coil).

    • Morgan Gradwell

      Goodger tank work different from Cubis, but I know that Cubis is similar as IJOY Acme Vape, which released in the year 2014.

  • bradley

    i like the look of this goodger, different from the others ive seen or used in the past. liked what it said about it being more about the flavour than the smoke. good read, cant wait to try it, and see the difference between my one ive got.