Five Pawns leads Texas disaster relief effort

If you’ve been thinking about donating to the relief effort, now’s the time!

five pawns leads to texas

Like all Americans, vapers have been shocked and saddened by the lives affected and the damage caused in Southeast Texas by Hurricane Harvey. According to FEMA, it is probably the worst natural disaster in Texas history.

The storm dropped more than 40 inches of rain in many areas, and property damage will run into the billions of dollars. Thousands of Texans were rescued by boat and helicopter. More than 50 people have died.

California e-liquid manufacturer Five Pawns is leading an effort to provide some help to the residents of Southeast Texas. According to company CEO Rodney Jerabek, the pioneer premium juice maker has filled a large truck with donated supplies, and they’re leaving for Houston on Sept. 5.

“What started as an industry based initiative has turned into something even greater… people helping people.”

Vapers (or anyone!) who still want to donate supplies to the Texas relief effort can drop them off before Tuesday at the Five Pawns Tasting Bar (17145 Von Karman Ave. #105, Irvine, CA 92614). Suggested items are clothing, toiletries, new pillows, new blankets, hand sanitizer, canned foods, feminine hygiene products, protein bars, and cleaning products.

Jerabek says items gathered that won’t fit in the truck for the Tuesday departure will be sent in a second or even third shipment if needed.

Jerabek told Vaping360 that the Five Pawns effort began because of conversations he had with vape shops and individual customers in Texas. “Over the past five years, the industry as a whole has become family to all of us here at Five Pawns,” he said in an email. “Relationships with stores and consumers in the state of Texas started exposing us to the personal struggles on social media as they were unfolding early last week.

“It’s been heartwarming to see the outpouring of support from friends all over the world in helping and supporting those in need,” he added. “What started as an industry-based initiative has turned into something even greater… people helping people.”


They’ve also started a fundraising campaign to collect donations from vapers for the Greater Houston Community Foundation (GHCF). That organization is running the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which was established to direct the incoming contributions from around the country.

If you’ve been considering a donation to the disaster relief effort, but weren’t sure where to send it, the GHCF is a good choice. The charity has been recommended in recent articles in Forbes and the New York Times as a trustworthy place to direct your contribution.

There’s no time limitation on donations either. You can give now, or next week, or next month. “Southeast Texas is going to be needing help and support for a long time to come,” says Rodney Jerabek.

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