FreeMax Starre RDTA and Starre Mini RDTA review

We take a look at the FreeMax Starre RDTA and Starre Mini RDTA


FreeMax Starre RDTA and Starre Mini RDTA Intro

FreeMax is well known for its Starre line of Sub-ohm clearomizers. The company has ventured into the 2016 RTA showdown with two fine entries of its own: the 25.6 mm Starre RDTA and the miniaturized 22.6 mm Starre Mini RDTA.

The term RDTA seems to be a misnomer for both atomizers as they don’t match the current three definitions of an RDTA. However, both are very compact designs and stand out as spectacular flavor atomizers. If you are a vaper looking longing for a shorter RTA with convenient features that shines in the flavor department, have a further look.

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PRODUCT Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • Starre or Starre Mini RDTA
  • Extra Pyrex glass
  • Package of organic cotton
  • Pair of pre-wrapped coils
  • Extra o rings and grub screws
  • Hex key
  • Manual


  • 25.6 mm diameter (22.6 mm diameter for Mini)
  • 5 mL capacity (2 mL for Mini)
  • Dual coil Velocity post design
  • Top filling
  • Stainless covered delrin drip tip

Notable Remarks

FreeMax Starre RDTA: build quality, fit and finish


Both the FreeMax Starre RDTA and Starre Mini RDTA are finely machined atomizers. Threads were all very smooth, and everything fit together as expected. Neither had any scratches nor marks. The top caps have helpful notches engraved to aid in grip.

Build deck and ease of build


The FreeMax Starre RDTA uses the industry standard dual Velocity inspired posts with four 2 mm post holes. The Starre Mini RDTA has an identical deck, but smaller. I used eight wrap, 3 mm inside diameter (ID) Clapton coils in the Starre and identical 2.5 mm ID in the Mini. Most readers are likely familiar with this style of deck, but for those who are not, each coil lead has its own post hole, and leads are secured from the sides by grub screws. A hex key is included in the box.

Each deck contains four generously sized wick channels. A small pocket is machined into the bottom of each channel to securely hold the cotton in place. I recommend cutting wick tails to reach just to the bottom of each channel, and tucking the ends into the pockets. The Starre RDTAs do not have juice flow control so please be sure your wick tails adequately fill the bottoms of the slots to prevent flooding.

Installing coils and wicking the Starre RDTAs is relatively easy and beginners should manage to master them relatively quickly.

Airflow and airflow controller


Airflow for both the Starre RDTA and Starre Mini RDTA are fed through dual, adjustable slots at the bottoms of the atomizers. Air flows up from beneath the coils to raised Cyclops holes. Due to the style of airflow and juice feeding via traditional wick channels, I did wonder why FreeMax chose to name their atomizers RDTAs rather than RTAs. In my opinion, they are both RTAs.

Running wide open, both atomizers allow for a slightly restricted direct to lung (DTL) style of vaping. While both produce respectable clouds of vapor, I feel they stand out as flavor RTAs. Both produce pretty amazing, tasty vapor that brings out the best in my e-juice.

Filling the Starre RDTA


Filling the Starre RDTA and Starre Mini RDTA is simple and mess free. They each contain large dual top filling slots that will easily accept any type of e-juice bottle. The engraved notches on the top caps make removing and replacing the caps a cinch. The Starre RDTA holds 5 mL of e-juice, while it’s smaller brother the Mini has a 2 mL capacity.


The Starre RDTA and Starre Mini RDTA are for flavor chasers who are looking for rebuildable tanks with dual coils that perform best in the middle power ranges. Both easily hold average sized coils, but monster builds are out of the question. The airflow wide open creates thick, tasty clouds of respectable size, but these aren’t atomizers one would take to a cloud contest. However, both are truly standouts in the flavor category, and I am happy to add them to my collection.


  • Amazing flavor
  • Easy to coil and wick, suitable for beginners
  • No nonsense top filling
  • Both are compact sizes and of short height


  • Difficult to access juice
  • Hot drip tip



The FreeMax Starre RDTA and Starre Mini RDTA are both excellent choices for those looking for flavor-centric RTAs, especially for those wanting a compact tank. They are absolutely identical in design with the Mini just being a downsized version. With two sizes to choose from, one will be a perfect fit on your favorite mod. Either should work for beginners through advanced builders.

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