Gigue Dolphin Ceramic Coil Tank Review

Gigue Dolphin
Gigue Dolphin

Gigue Dolphin Intro

If you are like me then you saw a few reviewers touting the Dolphin as a really good tank, and not just by any ol’ reviewers—some of it’s coming from those that are widely respected.

So let’s take a quick dive into this tank and see if the Dolphin performs swimmingly…


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Gigue Dolphin Specs and Features

Gigue Dolphin Taken Apart
Gigue Dolphin Taken Apart
  • Dimensions: 62.5mm x 22mm
  • Capacity: 4ml
  • Innovative top-fill mechanism
  • Resistance: 30-90w
  • Japanese Organic Cotton
  • Anti-leakage, top-fill design
  • Food-grade ceramic coil tank
  • No need to change out the coil: just dry burn to clean the coil-head, change the cotton by wrapping it around the ceramic… and you’re good to go.

[Specs copied and pasted from OriginVape]


Gigue Dolphin Top Fill
Gigue Dolphin Top Fill
  • The tank is thoughtfully designed
  • Top-fill that doesn’t require totally removing the top cap
  • No gurgle (IMO, due in some part from the top-fill isolating the fill-hole from the chimney)
  • No spitback
  • Able to dry burn the ceramic clean
  • Cost effective; not having to buy a bunch of replaceable coil heads
  • Three pre-fab cotton wicks (that look like miniature toilet paper rolls)
  • Well-machined
  • Large liquid-feed holes
  • Relatively simple and convenient system to re-wick
  • Substantial airflow
  • No leaking
  • Good looking tank
  • A solid performing Ni200 coil head


Gigue Dolphin Ceramic Coil
Gigue Dolphin Ceramic Coil
  • Ceramic is too delicate (and if you break it, you’re SOL until you buy another)
  • Ceramic gets dirty rather quickly (and my liquid is virtually clear!)
  • Not a lot of room in the top-fill
  • Far too slow of a ramp on the ceramic heating element
  • Fluctuating resistance on the ceramic heating element (between 0.32-0.45Ω)
  • Inconsistent vapor and hits (due in large part to the slow ramp and fluctuating resistance)
  • Really weak flavor!

Notable Remarks

Gigue Dolphin Packaging
Gigue Dolphin Packaging

Whoa! The pros outnumber the cons . . . but if you look, most of the aspects of a device that we all really care about are in the ‘cons’ section. Weak flavor, weak vapor, inconsistent hits, fluctuating resistance, and a heating element that gets dirty too quickly? What is going on here?!?!?

I tried to ‘break-in’ that coil for over two days and continued to get lackluster performance (from its lowest to its highest range on my SXMini ML-Class). After the coil got heated up a bit from several drags in succession, it finally began to ramp up after a couple seconds (which is still too long), but that flavor never did improve.

This is just as disappointing for flavor as the Cubis Tank by Joyetech! Another VERY cool tank with loads of promise that did NOT deliver for me in the least bit.

I tried re-wicking the Dolphin, but the performance did not change; then I realized that the issue could not have been the wick since the coil was so damned slow to ramp and the resistance fluctuated. That is not a symptom of poor wicking!

I was sent this tank free of charge for a review, but if I had purchased it with my own money I’d be pissed. Hell, I am pissed now and I didn’t even buy it! At least the Ni200 coil works decently enough, but I have a sensitivity to nickel and after a few vapes my throat was sore (not the fault of Gigue or this tank though).

But let’s be honest here: this tank is supposed to be special because of the ceramic coil, not a Ni200 regular ‘TC’ coil head!


I do think this tank is extremely cool, well designed and with a lot of positive attributes, but not when it comes to the actual vape quality. I know all of this is supposedly subjective, and I may have gotten a bad coil, but I can only speak on what I have and the experiences I got.

If you have a Dolphin Ceramic Tank by Gigue and you think it works well, I am sincerely thrilled you got your money’s worth! But if you are on the fence and want to buy it, just know that one reviewer said this tank is well-below average for the performance that we’ve come to expect from ‘subohm’ tanks. Maybe wait for a v2.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
Jeremy Mann
My name is Jeremy and I am a content manager and editor here at Vaping360. I reside in southeast Michigan and I have been vaping for over five years. Thanks to vaping, I've been off cigarettes since my first ecig purchase in 2010.
  • Moueix

    Thank you for the excellent review, Vape360!!

    As I started to
    scroll down, my mental checklist was processing. Top fill without
    removal of top. OK, I could like this. My fave tank, the Crown, forces
    me to either set it down flat and get juice on whatever I set it on, or
    set the cap on it’s side, where it inevitable show me that the surface
    it’s on is even the slightest bit un-level, by taking a big circular
    road trip, complete with inertia..

    My 2nd fave, the TFV4, solves
    THAT problem, but THAT solution requires a vape band to insure against
    accidental opening, or gambling on a pocket full of e-juice.

    further, not sure why the chimney has to SHROUD the O.D. of the whole
    coil. Seems pointless, and adding of unnecessary weight at the cost of
    juice volume but whatevs, not a biggie. Drip tip looks interesting, but
    I’m neither a glass nor metal tip user. Hate em both, love plastic for
    the softer lip feel and anti-tooth chatter when driving or walking.

    I got to the pic of the inside of the coil. WUT?! I’m sorry. I am 98%
    gotta try something before I would pass judgement, but that is just a
    barrel full of nope. Ceramic is the rage, everyone is trying to do
    something new and different. I get that. The Ccoil of the target is a
    win for me. Despite it’s being in what I consider “the narrow OCC”
    class, which is rife with under-performers, vs the TFV4 and Crown’s fat
    profile, it gets it DONE. Flavor that comes VERY close to matching the
    fatter, multi-coil Crowns and TFV4’s.

    And here is why. It is a
    naked coil, surrounded by sintered, porous ceramic. That ceramic does
    TWO very important things. It wicks very well, and very uniformly. The
    OTHER thing it does, is shield the outside of the barrel, and thus the
    juice, from HEAT transfer from the coil. Why? Because ceramic is an
    excellent insulator! Not just electrical, but THERMAL too.

    I’m an
    engineer, and sorry, I only need look at that coil to know it should
    have NEVER gotten off of the drawing board. Whose idea was it to take a
    resistance coil, whose job is to GENERATE heat and nothing else, and
    surround it in a material whose role in THIS application, is going to
    SHIELD that heat?!? Reading further, I noted long ramp times. DUH! Long
    COOL times too, I imagine.

    I’m a “push the button, vape, let
    go” vaper. I prefer very thin gauge wires for the lightning quick
    heat/cool cycle. Even Claptons kinda cheese me. Press button, wait for
    ramp, vape, let go of button, KEEP vaping because if you don’t, the
    thermal mass is going to burn your juice and wick if you don’t keep
    supplying air flow to cool that mass and vape that continuing vaporizing
    of your juice. I don’t want to think that hard when I vape.

    really like your review. It’s HONEST. I’m aware of rave reviews of this,
    and I can tell you with 100% certainty, even never having tried it,
    that this design will NEVER produce a satisfactory vape for anyone with
    lungs smaller than the Hindenburg. I would go so far as to even question
    either the ability, or the integrity of anyone who would say that this
    can vape anywhere near as well as the coils I mentioned previously.
    Physics are what they are. There’s no getting around them being the law.

    • Todd

      If you give it a quick blow in like most do, at 57 watts (where I have mine) ramp up is not a problem. The taste was spot on for the couple of juices I tried. I own the tfv4 and the ceramic has comparable flavor and slightly less clouds but not by much. Actually this tank is going to be in my daily rotation.

      • Jeremy

        No reason to ‘blow’ on any coil at only 57 watts . . . and ‘most’ are not doing that. Maybe at really high wattages and RDAs, but that is another story.

        But, like I said in my conclusion, I am really thrilled if someone got this tank and loved it; for me, though, it was one of the absolute worst performers I’ve used.

        I still love the build quality and design of the tank; I just hated the vape. Somehow mine fell off my desk and right into the waste bin. It was the first thing this tank did that I wanted it to do. LOL.

        Just jiving. Thanks for your comment.

        • Todd

          Having twisted coil build (like on my velocity) I guess I’m used to the ramp up. BTW love your reviews.

          • Jeremy

            For sure. A twisted build will definitely add to the ramp. I think that is one of the reasons why I love my SXMini so much. The Powerful+ feature fires beyond the set temp for a quick burst. But it’s weird becasue it fires even quicker than my other mods at much higher watts.

            But anywho, thank you so much for the kind words and, in general, for reading. Do you mind me asking where you are located? I am just curious if you are in the US or not.

          • Todd

            Central New Jersey

          • Jeremy

            You should read the Hatty RDA review. And after you do, maybe even look at the comments section. LOL. Go ahead if you are feeling adventurous. I am in a good mood tonight.

          • Todd

            Always do, for feedback from other users, and for tips on wattage and sweet spots on different mods. You guys give honest reviews. Great reads. I almost always spend time looking pros and cons before I buy. The dolphin was a tough one because not too many reviews available.
            Thanks again!

          • Jeremy

            That is just awesome of you, man.

  • gwhosubex

    excellent review.

    I want to like this so much. The design is so cool. Maybe they can make this into a regular metal buildable product.

    I love the slider top fill design. Horizontal opening/closing like TFv4 swivel design means no vertical motion to push juice through the juice holes or buildup of pressure. This has a very clever design of keeping the slidable thing in place.

    I personally think the sliding way is better than the TF swivel way. You have the option of taking it completely off if you want.

    Also, a swivel design means an unrepairable pin. If you put too much stress on it in the wrong direction, then you may end up with a broken leaky tank.

    Very good mechanical innovation with the top fill mechanism.

  • gwhosubex

    What material is the contact pin?

    Copper and silver have the lowest resistance. Brass is not bad. Stainless steel is terrible. If it’s steel, it could explain the high ramp up time.

  • Kaizaad Kermani

    got this a few days back at 55w its giving great flavor maybe u had a bad coil loving it so far all i could notice is my 150w cuboid usually lasts a day ,but with this it only lasted 6 hrs lol guess the ceramic coil uses more power ,as far as the heating delay goes it’s there but very slight .
    i feel it’s a good tank needs a bit of work in the coil dept maybe

  • Miranda

    Thanks for an honest and excellent review Jeremy!:) I saw this on a flash sale and was (WAS), tempted but wanted to read a decent review of it.
    I know that I can get more than a ‘decent’ review from you.
    Will use you always for my reviews from now on-thanks again from Australia!:)

    • Jeremy

      Thanks, Miranda. I don’t get any enjoyment from disliking a product, but it makes me happy to know I may’ve save you some money and wasted time.