HohmTech Hohm Wrecker G2 Interview

HohmTech director Benjamin Ramalho talks about the Hohm Wrecker G2, a variable-wattage mod that can temperature control any metal.


Temperature Control Anything

HohmTech’s Hohm Wrecker G2 is a powerful, versatile, and relatively small box mod with an exceptional feature — the ability to temperature control any wire material. While many current mods are able to use temperature control with nickel, titanium, and stainless steel wire, the Hohm Wrecker G2 extends that functionality to kanthal, nichrome, and more. At SoCal Vape Convention, I caught up with HohmTech director Benjamin Ramalho to learn more about the company’s unique variable-wattage mod.


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Hohm Wrecker G2 Specs

Hohm Wrecker G2
Hohm Wrecker G2

If you want to learn more about the Hohm Wrecker G2 from a company executive then you should definitely check out the video above. If you’d like to prepare by being bombarded with specs (as per HohmTech), here you go.

  • World Record Set and Held: Mr. Bond of Box Mods, (sitting pretty at 0.007 ohm in TC & Watts Mode)
  • 98.8%Efficiency Rate (getting the MOST out of batteries)
  • Psycoil: FSK Chip reads RDA & Tank’s Palm (measures gauge wire via time, ohm, & power flow… Result: engineered accuracy of independent volts vs. watts adjustments)
  • Ohm Symbol Integration in CNC Design (symbolic)
  • Stealth Update Port (why do others put it outside)
  • 64Kb onboard ROM (runs an OS-Hybrid platform)
  • Measures Kanthal / Nichrome & ALL Metal Temps (RDA, tanks, & any atty’s temperatures can be measured & limited)
  • Dedicated Menus for Ni, Ti, SS, & XXX (XXX is ANY metal)
    Full FSK Automation & Manual Manipulation Menus
  • Multistage Stepping System (this enables users 32-37% more hits than no MSS devices – Automation Mode)
  • Advanced Insanity Menu System (A.I.M. allows quick access to insanely advanced parameters and settings)
  • Full CNC casing made of aluminum mixed with high-strength alloy element T2024-T3 (ready for the 10th floor drop)
  • Electrostatic Tempered Aluminum Buttons(eliminates: button flex, scratches, and enhances overall attention to detail)
  • POM/PVC composite at all power to metal contact points (stronger than raw aluminum)
  • Coated neodymium iron boron magnets (prevents magnetic loss, corrosion, oxidation)
  • With FSK chip technology, needs only (2) 20A+ 18650 batteries
  • Size: 4.13 x 2.28 x 0.94 in. (105 x 58 x 24 mm)
  • Thread Style: 510 connection with full-face push pin with high-tensile strength spring
  • Wattage Output: 10W – 151W (also in TC)
  • Voltage Output: FSK Intellichips automation
  • Temperature Range: 200 oF – 700 oF (93 oC – 372 oC)
  • Ohm Resistance Range: 0.007Ω – 3Ω
  • Temp/Watt Increments: .1-1 watts (WATTS MODE) : 10 oF (TEMP MODE) : 1 oC (TEMP MODE)
  • Coil/Wire Types: Ni, SS, Ti, NiCr, K, & all permutations

Where My Hohm Boy’s At?!?

As you can see from the specs and Ramalho’s explanation of them, the Hohm Wrecker G2 is a very capable box mod, with a feature set that’s arguably unsurpassed. While I only used it for a few minutes, I was quite surprised to see that it actually does temperature control with kanthal. Considering that kanthal is still the most common wire material used in vaping, that’s a fantastic feature.

The Hohm Wrecker G2 is also made reasonably well, using high-quality aluminum in a surprisingly svelte form factor. When you put it all together, the Hohm Wrecker G2 is a box mod that looks great and can do things that few other mods can do.

Kindly check out my chat with Ramalho above and let me know what you think of the Hohm Wrecker G2 in the comments section.

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