iJoy ACME Sub Ohm Tank Review


iJoy ACME Intro

In this article we review the iJoy ACME Vape sub ohm tank. We hadn’t heard too much about the firm iJoy before this review,but having looked at their site, it seems they offer a good selection of vaping products. The ACME Vape sub ohm tank is their entry into the very competitive sub ohm industry.According to iJoy the ACME Vape’s USP is its ability to fire at low wattages, but still provide great flavor and clouds. They claim you can vape the 0.25 ohm coil at just 5W and have a good vape. If this is the case, then I think the ACME Vape may have found a niche!The ACME Vape sub ohm tank kit comes with a 0.25ohm coil and a 0.5ohm coil pre-installed. The ACME Vape tank features a unique top airflow system, as opposed to having it on the bottom.The ACME Vape was kindly sent to us by Grace at iJoy for reviewing purposes.


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iJoy ACME Specs and Features

  • 1 x complete IJOY ACME-VAPE Sub ohm Atomizer Tank (0.5ohm vertical coil pre-installed)
  • 1 x 0.25ohm spare coil
  • 1 x user manual
  • Price: $25.45
  • Wattage Range: 20-40W (0.5ohm coil) 5-20W (0.25ohm coil)
  • Tank Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Coils Available: 0.5 or 0.25ohm
  • Wicking material: Mix of Organic Cotton, Polymer Nano Cotton and Cigarette Filter Material
  • RBA: No RBA deck for this tank
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Vaping the 0.5ohm coil (Recommended wattage: 20-40W)

iJoy ACME Coil Size
iJoy ACME Coil Size

As always we are using our Fa-Q Miss Samoa e-juice, which is a 75% VG e-liquid. We vaped the ACME Vape tank 0.5ohm head on our IPV4 box mod. The 0.5ohm coil is a vertical coil compared with the 0.25 which is a horizontal coil.

15W – Not much happening at 15W, only a little bit of vapor.
20W – A little bit more vapor now, but very little flavor at 20W.
30W – Decent vapor now but I am already getting a dry hit with this 75% VG juice. It doesn’t seem like the juice holes are big enough to cope with a higher VG e-juice. I think perhaps a 50/50 blend will work better or an even higher PG juice. It is unfortunately unvapeable at anything higher than 30W with a high VG e-liquid.

Vaping the 0.25ohm coil (Recommended wattage: 5-20W)

We used a Vaporfi Watermelon e-liquid for this coil, which is 75% PG e-liquid. As the 0.5ohm coil head wicked terribly with a 75% VG e-juice, we decided to try a high PG juice with the 0.25ohm coil. The juice flow holes are the same tiny size as on the 0.5ohm head. The 0.25ohm head is different in that it is a horizontal coil, opposed to the vertical 0.5ohm head. We used our Vaporfi Vox 2 for this coil and also tried the IPV4,Sigelei 150W and Smok X-Cube.

7W – Decent vapor already even at just 7W and ok flavor. Hard to tell how good the flavor is, as we don’t usually vape such high PG e-liquid on a sub ohm tank.
10W – Good vapor and decent flavor, quite impressed!
15W – More vapor now and a slightly warmer vape. The coil seems to be wicking the higher PG much better, but I am not a fan of the PG flavor on a sub ohm tank.
20W – Even more vapor and a nice warm vape. However, don’t expect as big clouds as you would get on other sub ohm tanks like the Herakles or High Voltage. The ACME I don’t think is going for big clouds, but instead for low battery usage. For a PG heavy e-liquid, this coil will vape well at 7-20W, but we just don’t like vaping heavier PG e-liquids on sub ohm tanks, as we prefer the flavor on a higher VG e-liquid.

I have to say that the performance of this tank varied greatly depending on which box mod we used. We tried a whole range of box mods with the 0.25ohm coil and the Vox 2 by Vaporfi seemed to work best. The others all seemed a bit underpowered at 10W, or the Vox was slightly overpowered, I am not quite sure. However, at 7W on the Vox 2 the vape experience was pretty impressive. If only you could use a higher VG e-liquid, then it would be a great vape! Also make sure your box mod can fire down to 0.25ohm. We wanted to try the ACME Vape on the iStick 30W, but it doesn’t fire down to that range, so you might be a bit limited as to what box mod you use and there are only a few box mods that will fire all the way down to 5W and still take a 0.25 ohm resistance. The Vox 2 started at 7W and that was the lowest wattage we could find on any of our box mods that work on this 0.25 coil head.



I really like the look of the ACME Vape tank, and its top air flow system.

Easy to Take Apart and Fill

The ACME Vape is easy to take apart and very easy to refill with plenty of space at the bottom for refilling. The threads are all nice and smooth and made screwing and unscrewing the pieces together nice and easy.

No Leaking

We didn’t get any leaking whatsoever with the ACME Vape tank, which was a positive. The tank features an anti-leakage system which seems to work well.

Low Wattage Range on the 0.25ohm Coil

The 0.25 ohm can be vaped well at just 7W. It doesn’t produce the biggest clouds, but provides an impressive vape. You do however, need to use a heavier PG e-liquid, otherwise we found the coils could not wick quick enough. I’d say the minimum PG ratio would be 50/50 although we used a 75% PG on the 0.25ohm coil when we tried it to make sure there were no burnt hits! Also, your experience will depend heavily on what box mod you use. Vaping at this lower wattage will use up less battery than if you were to vape at higher wattages. So for those who want to preserve their battery life then this tank is a good option, but only if you like higher PG e-liquids.


Tiny Juice Flow Holes

iJoy ACME Coils next to the Aspire Atlantis Coils
iJoy ACME Coils next to the Aspire Atlantis Coils

As you can see in the picture the juice flow holes are absolutely tiny! They are same sort of size as something like the Nautilus mini juice holes. This means the coils do not wick well at all with a VG ratio higher than 50%. We tried a 75% VG e-liquid, which we have used on every sub ohm tank so far and it did not wick well on the 0.5ohm vertical coil. We got constant dry hits at 30W, which was very disappointing. There isn’t anything on the iJoy site or manual that says the coils should be used with a higher PG ratio, so I am not sure how exactly they expect these coils to work. I would recommend at least a 50/50 VG-PG blendand perhaps even a higher PG blend.

Wicking Material

The wicking material is made up of three different materials according to the iJoy site: organic cotton, polymer nano cotton and a filter layer which is the same material found in a cigarette filter. Check out the picture below to see how they are layered.

To me the Polymer nano cotton seemed like the same sort of material as on the original Aspire Atlantis coils. It crumbles straightaway upon touching it and I am not the biggest fan of it. The wicking material touching the coil seems to be 100% cotton. As you might know already, we aren’t the biggest fans of non 100% organic cotton wicking material. I personally have no idea if these new materials are safe or not and am not willing to be the test rat on these new materials. I like to stick to 100% organic cotton, but that’s just my opinion.


The flavor on both coils was for me quite muted. It got better on the 0.5ohm coil after about a half tank and a day of saturating, but it was still not really up there with the other sub ohm tanks we have tried. However, it was difficult for me to say how good the flavor was on the 0.25 ohm coil head as we have never tried such high PG e-juice on a sub ohm coil head. I think the tiny juice flow holes play a role in the slightly muted flavor and perhaps also the odd wicking materials.


This isn’t going to be a sub ohm tank for you if clouds are your thing. I don’t think the ACME is trying to compete in this arena anyway, as their USP is the lower wattage vaping.


We don’t like to give negative reviews, but unfortunately this tank, as it is right now, isn’t for us. I do however think this tank has a lot of potential, if they were to sort out the juice flow holes and wicking materials. I think if I could have a good sub ohm vape at just 7W with a heavier VG e-juice, then this tank would really appeal to me and I am sure many others as well. Many vape tanks are trying to go the high wattage route, but high wattage sub ohm vaping drains your batteries so fast. If iJoy could master the juice flow issue and also wick it with 100% organic cotton, I think they may be onto something with this tank. However, as it stands now, it isn’t by any means the finished article!

We also liked the looks of the tank, the top air flow system and the anti-leakage system.

I think if you want a sub ohm tank that will fire at low wattages and work well with high PG e-liquids, then this could be a good tank for you. The vape experience at 7W was impressive when used on the Vox 2. However, on other box mods we didn’t get decent vapor until around 15W. I really think they need to address the juice flow holes, or inform people not to use higher VG e-liquids. If the tank is meant for higher PG e-liquids then great, I think it does a good job, but at the moment it does not mention this anywhere. If you want to use a high PG e-liquid at a lower wattage to save battery life then the ACME Vape is a good choice. However, if you are looking for a sub ohm tank with fantastic flavor and with the ability to wick higher VG e-liquids I would look at other sub ohm tank options.

I really hope iJoy can address these few issues, as I think once they do this sub ohm tank will do well as more vapers seek lower wattages to use up less battery. If you could replicate the flavor and warmth of a higher wattage vape at just 7W, it would be a no brainer to vape at the lower wattage. The ACME Vape almost succeeds, but still needs to address a few major issues. Once it does I think it will be a good sub ohm tank. For now I would recommend to wait until a version 2 of this tank comes out, which will hopefully address those issues mentioned above!

I hope our ACME Vape tank review was helpful and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below!


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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