iJoy Limitless RDTA Preview

East meets West in a collaboration between iJoy and Limitless.

iJoy Limitless RDTA
iJoy Limitless RDTA

East Meets West

iJoy and Limitless have teamed up for the Limitless RDTA. Many Vaping360 readers know China’s iJoy from products like the Goodger and Tornado. Limitless is an American mod maker that I’ve worked with on my old site; the company has recently been making waves with its color-changing RDA (video coming soon!).

The Limitless RDTA is a rebuildable tank that’s similar to atomizers like the GeekVape Avocado and Wismec Theorem. (People are calling them Genesis-style tanks, but as a longtime user of Genesis-style atomizers, I think this atomizer type is its own thing.) It was co-designed by iJoy and Limitless, and packs some potentially cool features. Here’s a quick look at the Limitless RDTA.

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Limitless RDTA Specs

iJoy Limitless RDTA Disassembled
iJoy Limitless RDTA Disassembled

Before I get into my musings about the potential of the Limitless RDTA, here are the official bullet points, courtesy of iJoy.

  • 2 Post Deck
  • Adjustable Pin with Peek Insulator
  • Hybrid Compatible
  • Innovative Cotton Reserivoirs
  • 4 ML Juice Capacity
  • Innovative Filling
  • Adjustable Air Flow
  • Delrin Chuff Cap

A Delightful Design Medley

iJoy Limitless RDTA With Cotton

On paper, the Limitless RDTA looks like it has everything I love about the Avocado and Theorem, blended together in one product. Let’s start with the Velocity-style deck. This is arguably the easiest type of atomizer deck to build on and, as someone with average building skills, my preferred choice.

I’m also a huge fan of having the e-liquid reservoir under the deck. The first and most obvious reason is that this design is highly leakproof. While I’m sure there are some freaks out there that get off on e-liquid leaking all over them, I’m going to go ahead and assume that Vaping360 readers are sharper than that. Secondly, tanks with submerged decks constantly change the temperature of e-liquid. While there’s some heat in tanks like the Limitless RDTA, Theorem, etc., the e-liquid temperature is relatively stable.

The wicking system looks similar to the one on the Theorem. It’s incredibly easy to get cotton into the Theorem and it appears the same is true for the Limitless RDTA. Some Avocado users find it tricky to thread cotton through the holes on the build deck.

Lastly, I’m excited for the 4ml juice capacity. I’ve been using the Theorem for a few days and while I’m mostly enjoying the experience, I have to fill it fairly quickly. It simply doesn’t hold much e-liquid. On paper, the Limitless RDTA looks like an atomizer that will let me go longer without refilling.

Your Thoughts on the Limitless RDTA

iJoy Limitless RDTA
iJoy Limitless RDTA

I’m mostly sold on the iJoy Limitless RDTA. The one concern I have is with the refill system. I want to see how well the O-rings hold up and if there will be any leaking along those seals. Aside from that, it looks like it has everything I want in a 2016 rebuildable tank atomizer.

What do you think of the iJoy Limitless RDTA? Is it something you’re interested in? Do you think it will be better than the Avocado or Theorem? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Raymond Padilla
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  • Davis Brown

    My next purchase lol

    • I’m right there with you, Sir 🙂

  • Davis Brown

    I need something with a little bit of capacity that won’t leak. Aromamizer is nice but it’s big n can leak when being bounced around at work. N going back to a tank not an option. Im spoiled now n the flavor just ain’t there with a tank. Was going to buy the Theorem this week. Just going to have to wait. Limitless suppose to b out on the 4th. See what happens. Nice preview. Glad you threw it out there. Thanks. 🙂

    • I’m glad you read it. I’m enjoying RDTAs of this style. They remind me of inexpensive versions of the Vaponaute Le Magister, which I love. I’ve been enjoying the Wismec Theorem this week, but wish it had a bit more capacity. The iJoy Limitless RDTA could be exactly what I want. 🙂

  • Davis Brown

    Looks enjoyable n if it performs well should b nice addition. How are the notch coils?

    • So far, so good. I’m a stainless steel guy, so they’re along the lines of what I was expecting. The ramp-up time is fast and the flavor is clean. I’m still getting used to wicking a 5mm diameter coil though. I’ve underestimated how much cotton the Notch needs the two times I’ve rewicked.

  • Davis Brown

    I’ve just started playing with stainless. Still trying to find that sweet spot I like. That’s the fun part of vaping and the frustrating part of vaping. Lol. Every mod is different. Every tank ,atty is different. Different chamber different airflow. Everyone has a different pallet. Some liquids better at lower ohms. Some higher. Some better on tc. Some not. So many variables to play with. I’ve been building 3.5 on the Aromamizer n I’m still hit n miss with that. Lol. I always end up re wicking at least one side.

  • Sam Bass-Cooper

    This looks like it’s going to be killer! Can’t wait to get one of these

  • KillingTime

    I wish these were available to buy already – I’m impatient to own one!

    • I believe they’re out already.

  • Jesse Toaster

    I ordered mine yesterday. It didn’t say pre sale like the Smok H-PRIV 220W I ordered last week from same site so it better be out!

  • Zachary Rahman

    I really hate the name iJoy, but Limitless looks gooood. My initial plan was to get Avocado24 but now that I see this! my plan may derail.. but Avocado24 comes with 1ml more space!

  • Dvapsta

    I personally like this rdta over the theorem. The theorem is great for flavor, but lacks clouds. The limitless is great for clouds as well as flavor. It also can be used as a rda as well. Im rocking staggered fused claptons for an awesome vape with the Griffin wide bore drip tip ontop instead of using restricted tip.

  • Angelina Phillips

    I love mine. I own a Theorem but do not like the constant refilling or the leaking. I love the taste I get with the limitless! It was definitely worth the money I spent!!

  • Mark wooldridge

    I’ve been using the wismec theorem for a couple of weeks and really enjoyed it, easy to build on and wick, but getting the glass off is a real pain, broke one glass already, I’ve also just got the limitless by ijoy, only been using it for a couple of days, but wow, this tank is what I’d hoped the theorem was going to be, can’t fault it so far brilliant tank, only con is you can’t use your own drip tip,

  • Aaron Shaw

    I almost passed on this passed on the RipTrippers review. Glad I didn’t. Best hitting RDTA i’ve used to date. It also has outstanding flavor. I have it up and running right now using the twisted coils that come in the package on a 75 watt Target device…Oh My God dose it chuck. Contrary to the aforementioned review and several others I watched, It dose come with an extra glass tank section and a block for single coil. Don’t make the mistake I almost made. Pick this up immediately.

    • Be sure to check out the full review, by Vaping360’s excellent Bill Herbst:

      I’ve been using one for a few weeks and been really enjoying it. It’s not my usual kind of vape, but the vapor production is borderline obnoxious. I enjoy taking a full rip and chucking out a monster cloud. I wasn’t a fan of the twisted coils, but it’s great with stainless steel Claptons.

  • Kevin Smith

    This was my second rebuildable, the first was the disaster of a RTA the BFDFT by CCI. This one is far easier to work with the only. I’ve seen it leak is when the tank got knocked over. Currently running 7 wraps on a quad twist pushing .17 ohm. Great clouds and superior flavor to SMOK T8. I don’t thread the wick through the deck ports but merely unfasten the middle ring and pull the tank glass when I change wicks. Then tuck the ends in the bottom and put it back together filling the tank as I go.

    • Glad you’re enjoying it! The BFDFT can be a leak-monster, while this atomizer is highly leak resistant.

  • lou g

    Does “rdta” and “hybrid” mean you can use regular coils instead of rda?

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “regular” coils. Coils are a part. An RDA is an entire atomizer.

      • lou g

        Don’t be an ass. You know what I mean. Manufacturer coils instead of an RBA deck. I already found my answer tho. No need to be condescending to someone who is trying to learn.

        • I wasn’t being an ass or condescending. You were mixing terminology and I didn’t know what you meant. You’re still mixing terminology. An RBA is a type of atomizer. “Manufacturer coils” as you put it, could mean pre-made coils offered by several companies or replaceable coils.

  • Darren Small

    I have the limitless and two tornado nano’s and now looking at the limitless + and XL….the limitless is a fantastic rdta and some of the reviews weren’t great but ijoy have now added the extra glass and plug for single coil…so they do listen! And the tornado nanos are my favourite device of all time…took a while to get wicking right but now no leaking at all…

  • Dallas Baker

    NOT WORTH THE MONEY…….was excited to get it , checked it out and filled the tank on my laisimo l3 200 watt touch screen , come back 10mins later and whole tank leaked all over mod , pissed , took apart and cleaned. Refilled leaked all out everywhere again , changed glass , leaked , put on rebuild , leaked ….. this tank has wasted e-juice and my cash

    • It’s possibly that you have a bad unit. Several of my friends and I have used this tank. I’ve never heard of e-liquid being “leaked all over.”