iJoy Reaper Plus Review

We test iJoy's latest sub ohm tank, called the Reaper Plus

iJoy Reaper Plus
iJoy Reaper Plus

iJoy Reaper Plus Intro

The Reaper Plus Sub-Ohm Tank is a new clearomizer tank from iJoy, maker of the Asolo and Asolo Mini TC box mods. In keeping with current trends in sub-ohm tanks, the Reaper Plus offers a unique top-fill side method, an innovative design for air flow, adjustable juice flow to the coil, many options for factory coil heads, and includes a two-post Velocity-style RBA deck head in each kit.


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iJoy Reaper Plus Specs and Features

iJoy Reaper Plus Packaging
iJoy Reaper Plus Packaging
  • iJoy Reaper Plus sub-ohm tank
  • 4 ohm Kanthal coil head (preinstalled)
  • 3 ohm 316L Stainless Steel coil head
  • RBA head with two-post dual-coil deck
  • Additional glass tank section and spare O-rings
  • Hex key and spare Hex Screws
iJoy Reaper Plus Taken Apart
iJoy Reaper Plus Taken Apart
  • 6mm Diameter
  • Sliding Top Side Fill System
    • O-Ring Sealed
    • Sleek Integration
    • Hassle Free Filling
    • Can Completely Close Wicking Ports
  • 8ml Tank Capacity
  • Reaper Plus Coil Structure
    • 4 ohm Kanthal, 35 to 100W
    • 3 ohm 316L Stainless Steel, 35 to 80W
    • RBAII Head
      • Two Post Deck
      • Side Applied Tension
      • 1mm Each Post Terminal
      • 2 Terminals Per Post
  • 2 ohm Clapton (sold separately), 35 to 120W
    • Staggered with Stainless Steel
  • Dual Top and Dual Bottom Adjustable Airflow
    • 8mm by 2mm Each Bottom Airslot
    • 7mm by 1.5mm Each Top Airslot
    • Top Airflow Circulates Directly to Coil
    • Bottom Airflow Can Be Sealed Completely Shut
      for Transportation and Filling
  • Adjustable Wicking Ports
    • Completely Seal for Transportation and Filling
    • Adjust to Liquid Composition
  • Stealth Delrin Drip Tip

Notable Remarks

Top fill and an included RBA section are becoming necessities if a sub-ohm clearo tank is to have a chance of generating much buzz in the marketplace, and iJoy’s decision include both options was a smart move.

Vaping is a messy pleasure, and everyone who vapes seriously becomes accustomed to wiping juice off one’s hand or clothes, off the table, and off atomizers and PVs. The Reaper Plus did require a quick wipe of the tank with a kleenex after refilling (see the section on Top-Fill Design below for why). I didn’t experience any other leaking, however, which is a definite plus. Sub-ohm tanks that leak drive me bonkers, and I simply won’t continue to use them. The Reaper Plus earned my personal no-leak seal of approval.

Top-Fill Design

iJoy Reaper Plus Top Fill
iJoy Reaper Plus Top Fill

Almost every manufacturer makes marketing claims about the superior or innovative design features of its sub-ohm clearo tanks, and the Reaper Plus is no exception. The most obvious feature that distinguishes the Reaper Plus from the rest of the crowded field of sub-ohm tanks is the implementation of its top-fill design, which is based on a sliding ring on the top cap that pulls up to reveal the amply-sized fill holes. The design is clever but slightly gimmicky, as well as somewhat messier than claimed. I prefer the simpler design of a single-piece top cap that screws off for refilling. Using the sliding ring is easy enough and perhaps advantageous in that the tank doesn’t require disassembly into parts to refill.

An important note about refilling concerns the adjustment ring on the base of the tank. That ring, which turns very smoothly with the right amount of “grab” to stay secure, controls two different and independent adjustments: the bottom air intake and the internal juice flow. Turn the ring one way (counter-clockwise, if looking down at the tank from above the top), and the air flow slots can be adjusted from fully closed to fully open. That same turn also opens the juice flow to the coils. Turn the ring even a little in the opposite direction, however, and the juice flow closes. The design is innovative, but can be confusing.

In the Reaper Plus, as in other sub-ohm clearo tanks, closing off the air flow slots is recommended during refilling. After filling, however, when turning the base ring to re-open the air flow slots, be careful that the juice flow holes don’t close. This doesn’t require any fancy maneuvering except to turn the ring (again, counter-clockwise looking down from at the tank from above the drip tip) until both air flow slots and juice control holes are open. Just pay attention, since dry hits will occur if the juice flow is inadvertently shut off.

This is similar to the confusion some vapers encountered with the refill ring adjustment (on/off, fill/drip) on the Freemax Starre Pro. Both systems are actually simple and work well, but it’s still easy for vapers to make a mistake using them.

A Gaggle of Coil Heads

Two factory-made coil heads are included in the kit, a pre-installed Kanthal triple-parallel vertical coil head with organic cotton wicking rated at 0.4 ohms and 35–100 watts, and a back-up 316L stainless steel head rated at 35 to 80 watts. In addition, a dual-coil RBA Velocity-style deck is included.

iJoy plans seven more coils for the Reaper Plus, including a single coil RBA deck, a dual-coil Ni-200 temp control head, two different Clapton coil heads, and three ICC ceramic “wickless” coil heads (ceramic beds for coils seem to be among the coming big things in vaping hardware).

Most sub-ohm tanks offer at least a couple different factory heads and an RBA deck, but iJoy appears to be taking direct aim at the SMOK TFV4’s larger array of options. Clearly, iJoy intends the Reaper Plus to be a platform for future expansion.

RBA Head

iJoy Reaper Plus RBA Deck
iJoy Reaper Plus RBA Deck

Many clearo tank buyers insist on an RBA deck head, in part because the cost of regular, premade coil heads is ongoing and can become prohibitively expensive. I’m not personally a fan of RBA heads. With my favorite tanks — the Uwell Crown and FreeMax Starre — the factory coil heads provide a superior vape and can be easily rebuilt. Also, some RBA heads for clearo tanks are very small, with cramped decks for coil builds, and most limit use to significantly lower wattages, so they fall short of the best dedicated RTAs. The very idea of an RBA head is an inherent compromise, rather like the paddle-shifters for automatic transmissions on some luxury cars — a nice option, but not like a true sports car.

The included RBA head has a Velocity-style dual-coil deck with large air flow channels, but the two posts (wit their side hex screws) have curiously small holes for wires. 24ga wire might work, but I doubt that this deck could handle Clapton wire or exotic builds. There just isn’t enough room for anything but short, standard coils. Overall, the RBA section is functional and works acceptably well, but it’s less than stellar.

In general, I feel that this dual-coil RBA deck is designed to provide superior flavor at relatively low wattage (35-45 watts).


I tried out both factory coils and the RDA. Each of the factory coils produced great flavor and copious vapor. The RDA yielded equivalent flavor at a lower wattage, but with less vapor production.

Below are my results at different wattages. As always, your mileage may vary. I prefer a cooler vape. Warm is fine, but not hot. This is where the top air flow comes in handy. Opening it up really helps to reduce the heat of the vape. Some sub-ohm vapers don’t like the “venturi” effect of air flow at the drip tip, since it dilutes the flavor intensity, but I prefer having that option, which has now become a standard feature of most sub-ohm, high-wattage tanks.

Kanthal 0.3 ohm triple-vertical coil head

iJoy Reaper Plus SS316L 0.3 vs 0.4 Coil
iJoy Reaper Plus SS316L 0.3 vs 0.4 Coil
  • 40W – anemic flavor and vapor
  • 50W – flavor/vapor starting to come around
  • 60W – ah, my personal sweet spot, terrific flavor and vapor
  • 75W – a warm vape, still great flavor and more vapor
  • 90W – too hot a vape for me; pushing the limits of this coil head

316L Stainless Steel 0.4 ohm triple-vertical coil head

iJoy Reaper Plus 0.3/0.4 Coil
iJoy Reaper Plus 0.3/0.4 Coil
  • 40W – anemic flavor and vapor
  • 50W – a nice, cool vape, with decent flavor and good vapor
  • 60W – lovely flavor and vapor, my sweet spot
  • 75W – still performed well, but the vape was warmer than I like

RBA head (dual-coil build, 0.7 ohms)

iJoy Reaper Plus RBA Deck
iJoy Reaper Plus RBA Deck
  • 25W – OK, but nothing to write home about
  • 35W – very nice flavor, probably my sweet spot
  • 45W – still good flavor and vapor, but a bit warm
  • 55W – too hot and burnt taste

The air flow adjustments affect the draw and the vape more with the Reaper Plus than on some older tanks I’ve used. I found the draw I liked best (open, but with slight resistance) by keeping the base air flow only 1/3 open and the top air flow 1/2 open. With top and bottom air flows nearly closed off, MTL vapers might be happy. Open up both air flows full bore, and cloud chasers who love an airy draw should be pleased. Like most sub-ohm tanks, the Reaper Plus is designed for Direct Lung vaping. Mouth-To-Lung can be achieved, but the earlier generation of low-wattage tanks (Nautilus and the like) are much better suited to that style.

Build Quality/Aesthetics

Reaper Plus is thoughtfully designed and well-manufactured. Build quality is high, with smooth machining of all parts. The aesthetics are clean. Both capacity and performance conform to current industry standards for sub-ohm clearomizer tanks.


Price for the kit varies widely. I’ve seen the Reaper Plus from at least one deep-discount Chinese site for $20, while prices on eBay can be as high as $45. Having used the Reaper Plus, I think twenty bucks is a steal, but I’d personally balk at the high end.

Packages of five factory coil heads are in the $15-20 price range, depending on vendor.


  • Includes an RBA deck/head
  • Good build quality and machining
  • Adjustable juice flow
  • Innovative air flow design circulates air from base to coils
  • Ample air flow, both bottom and top


  • Top refill design is somewhat gimmicky and slightly messy
  • Yet another entry in an already overcrowded field


The standard subohm clearomizer tanks in my personal arsenal are the Uwell Crown and Freemax Starre. I own and use many others, however, including the Aspire Atlantis II, SMOK VCT and TFV4 Mini, Uwell Rafale, Youde Zephyrus, ELE Aeolus, and Kanger Mini/Nano subtanks. I continue to use some dedicated RTAs — Taifun, SilverPlay, Cthulhu, Goblin, and Goliath — but the clearo tanks, with their convenience and high performance, have gotten very, very good.

The Reaper Plus is iJoy’s attempt to compete in this crowded market. Does it? Yes, admirably. Flavor is very good, if perhaps a tiny bit below my Crown or TFV4 tanks. The differences are very slight, however. Vapor production is stellar. In design, aesthetics, and ease of use, the Reaper Plus passes muster with mostly flying colors. My only criticisms, noted in the review, are the slight eccentricity of the top-fill system with a sliding ring, and the necessity of paying attention to avoid closing off the juice flow after refilling, and those are both minor quibbles.

If the planned ICC ceramic factory heads turn out to be as good as claimed, then the Reaper Plus may move toward the top of the pack. As it is now, the included factory heads and RBA deck perform very well. All in all, iJoy’s Reaper Plus is a worthy contender in the sub-ohm clearo tank field, especially if the kit is purchased at the current lowest price ($20) available online. The more typical price of $30 online isn’t half bad, though.


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Bill Herbst
My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.
  • Sweet stuff, Sir! I really like how the black Reaper Plus looks. Also, I’m still trying to figure out how the company went from a cool name like Reaper to…whatever a Goodger is supposed to be. :p

  • Bill Herbst

    I’ve now seen a number of video reviews on YouTube where the reviewers — all of whom are beyond reproach, in my opinion — have complained about aggressive spitback with the Reaper Plus. Hmmm. I got no spitback at all. If I had, I certainly would have mentioned it as a con.

    I don’t know. Sometimes I wonder about reviews — especially my own.