iJoy v Limitless: Dawn of Divorce

The once fruitful partnership between China's iJoy and America's Limitless Mod Co seems to have fractured, with one side claiming the other stole from them.

iJoy V Limitless
iJoy V Limitless

iJoy and Limitless: Is the Honeymoon Over?

The partnership between China’s iJoy and America’s Limitless Mod Co has been fruitful. The collaboration has resulted in several quality vaping products, such as the iJoy Limitless RDTA, LUX box mod, and XL Tank. The team-up seemed like another great example of mixing Western design and Eastern manufacturing expertise. Unfortunately, the relationship seems to have fractured. This Reddit post shows Limitless throwing some serious shade at iJoy over the latter’s latest product.

Limitless: He Said

iJoy Combo RDTA two shot

Limitless appears to have a problem with the iJoy Combo RDTA. According to the company, “The interchangeable post for the RDTA was a design concept developed by Limitless Mod Co.” In addition to having an issue with iJoy allegedly stealing the design, the company has taken umbrage to the marketing of the atomizer. The iJoy Combo RDTA press release I received earlier this week had the subject line, “Limitless Fun For Builders,” and contained the text, “Imagination is limitless, Design is limitless, COMBO is limitless.”

On posts on its official Facebook and Instagram pages, Limitless professionally states its claim. Additionally, the company is using the tagline, “Stay Authentic Stay Limitless.” The implication is that its (former?) partner has stolen the design and used it for the iJoy Combo RDTA.

Limitless gets arguably unprofessional (though certainly entertaining) in its social media replies on Instagram and Facebook. Here’s my favorite bit:

iJoy stole our ideas and has refused to ship us product and is now stealing customs. Do not purchase from ijoy they are crooks. Any products with limitless logos on them are clones.

Grammar and logic issues aside, these trolling replies have caused many enthusiast vapers to bust out the popcorn.

iJoy: She Said

iJoy Combo RDTA expanded
iJoy Combo RDTA expanded

For its part, iJoy is handling the situation in a more professional manner. The company has posted its side of the story on Instagram and Facebook. Among the more interesting claims are that Vapor Hub (Limitless’ parent company) has defaulted on payments and aside from the Limitless 24, the other products in the collaboration were independently designed. As for the atomizer that initiated the dustup:

We assure that IJOY Combo RDTA was completely designed and produced by IJOY Technology.

Furthermore, the companies disagreed over the price of the LUX box mod. iJoy wanted it to cost around $60, while (according to iJoy) Vapor Hub insisted on a $149 MSRP. As the partnership appears to be over, the LUX mod is being liquidated for $59.99

As for the partnership, iJoy seems to be quite aware of what it can and can’t do at this time. The company acknowledges that Vapor Hub has a much broader marketing reach and that it was relying on its partner to spur US sales.

IJOY is responsible for R & D and manufacturing, VAPOR HUB is responsible for part of the marketing, if VAPOR HUB consider unilaterally their own interests leaving IJOY suffer that we can not do anything, after all product and company investments need to paid by IJOY, not a penny from VAPOR HUB, they loss nothing. we also recognize that we do not have a strong network marketing capabilities and influence in the United States as VAPOR HUB! But we hope to get justice, we do not want things become worse! IJOY still willing to continue to pay, but only on the condition that VAPOR HUB no longer requires shipment without payment every day! This is a huge risk for IJOY, IJOY shareholders reject this kind of cooperation!

Choose Your Side

Marvel Civil War II

As a comics nerd, I can’t help thinking about Marvel’s “Civil War 2” storyline while watching the situation between these two vaping companies unfold. Both sides think they’re right and I’m sure both sides have legitimate points. There’s also a lot of behind-the-scenes information that none of us know about. I’m sure the entire story will never be told publicly.

Having said all that, I’m curious to hear which company you think is right. Are you backing Limitless on this matter? Or are you Team iJoy? Since you’re here already, please let me know if you’re Team Iron Man or Team Captain Marvel. Now fire away in the comments section (please)!

“Civil War 2” Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment


Raymond Padilla
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  • Rozer Robles

    is IT like the. ASMODUS VS. WEHE minikin 120w issue

    • I would say that they’re pretty different, simply because of cultural differences. While Asmodus is based in the US, it’s headed up by a gentleman from China. He had issues with a bunch of other Chinese companies, including WeHe. There was, at least, a basic understanding of business there. When an American company deals with a Chinese company, a lot can get lost in translation, not just in language, but in business norms as well.

      • Rozer Robles

        yeah most of chinese companies seems to be more too eager when it comes to marketing they released a product with out fully testing the product so many of their products have some issues or defects… it seem that their priority is income first rather than quality and customer service.. they are pretty opportunistic

        • David Bugler

          Interesting that iJoy and Limitless disagreed on pricing with iJoy pitching at a very affordable level whilst Limitless wanted to best serve their loyal vaping community by pitching it 250% higher.

  • Paul

    the vaping companies should be supporting each other in the times where vaping could be stopped sort out your differences your not children in the playground the world if full of morons and idiots already dont become more idiots sit down talk and sort your issues you both in the game and in a hard game at that pull your fingers out if you both came out with the ideas then both accept it and Continue what could be a great partner ship in the vaping business

  • Ariex23

    I think you are missing a big part of the LMC iJoy story. You are literally only talking about stolen product designs, which yes sucks but it the split resulted from other issues. The anger arose when Vapor Hub had already contacted iJoy saying they were pulling the manufacturing rights, and iJoy in response do not contact Vapor Hub back, but instead “releases” the next joint design as their own and devalues the current products of VaporHubs. I wish you touched base on the actual issues in your post. Please view Vapor Hubs response.
    “To our valued and loyal customers,
    This will be our one and only post in regards to the separation of Limitless and IJoy, as we want to spend our time developing quality products for our community. However, we want everyone in the vaping community to know the truth….
    In March of 2016, we met with IJoy at our corporate offices. After distributing some of their products, we were approached by them to start manufacturing our products with them. To better serve our community, we decided to enter into a collaboration with IJoy with the agreement that we would have final say on marketing, product enhancements, and product release dates. While we have come out with some very innovative products, this partnership has been an uphill battle. There were many promises and agreements made by IJoy that they did not fulfill. Product was not shipped to us, but sent to Chinese traders first. Product was released to the market without our final approval. Promises were made, that were never honored. Because of these unethical and unprofessional business practices on the part of IJoy, we have come to the conclusion that we must cease doing business with them.
    We have shared many valuable and innovative ideas with IJoy and are concerned for the reputation of our company and brand that we have worked so hard to grow and build. We have spent countless hours in China working side by side with their engineers trying to make a quality product. The most important thing to Limitless Mod Co. is serving our loyal customer base through innovation and quality. Therefore, we are no longer in collaboration with IJoy for any Limitless products.
    Moving forward, IJoy does not have authorization to sell or market any product with the Limitless name or logo on it.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our loyal customers. Limitless Mod Co. will continue developing and producing the most innovative and highest-quality products for the vape community for years to come. We appreciate your loyalty and support.
    Limitless Mod Co.”

    • I don’t think I’m missing anything, Darlyn. What you posted was only one side of the story. As for “wishes,” I wish you would have prefaced your comment by stating that you’re a Vapor Hub employee instead of trying to sway readers to your company’s side.

      • H S

        Yup – unfortunatately you missed something again. The poster makes it very clear that he/she is professionally involved with Vapor Hub.

        Chinese companies have bad reps when it comes to copyright infringement. I dont mean to sound rude – but you’re the one stirring controversy. I think the poster made some fair points.

        • There was nothing clear about Vapor Hub employee Darlyn Duffield’s post. The first paragraph does not state that “she is professionally involved with Vapor Hub.” The rest of the post is a quote. Tell me what I missed.

          Were her points fair? I don’t know. It’s only one side of the story. It does not address iJoy’s claims of non-payment or Vapor Hub’s statements that the iJoy Combo RDTA is a dangerous product without stating specifically what those dangers are.

          The original article posted statements from both sides. If you find that controversial then that’s something you’ve inferred on your own.

          P.S. What do copyrights have to do with anything?

          • Darren Bentley

            Why dont limitless back up there claims what is dangerous about tbe ijoy combo , which part is dangerous , accusing them of selling something dangerous , dam every car manufacturers sell cars which are dangerous so are skateboard , but what is dangerous about the combo , which part is it a mini stun gun too , ??? If your going to cliam its dangerous with nothing to back up your claims , or are they unfounded or do they not want them to correct it , what ??
            China has no copyright laws or very little is ever protected, this is tbe thing your going to china to get it made cheap with cheaper labour then complain wjen it gets copied ,
            This is just the risk all do with dealing with china , An yes i will most likely pick up the combo also , i have all three limitless rdta,s already plus the tornado , an this looks like a hybrid of tornado/ the nano an limitless rdta , plus with changing decks , do you think these will they also fit the limitless too , since 25mm , or not , was a misses opportunity , or why dont limitless just start making decks for the previous limitless possibilities are endless an could scupper the combo ,if want to do this , many would buy since tbey already own tje limitless rdta any ways ,just make ecmxtra decks an top caps for whats already out , surely this is possible , then its not a new tabk just a new part for for whats already out an been sold , will combo ever be sold in usa ,if its not been sold prior to aug 8th

          • I would love to hear Limitless explain what’s dangerous about the Combo RDTA. Saying it without any sort of explanation or proof is misleading and/or irresponsible.

        • Bob King

          Are all American companies so clean on copy right? I don’t think so. Don’t forget the “child period” of American developing. And what you say has no relation with the issue – using what you had seen or heard as evidence. That’s not enough if you are an adult.

  • John Dearing

    So this is about money? Limitless wanting to charge more for devices they went to China to make on the cheap and be the first to get them so they could set the prices in their favor? An idea is just that an idea. I feel that they both did things the wrong way. I don’t blame ijoy for releasing what they did if it was too recoup money they spent manufacturing product they didn’t recieve payment for by limitless.

    Shoild there been a better dialog between them? Yes there should have but I’m leaning towards backing ijoy on this one. Here we go with the authentic vs clone thing again. Didn’t this crap happen to ijoy and some other vape companies with those bogus cease and desist orders awhile back? How can limitless help the community as a whole. Design some decent gear and make it where it’s cheaper to make it and pass that savings onto their loyal fan/customer base. They can still make their over priced battery and coil holders here in the USA throw a logo and serial number on them. Limit availability and make a crap ton of money from the hobbyist clan. Ah but what do I know I’m just a lowly right above the vaping poverty line vaper. đŸ˜‰
    Sorry if I can’t justify the prices set for some of the gear on the market that’s just me.

    I know there works of art it there that are simply stunning and worth the price of admission, but anything massed produced should not cost a week’s or two paycheck to vape on. There’s more to this than meets the eye.

  • Tony Glock

    I myself love my Ijoy Combo RDTA!