Innokin iSub S Review

We look at Innokins affordable iSub S, the latest sub ohm tank in the iSub line.

Innokin iSub S
Innokin iSub S

Innokin iSub S Intro

Today I am taking a look at the iSub S from Innokin. The latest in the iSub series from Innokin. Featuring a 4.5 mL capacity, clapton coils, top fill and a new coil swapping system, could this be the tank Innokin are remembered for? Let’s take a closer look!


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Innokin iSub S Specs and Features

  • 1x iSub S Tank (Flavours and Clouds edition)
  • 1x 0.5Ω BVC coil
  • 1x 0.5Ω Clapton coil
  • 1x SS Drip tip
  • 1x Delrin Drip tip
  • Spare O-Rings
  • 1x User Manual
  • 5ml Capacity
  • Top Fill
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Easy coil swap system

Notable Remarks


The iSub S comes in a nice presentation box which is tightly packed with the tank, spare coil and extra goodies cushioned by a foam insert. To keep the box nice and compact the user manual is a double sided piece of card.

I quite like the packaging. Nothing too fancy, compact, kept everything in great condition and it looks pretty good too! No complaints from me.

Design and Aesthetics

Innokin iSub S Taken Apart
Innokin iSub S Taken Apart

Overall I think the Innokin iSub S looks pretty good. However, the drip tip doesn’t quite sit flush, as well as the base locking into place with a beauty ring. Only the smallest of gaps but it has to be mentioned.

Also, I’m not too keen on the stainless steel swirls around the glass section. I think it would have been best to leave it clear, as there is a lot of stainless steel on show with this tank.

Vaping the iSub S

Innokin iSub S BVC Coil
Innokin iSub S BVC Coil

The iSub S comes with the clapton coil pre-installed. This is a 0.5Ω coil rated from 30-70w. The clapton coil vapes very well and the flavour is brilliant from the device. I do feel the wattage ratings are slightly over exaggerated, though. I preferred this tank at around 50-55w. I found at 65w, whilst not burning, was a very hot vape even with the airflow wide open.

The standard coil is again a 0.5Ω coil but rated at 20-35w. This coil vapes well with ok clouds and good flavour, not quite on par with the clapton but not far off. The wattage range is good however pushing to and beyond the 35w mark made the vape too hot for me.

I prefer to vape this coil at around 25w it’s a good balance and vapes really well! Plus, it’ll conserve juice and save your battery life!


Easy Swap Coil System

Innokin iSub S Easy Coil Swap System
Innokin iSub S Easy Coil Swap System

The new way of switching coils is fantastic! No more unscrewing coils just a simple pull one out and push one in.  Also, the fact the coil is its own 510 pin means this tank hits slightly harder too.

Top Fill of the Innokin iSub S

Innokin iSub S Top Fill
Innokin iSub S Top Fill

This is one of the better top fill systems that I have used. No unscrewing top caps, just a simple twist to reveal two large fill holes that have fitted any bottle I’ve tried. A very clean and easy to use system with no leaking!


A-Symmetrical Airflow

Innokin iSub S Open & Point Airflow
Innokin iSub S Open & Point Airflow

I don’t like how the airflow doesn’t match on both sides. On one side there is just a single Cyclops slot, on the other there is a Cyclops slot but with extra small airflow holes if you close this off.

This leaves one big issue: when I want to close the airflow off slightly, on one side it is fine. The other side exposes one of the smaller airflow holes so I’m not really closing off the airflow at all on that side.

That gives me imbalanced airflow to the coil. I would rather just have the 2 Cyclops slots or have the smaller airflow holes on both sides not just one.


There are a few parts of the device which don’t sit flush. Firstly, the drip tip doesn’t sit flush on the device, then the base doesn’t sit flush with the beauty ring. Whilst none of these are major, they are noticeable and it annoys me! I like my tanks to sit flush.

Also there is too much stainless steel for my liking. The tank seems quite bulked out with SS at the top and bottom, so to make that look better Innokin have added yet more SS around the tank section. NO! Just leave the tank to be the Pyrex glass. If I wanted an all stainless device, I’d buy a dripper!


Overall this tank performs very well, whilst aesthetically it isn’t very pleasing to me. But, that is something purely subjective and others may like the styling.

The performance is great, though! The Clapton coil vapes really well with plenty of flavour and vapour production. Sufficient amounts of airflow and the tank doesn’t get hot.

The iSub S is only $19.99, which is a bargain for the quality and vape you get from this solidly performing and very affordable sub ohm tank.


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Save 10% on your purchase below using the coupon code: V360

*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
Sam Bass-Cooper
Sam is a UK Based reviewer currently studying applied sports science at university. Vaping for over 2 years and with a passion to keep vaping alive his enthusiasm and desire to help others get the best experience comes across in his reviews. A sport loving aspiring athlete with a particular interest in Pole Vaulting.
  • Sweet stuff, Sam! I like the looks off the tank, save for the mashed up logo. Asymmetrical airflow slots are weird, but I’m glad it vapes well. I was a fun of Innokin products a few years ago, but the company was surpassed by several others and was very late to the sub-ohm space. It’s good to see it on the right track. Hopefully future products from Innokin have better looking logos. :p

  • A big fan of Innokin iSub tanks even the very basic one works great and thanks to that horizontal coil give flavour over vapour and no spit back. I still love the iSub G and hope to get a few more tanks soon. I just wish they would revamp the MTL tanks for us non cloud chasers ?

  • unspok3n

    Was looking forward to this tank as previous Innokin products worked well for me. Well, I came back to find two iSub S tanks, from different retailers, both leaking. Replaced o-rings, coils. Nada. Sticky messes I would not want to bother with. No stainless steel options either during time of purchase. Even when vaping the flavors were muted slightly in this tank. I’ll give their iSub V a try when that hits but I’m going to have to pass on this one.

  • jim patterson

    Thanks for reviewing I know it takes time and effort. I’d like to add that I’m looking for a tank with some metal reinforced glass as per the metal swirls so to speak. I understand it bothers you but it might be what others are looking for also I like high NIC with a throat and lung hit I can feel, I don’t like the cool temp vapes so your own personal views of the temp is subjective and relative.