Innokin MVP 3.0 Box Mod Review

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0
Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0

Innokin MVP 3.0 Intro

In this article we take a look at the brand new 30W box mod by Innokin – the MVP 3.0.

We were kindly sent the MVP 3.0 by No.1Ejuice in the UK who stock the device for just £46 – any EU and UK readers should definitely check out their very competitively priced online store.

The iTaste MVP 3.0 is the newest box mod in the best-selling MVP iTaste series by Innokin. The iTaste is a well-built 30W box mod with some great functions and in built safety features. The MVP 3 is also capable of firing down to 0.4ohm therefore making it compatible with the latest sub ohm tanks by Aspire, Kanger and Joyetech.


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Innokin MVP 3.0 Specs and Features

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Package Content
Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Package Content
  • 1x iTaste MVP3.0 battery
  • 1x USB charger cable
  • 1x eGo Threading Adaptor
  • 1x English manual
  • 1x Acrylic box
  • Operating Voltage:   3.0V-9 V
  • Operating Wattage:   6.0W-.30W
  • Standby current: 100uA max
  • Maximum output Wattage: 30W
  • Maximum output Current:10A
  • Maximum output Voltage: 9V
  • Clearomizer Resistance: 0.4 Ohm (minimum)
  • Battery: Built-in 3800 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Charging: Micro USB DC5V/1A
  • OUTPUT port :DC5V /1A

Notable Remarks

So having used the MVP 2.0, the MVP 3.0 is in my opinion a much improved version. I and many others loved the MVP2 and Innokin have managed to keep the good things about the original and have added on some even better features.


Sub Ohm Ability

The MVP 3.0 has the ability to sub ohm and can fire as low as 0.4ohm. This means it can use the new generation of tanks that feature the sub ohm coils. This is really important, as so many people have been purchasing the new sub ohm tanks. They work flawlessly on the MVP3 and having the power to go up to 30W will be enough for most people using RDAs, sub ohm tanks, standard clearomizers and glassomizers.

Great Informative LED Display

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Screen
Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Screen

The screen is really informative. It shows you the resistance of the tank you have on the device, the current wattage and the voltage in real time when you fire the button. If you hold down the plus and minus buttons, you can also invert the information show on the screen. Three fast clicks of the fire button turn off the device off. Adjusting the voltage and wattage is also very simple using the plus and minus buttons. The device also remembers your last setting which is a nice feature.

Fantastic Build Quality

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Buttons
Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Buttons

The build quality on the iTaste MVP 3.0 is very impressive. When you put the iTaste MVP 3 in your hand, it feels solid and sturdy. It isn’t the lightest of devices, but it feels like it was built with quality and durability in mind. You don’t get the rattling of plastic buttons and plasticky feel like you get on some of the mini box mods. This is solid piece of kit that feels like it will last you a long time. I also think the stainless steel finish with the dimples. It looks great and the device also comes in several different colors, for those who want something different.

Charge other Devices with your MVP 3!

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Mirco USB Charging
Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Mirco USB Charging

The MVP 3.0 comes with a mini usb charger. This means you can use the MVP 3 to charge any Android devices you may have. This is really handy for charging your phone on the go, if you are running low. The MVP also has a USB port so you can also charge your iPhone, other USB devices or even your old MVP 2! The MVP 3.0 also features pass through charging, so you can still vape whilst you are charging your box mod.

Many Impressive Safety Features

These include:

  • 15 second shut off in case the MVP gets accidently turned on or you press the fire button in your pocket
  • Low Voltage Warning: The LED will blink red when the battery capacity is lower than 3.3V and the MVP3.0 will automatically shut off
  • Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection: Protects the iTaste MVP3 against shorted atomizers and will stop the unit from functioning in unsafe conditions
  • The iTaste MVP3.0 features an automatic real-time atomizer Ohms detection. If the resistance of the atomizer is lower than 0.4 the Ohms bar will blink and the MVP3 will not power on

Amazing Battery Life

The battery life is terrific. If you are vaping this at a lower wattage like 6-15W, the device will last you for several days! Obviously using the MVP 3 at 30W with a sub ohm coil will use more battery, but will still get you through a good day of vaping with one charge. There is also a little LED on the top of the device that will light up different colors indicating the battery life left in the tank.

Other Little Things

Eleaf Melo on the Innokin MVP 3.0
Eleaf Melo on the Innokin MVP 3.0

The fire button is now placed in a better position. It used to be on the wider side of the mod on the older version. I prefer where they have put it now as I can use my thumb to press it more easily.

The device also comes with a very well written and detailed manual. It also explains everything in detail for beginners, which is very helpful for those new to vaping. Sometimes the manuals are near useless written in fractured English and lacking any content. This manual is very good and should be the type of manual that comes as standard with every type of advanced personal vaporizer or box mod.


Honestly there is very little to complain about if anything at all with the MVP 3.0. The only thing that some people might not like is the size and weight of the device. As you can see from the pics below it is larger than mini box mods and quite a bit heavier due to its build quality. For those who are after a mini box which is really small, this probably isn’t the device for you. However I don’t think that’s who Innokin are targeting with this device. This device will be for those who want something that is built extremely well and is solid and sturdy. This device works really well and will carry on doing so for a long time (that’s the feeling I get from it anyway!).


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Save 10% below using the coupon code: V360

*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
Chris Kendell
Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
  • Nick Jennings

    This is not that good of a device for the price tag they have put on it. So it can be used as a hammer or dropped 15ft and nothing wrong with it. I was all for MVP, owned the MVP 2.0 and MVP 20W but when the MVP 30W came out with it’s over priced tag I jumped ship as I seen MVP wanted more money. I am now a very proud owner of both iStick 30W and 50W. Heck I picked up the iStick 30W with the Kanger Sub Tank mini for only $10 more than what just the MVP 30W cost. iStick 30W does the exact same thing that the MVP 30W does. Really no difference in what they do.

    • Hi Nick, thanks for your commment. I agree it seems a bit expensive for what it is when compared to those devices you mentioned. For its size I would have also hoped it would be 50 or 80W! The thing I have heard though, from vendors, is that the electrics and quality in general are much better on the MVP 3. The vendors were saying they had a lot more returns on the new iSticks and hardly any for the MVP 3, as the electrics are a lot better quality. I guess it will be interesting to see how long our iStick 30 and 50Ws last compared to the MVP 3!

      • Nick Jennings

        I agree with you 100%.

  • andrew snow

    i ordered the mvp3.0 immediately after release due to loving the mvp2.0 so much, and decided to pick up a subtank mini as well. it’s been about a month, and it’s already surpassed the mvp2.0 in terms of expectations – the battery lasts longer, the box is far sturdier. i like the flush connector, the only real damage on my mvp2.0 was from dropping the mod and bending the connector which then caused some of my tanks to not line up properly, since purchase i’ve only dropped this guy two or three times but there’s absolutely no damage beyond some scuggs i was able to clean up. on top of that, it’s as if Innokin personally listened to everything I found lacking with the 2.0, and responded accordingly with the 3.0
    what i think needs to be talked about more is how this one-two combo of sub-ohm-capable tanks and mods has really planted e-cigs firmly in the “smoking cessation aid” category. i’ve flirted with vaping for about 6-7 years now, but never been too interested in mods/RBA’s, preferring to stick to more low maintenance devices. however, assembling the subtank RBA was hassle-free, and for the first time i’m getting enough vapor production out of a hassle-free, low maintenance rig. because of this, vaping is no longer something i use when i feel the urge to smoke a cigarette – i no longer HAVE the urge to smoke cigarettes. the lung hit is fantastic and “feels” so much like a cigarette that i no longer enviously eyeball my friends who have cigarettes, or have any desire to purchase a pack at the gas station, etc. i think if “vaping for the masses” hasn’t already arrived with this new generation of tanks and mods, it’s gotta be just around the corner!!

    • I completely agree with you am glad you enjoy your MVP 3 Andrew. Thanks for your thoughts!

  • jody_cock

    Can this handle the Atlantis Aspire V2?

  • debelvoir

    This product has a documented and acknowledged fault where it will suddenly show zero resistance and stop firing – mine within 12 months of light usage. Look up ‘MVP 3.0 no resistance’ and you will see all the other people who suffer the same issue. The pathetic 90 day warranty tells you everything about the confidence Innokin has in it’s own products – don’t be fooled, they won’t replace.

  • Angie Jenkins

    is the I Taste MVP 3 , 30 watt compatible with the Starre Pro Sub Ohm tank ? Is this a temperature control box ?

    • No, sadly it is not a TC Box Mod. I would suggest getting a higher output box mod for the Freemax Starre Pro with TC capability.

  • Shan

    My boyfriend just got me into vaping, and suggested this mod for me. I bought it online and bought a tank at the local store. I asked her if the tank would work with the mod. She said it would but when it came in the mail and I tried to use it the mod was saying that the atomizer was not connected when it was. I was reading on some forums that this happens because its not the right tank. Although I’m not sure which tank would work best. Help!