While Janty might be an unfamiliar brand to many vapers, it is one of the most influential companies in the brief history of the vaping business. Whether you’re talking about hardware or e-liquid, Janty has had a significant impact on the world of vaping.

On the hardware side, Janty designed the original eGo e-cigarette. Many vapers consider it the first device that elevated the vaping experience from the largely unsatisfying one offered by “cig-alike” products. For many people (myself included), the eGo was the device that got them off of tobacco cigarettes completely. Having said that, the eGo brand is most commonly associated with Joyetech, even though Janty was the original inventor.

One of the most popular e-liquid flavors in the world is RY4. This blend of tobacco, caramel, and vanilla was originally concocted by Janty. Hundreds of other companies have tried to duplicate the formula or put their own spin on the recipe. Similar to the situation with the eGo e-cigarette, many vapers that have enjoyed RY4 e-liquids are unaware that Janty was the originator.

The eGo e-cigarette and RY4 e-liquid were tremendous additions to vaping and Janty should be lauded for its hugely important contributions. Please keep all of that in mind for the Janty story that I’m about to tell you. Before I get to that, there’s one more piece of relevant information to add.

Let’s Talk About MiD

Mid One
Mid One

In 2012, Janty introduced the MiD Series vaping platform. Devices in the MiD Series interfaced with Windows PC software for a variety of interesting capabilities. While variable-wattage devices were introduced to the market, Janty took things further by allowing vapers to control the pattern of the wattage. Instead of a straight stream of power, the output of MiD Series devices could be made to ramp up, scale down, pulsate, loop, and more.

Additionally, the MiD Series allowed people to create profiles for different users or different atomizers. Vapers could switch between different settings that would accommodate the person using the device or the atomizer being used on it. Enhancing vaping capabilities through PC connectivity was revolutionary back in 2012.

People using vaping devices that feature the Evolv DNA 200 chip are familiar with connecting to a PC for an enhanced vaping experience. What Janty introduced with the MiD Series was truly ahead of its time. Unfortunately, the first device to use it was not. The MiD One was an eGo-style device with a thumb-stick controller. Instead of an easy-to-follow LED screen, the MiD One would flash a series of blinking lights to communicate information to the user. To change settings, users had to memorize and execute an awkward series of clicks on the thumb stick. While people were excited for the capabilities of the MiD One and the potential of the MiD Series software, most were down on the cumbersome user interface of the hardware.

Temperature Control Before Temperature Control Was Cool

In March 2013, I went to Cebu, Philippines to visit the Janty office. Company president Ludo Timmermans told me about several products he was working on, including the future of the MiD Series platform. The feature that he was most excited about was temperature control.

As a lifelong tech nerd, I was intrigued by the concept, but because it was so foreign to vaping (remember, it was early 2013), I didn’t fully wrap my head around it. While temperature control is a common feature today, it didn’t take off until Evolv released the DNA 40 chip in late 2014. It wasn’t until 2015 that most enthusiast vapers understood what temperature control features brought to the table.

March 2013 was the first time I heard about temperature control vaping. A few months later, I learned about Evolv’s plans. I knew it would be a big feature in the future, but didn’t imagine it would become a standard feature for most new vaping devices. Imagine if Janty had been the first to market with temperature control? Hold that thought for a second, as I’m about to add another layer.

Got Wood?

Wood Export
Wood Export

During my visit to Janty headquarters, I made a suggestion to Timmermans. I told him that a box mod using the MiD Series platform would be cool (a technical term). I told him that Cebu would be the perfect to make such a product. One of Cebu’s chief exports is wood furniture, so Janty would have easy access to raw materials at relatively low prices. While labor costs and scale aren’t as advantageous as they are in China, the Philippines is still a relatively cheap place to manufacture products.

Again, you have to keep the time in mind. Box mods are the dominant form factor at enthusiast vape shops today, but back then they were significantly behind tube mods. Stabilized wood mods have been hot with the high-end crowd for more than a year, but were largely unheard of in March 2013.

What If…?

A few paragraphs ago, I asked you to think about what it would have been like if Janty was the first to market with temperature control vaping. Now imagine if Janty was the first company to offer temperature-control box-mods. How crazy would that have been? How different would the company’s fortunes be today?

Think about all the new vaping devices introduced in the last six months. The majority of the popular ones are box mods with temperature control. Like it was in the past with the eGo e-cigarette and RY4 e-liquid, Janty had an opportunity to be an innovator. For various reasons, the company hasn’t released a box mod and the temperature control features of the MiD Series have yet to hit the market.

Raymond Padilla
Raymond Padilla is a level 26 Pokemon Go trainer, a longtime journalist, and an accomplished verbal entertainer. Kindly visit him at his personal website "RPadTV" (linked above) or his various social media accounts (linked below).
  • UpriseCrew

    Wait, wait, wait. Please tell me there’s a part 2 to this article. You left me with questions. Is Jantry still around? How about a Jantry update. What’s the name of that juice line with Ry4? Did Jantry fail at creating his TC chip? Did Evolv steal the TC idea from Jantry? So, along with your suggestion to Jantry about a TC box mod, Was it you who also suggested creating these cloud chasing sub ohm tanks? Before you take credit for my idea, I want to throw this out there. I’m developing the first ever Time machine box mod!

    • I’m going to be in the Philippines in June/July. There’s a better-than-average chance I’ll see Janty while I’m there.

      To answer some of your questions: Janty is still around, Janty RY4 is still available, and I had nothing to do with sub-ohm tanks. The other questions…I’m not going to touch, for now.

      • UpriseCrew

        Can you please pick me up some Janty liquid or one of the new RDA’s? I got you when you get back.

        • You’ll have to remind in two or three months :p

  • Jeff Tjernagel

    I like using their CLEAROMIZER but haven’t been able to place an order on their USA or European sites for the last month or so. I’ve tried to email them and it always comes back as undeliverable. Have they gone out of business?

  • Jo Bovens

    Hello all you customers out there

    I want to tell Janty stopped doing bussines in Europe , because they dont want to registrate there products for tpd 2.

    They dont ship to there distributors anymore because they stopped producing for them.

    Sadly enough they punished alot off vapers that are already had a janty ecig.

    They dont dont bother about them anymore to get spareparts and coils and more….

    Very negative advertisment for them and this will follow them in long term bussines.

    Dissapointed customer from Belgian.

    Never ever janty anymore sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!