Juiced Vape App Preview (Android, iOS)

Vaping360 takes a look at Juiced, a multifaceted mobile app geared towards vapers, coming to Android and iOS in July 2016.

Juiced Vape App
Juiced Vape App

Vaping Gets Juiced

Juiced is an upcoming mobile app for Android and iOS launching in July. Initially, it will combine a social feed, virtual events, community features, and online shopping. Additional features will be implemented in future updates. The company is touting the app as a “virtual vape lounge.” A few weeks ago, I caught a demo of Juiced and was impressed by its potential.

Four Faces of Juiced

Juiced Vape App Screens
Juiced Vape App Screens

At launch, Juiced will have four main sections.

  1. The Feed: Similar to Instagram, this section will allow users to post photos and video clips. As the former editor of TheFeed on G4tv, I was kind of partial to this section.
  2. The Lounge: This section is comprised of two subsections. The “Community” section is similar to an online message board. It allows for discussion on vaping hardware, e-liquids, advocacy, and more. Users are also encouraged to post about local vape meets and conferences.
  3. Virtual Vape Competitions: Also part of the Lounge section, the virtual vape competitions deserve a mention of their own. They’re biweekly contests users can participate in through photos and videos. This is a potentially cool way to have online trick and coil-art contests. Juiced ignored my suggestion of having weekly vaping wet t-shirt competitions.
  4. Vape Store: Naturally, the company has to pay the bills. The company hopes to fund future expansion with its in-app store.

While I’ve used a couple of vape apps in the past, all of them were more suited for enthusiast vapers than beginners. Even though Juiced covers a lot of ground, it’s aimed at being usable to newcomers and experienced vapers alike. Founder Butch Crisostomo told me:

“Juiced is a platform designed for vapers who have very little knowledge about the industry to advance. This will provide an expressive outlet to those who live the vape lifestyle.”

I love that the developers are making the app friendly to beginners, while also making it useful for veterans.

Sounds Great, But Will it Work?

Juiced Vape App iPhone
Juiced Vape App iPhone

As I mentioned above, I’ve used a few vape apps in the past. I’ve covered Vape Maps and Vapetilly on my personal site in 2014. Both apps had potential and both seemed to have fizzled out. Neither has been updated since 2015, which is rather unforgivable in the mobile-app world.

While Juiced has a more straightforward monetization model than Vape Maps and Vapetilly, I was still curious to hear why the company thinks it will succeed where others have failed. Crisostomo told me:

We took out time listening to different people in the vape community (users, manufacturers, stores, etc.) before we even started writing the first code. We have a team of seven experienced developers and three QA testers that focuses on the continued improvement and usability of the product. I believe that providing enhancements and useful functionalities without looking engineered or crowding the look and feel is key.

Even though the company is based in Florida, it’s using tried-and-true Silicon Valley tenets. The content is user-generated, allowing Juiced posters the opportunity to become “vape famous” or prominent citizen journalists in the vape community. The community aspects of the app give it the potential to have much deeper discussions than what Instagram allows. The monetization model is simple and straightforward. If Juiced attracts and retains a strong user base then there’s a great chance it will succeed. From what I was shown, the tools appear to be there. The content will be key.

Will You Get Juiced?

Juiced Vape App Logo
Juiced Virtual Vape Lounge

On paper, Juiced looks like a great app for vapers. Keep in mind that I was shown a beta version of the app in a controlled environment. In order to get a true idea of how well the app works, I need to use a live version that’s full of user-generated content. That said, I’m definitely going to give the app a go, simply because I think it’s a potentially useful tool for the vaping community.

How about you? Are you interested in what the app has to offer? What features are you looking forward to the most? Please leave a comment below and let me know.

Raymond Padilla
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  • Sounds interesting enough. I’ll probably give it a shot!

    • Please let me know what you think after you’ve tried it 🙂

  • Doobiee

    I can’t see the harm in trying something that could help further our hobby and help others in learning about this culture