JUUL Cool Cucumber Review | Interesting and Tasty

A surprisingly good new flavor from JUUL called Cool Cucumber


If you’re a fan of the JUUL, you know there’s nothing more exciting than a fresh pack of JUUL pods… except maybe, a pack with a new flavor? After a recent trip to my local vape shop, that’s what I bought; a new JUUL flavor called Cool Cucumber.

The Limited Edition Cool Cucumber by JUUL is their most unique flavor. It’s a sweet and aromatic cucumber, finished with a moderate cooling sensation – which is more like mint than menthol, but without a minty taste. I think the flavor is really good! Sometimes I taste melon too, but that could be my imagination. Either way, I’d go so far as saying Cool Cucumber is my favorite of all the JUUL flavors.

When I first heard of it, I thought it might be just a rumor. There are always talks of a new flavor from JUUL. Sometimes it’s a hoax, and other times it’s real. Cool Cucumber is real even if you can’t find it in any shops. It’s currently being called a limited-edition flavor only sold in certain physical locations. But Mango came out in a similar way. Now it’s part of the regular line up. Maybe Cool Cucumber is here to stay?

What do JUUL fans think? I am bit surprised JUUL went in this direction. I really enjoy Cool Cucumber, but I can imagine it might be a hard sell for some. Share your thoughts on the new green-cap pods. Have you tried Cool Cucumber? If not, do you have any interest in it? I’ll get back to vaping it…

Jeremy Mann

My name is Jeremy and I’m the chief editor here at Vaping360. I reside in southeast Michigan and I’ve been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010.