Which JUUL Pods Are the Most Popular to Buy?

The people have spoken, and we listened. See which JUUL pods are your favorites and how to get them.


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JUUL pods have recently become a highly sought-after commodity. In the last year, the amount of Google searches for pods alone shot up from 10K to 74K! Meanwhile the searches for JUUL have increased by over 5 times in the last year (as illustrated above). Chances are you are one of these people looking for the best place to get your JUUL fix. Read on to find out…

YOUR favorite JUUL pods (poll results)

What’s your favorite JUUL pod? A while back we took a poll to see which flavors our readers liked best. The poll is still open, so keep reading to see where you can cast your vote for YOUR favorite pod. Here are the results from over 27,500 of our readers.


If you’re a fan of the fruit medley pods, then you’re probably just as confused as we were. Here at Vaping360, that’s one of our favorites, too. But the people have spoken, and the numbers don’t lie.

The Mango pods were introduced long after the release of the JUUL, and are not included in the starter kit. If you haven’t tried them yet, what are you waiting for? Here’s how to get them now…

Where da JUUL pods at?

Best place to buy

Purchasing them straight through JUUL is the most dependable way to ensure that you’ll never run out of pods. Now you won’t be forced to pay New York City prices which can be double or even triple the retail value! They have a new feature that automatically re-orders for you each month, so those days of searching everywhere for your favorite JUUL pods are over.

You might be able to randomly find them in a kiosk, gas station or even vape shop, but not on a consistent basis. We’ve found that the best way to purchase JUUL pods is directly from their website. If you really need to pick them up right now, here’s how to get them at a location near you.

Need JUUL pods right NOW?!

We get it. You don’t want to wait for them to ship, or you already have some on the way. But you wish you were Juuling now. No worries, we got you. JUUL has a store locator on their site where you can find authentic JUUL pods near you. It’s always good to know where to get your favorites anytime.

The flavors

juul pods google searches

If you’re looking for a full review on the JUUL you can read that here. Since its release, they have added a new fruity Mango pod which has quickly grown to be their hottest selling flavor.

  • Cool mint – “Crisp peppermint and soothing aftertaste”
  • Fruit medley – “Peaches, grapes and berries with herbal notes.”
  • Virginia Tobacco – “Rich unmistakable American tobacco”
  • Crème Brulee – “Vanilla cake, silky custard and crème brulee”
  • Mango – “Mango with hints of tropical fruit”

What’s inside of a JUUL pod?


If you go on their official website, they don’t offer much of an explanation as to how it functions.

At its core, the JUUL pods contain a 1 mm coil containing 5 spaced wraps. It clocked in at 1.7 Ohms, which leads us to believe they are using 38-gauge Titanium, rather than Kanthal. The coil is attached to a gold-plated base, which creates contact with the battery when it’s inserted into the device.

The outer shell and mouthpiece, that also functions as a top cap, is made of plastic. Inside of the coil is a thin piece of silica, that wicks juice to the coil. The e-liquid inside contains your typical PG and VG, flavorings. JUUL nicotine (inside the juice) is what separates it from your typical e-cigarettes.

JUUL uses salt-based nicotine to deliver that intense throat hit that its users come to know and love. Another reason why these pods are so effective is because they contain 50 mg of nicotine. Many people misread the 5% on the package, but if you’re vaping on 6 mg, that’s equivalent to 0.6%.

When you take a puff, the coil is activated. It heats up and creates vapor which travels through a tiny metal rod, located in the center of the pod. With each puff, the vapor reaches the mouthpiece and is inhaled. No, it’s not magic, it’s just regular vaping, except that it contains a ton of that salt-based Nic.

How to refill your JUUL pods

A lot of JUUL users have been taking matters into their own hands. Though the device is technically a closed system vape, many people have been finding their way around that issue. The pods are quite easy to hack. Stay tuned for a complete guide that will show you how to do that yourself. The pods can be easily dismantled by using a pair of tweezers, just be aware that they might leak which can damage your battery.

Once you pry the pod open, the question becomes, what do you fill it with? You won’t find a regular e-liquid with anywhere close to the amount of nicotine found in a JUUL pod. In addition, JUUL uses a very specific salt-based nicotine that delivers that satisfying hit that its users are accustomed to.

Don’t worry. There are already a few companies that have been filling this void. Mr. Salt-E is one of the more popular ones. They sell replacement juice for JUUL hackers, containing salt-based nicotine. Another company called Level Up Vapor offers a similar e-liquid, also available with their own pods.

Both brands provide more options in terms of flavor and nicotine strength for your JUUL device. I wonder if JUUL is going to step up their game by offering more flavors and multiple nicotine levels? Currently it appears that they are struggling to meet the demand of their dedicated consumers.


The JUUL is an excellent alternative to cigarettes. But what happens when you can’t get your refills? Do you sit there and cry? Do you get salty, or do you just light up a stoge like nothing happened? The best way to secure a never-ending supply of pods is by ordering them on their website and selecting auto-ship. This way you’ll never be assed-out if you forget to place your order every single month.

If you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, there’s always the hacker route. You can attempt to fill them up with e-juice, preferably one with a salt-based nicotine. There are a few brands that make juice specifically for this purpose. Have you tried them? How do they compare to regular pods?

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