Kanger Arymi GillE Sub-Ohm Tank Preview

The Arymi GillE is a replaceable-coil tank that borrows some design elements from Genesis-style RTAs and uses a distinct coil.

Kanger Arymi GillE
Kanger Arymi GillE

A New Line From a Vaping Veteran

The Arymi GillE is one of the first products from Kanger’s new Arymi sub-brand. It’s a sub-ohm tank that borrows features from so-called Genesis-style RTAs and uses them in a replaceable-coil system. The tank looks great and has a novel coil system, but its recommended wattage range will seem curious to some vapers. Here’s a closer look.

Kanger Arymi GillE Features & Specs

Kanger Arymi GillE silver

Here are the features and specs of the Arymi GillE sub-ohm tank.

  • Capacity: 3.0 milliliters
  • Diameter: 22 millimeters
  • Suggested Wattage: 20-40 watts
  • Replaceable Pyrex Glass
  • 99 Percent Less Condensation Than Most Tanks
  • Top Filling With Easy Coil Replacement Design
  • Disposable 0.2-ohm EOCC Coil
  • 510 Dip Tip
  • Leak-Free
  • Finishes: Black, silver, and white

Dat Coil Do

Kanger Arymi GillE coil
Kanger Arymi GillE coil

The most fascinating aspect of the Arymi GillE is its coil. Imagine if an Aspire Cleito coil and a Joyetech Notch Coil had a baby — the result would be the coil used in this tank. It has a Notch Coil-like design at the top, with legs that extend to the bottom of the tank. The coil can be re-wicked too, allowing vapers to get more life out of them by cleaning the metal and replacing the cotton.

With so many 2016 sub-ohm tanks emphasizing massive airflow and high wattages, the Arymi GillE is refreshing. It doesn’t have gargantuan airflow holes and its recommended wattage range is a modest 20-40 watts. On paper, it seems like a great sub-ohm tank for flavor chasers.

As a fan of top-airflow sub-ohm tanks, I'm looking forward to seeing how the Arymi GillE performs.

The design of Arymi GillE is lovely, with one minor quibble. I love the tank’s smooth lines and (mostly) clean aesthetics. The top of the tank has both the logo and text. To me, it would have looked classier with just the symbol. The photos I’ve seen of all three versions look great, though I’m liking the black and white models a bit more than the silver.

As a fan of top-airflow sub-ohm tanks, I’m looking forward to seeing how the Arymi GillE performs. In my head, I see a tank that produces strong flavor and has a highly leak-resistant design (I don’t believe it’s leak-proof. Give one to an Olympic gymnast to hold during her floor routine and see if it leaks.) I’m excited to get my hands on this one. How about you guys and gals? Any interested in this sub-ohm tank?

Raymond Padilla
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  • Mirza

    I’d say if Cubis and Avocado had baby it would look like Gille. I praise the price and simplicity an nice subohm tank to carry arround.

    • That’s a good analogy, Mirza! I’m always on the lookout for a top-airflow tank for my ProYStick. Hopefully this one vapes well.

      • Mirza

        I saw PBusardo’s video about Gille and he says that vapor production is getting lower as the tank is being emptied. So you’ll have to fill it often. It’s long way from bottom to upper notch coil part on that “tampon” coil😊.

        • I’m glad you said it first :p I was thinking that it looked like a tampon the whole time I was writing about it. Ha!

          • Chris Moore

            Sorry for commenting on an old post, but did this style of coil even make it to retail? Mine came with the spring style ones and that’s all I can find for replacements. It only takes me 2-3 rewickings to mange them.

  • Morgan Junior

    I just won one and it was delivered today.