Little Head Vapor Interview

Little Head Vapor owner Jon McDonald talks about his unique bottles and flavors.


Everybody Loves a Little Head

Little Head Vapor’s e-liquid bottles are striking. Available in 15ml, 30ml, and 120ml sizes, the bottles resemble shrunken heads sporting devilish smiles. Getting past the clever packaging, vapers will find some tasty flavors. At TPE2016, Little Head Vapor owner Jon McDonald spoke to me about his company, his bottle design, current flavors, and what’s coming next. Check out the video above for all the details.

Behind the Little Heads

Little Head Vapor Owner Jon McDonald

McDonald explained that Little Head Vapor┬áhas experience making bottles for the high-end liquor market. He also cleared up one misconception about the company’s e-liquids; some vapers see the colored glass and mistakenly think that the e-liquid inside the bottles contains food coloring. This is not the case.

The current Little Head Vapor lineup consists of three flavors — Crazy Cookie (my favorite of the three), Melon Dive, and Smooth Lovin’. McDonald detailed the flavors during the interview and how they correspond to their respective bottle colors.

While he wouldn’t tell me exactly what flavor is coming next from Little Head Vapor, McDonald did say that the next bottle will be purple. My suggestion for an eggplant-flavored e-liquid was not taken seriously.

Do You Want (Little) Head?

After you’ve checked out the video at the top of the page, kindly share your thoughts on Little Head Vapor and the flavor that most appeals to you. Any ideas on what flavor the upcoming purple bottle will contain? Fire away in the comments section!

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  • Sam Bass-Cooper

    Purple should definitely be a grape soda or something like that.