Mission impossible: finding a JUUL pod in New York

Tobacco shops in New York City are charging as much as twice the suggested retail price for Juul refills, but the market is strong


How much would you pay for JUUL pods? The suggested retail price is $15.99 for a pack of four, but some New York City retailers are selling them for almost twice that price.

The New York Post reported Thursday that the pod mod vaping device is so popular in New York that many tobacco shops are jacking the price up to almost twice what the manufacturer intends. The Post surveyed shops and discovered that some in the East Village in lower Manhattan were charging $29.99.

PAX has doubled its JUUL pod production to two million a month

They’re getting away with it because the device and its refills are extremely popular, and PAX Labs can’t produce enough refills to supply the demand. Pax chief executive officer Tyler Goldman told the Post that the company has a hard time forcing stores to comply with the suggested JUUL pricing.

“We’ve tried to police it, but it’s obviously a game of Whack-A-Mole to some extent,” Goldman told the Post.

They want to solve the problem by flooding the market with JUUL kits and pods. PAX has doubled its pod production to two million a month, and intends to grow that number to five million by January. Goldman says that JUUL is expecting to be available in 20,000 New York City locations by next year.
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Jim McDonald
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  • John Roberts

    Well if they are making so much why don`t they put up for or rights to vape.. Sounds like they are in it for the short time….

    • Jim McDonald

      I don’t know if they invest in advocacy or not. Why do you assume they don’t?