Nevada politicians speak on vaping

Nevada candidates for senate and congress talk about vaping. A look at contacting local politicians on vaping issues and why it's important to contact yours.

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New town, new politicians

With the US elections a few weeks away, it’s more important than ever for vapers to vote. While most of the national and global attention has been focused on the Clinton vs. Trump contest, vapers need to use their voting power for the other positions being contested. Senate, congress, and state assembly are more likely to affect your vaping life than the President of the United States will.

Recently, I moved to Nevada. Prior to the move, I only had a superficial knowledge of the local politicians here. With the election coming up, I called and emailed all the candidates for senate, congress, and state assembly to ask for their positions on the issues that are important to me. Naturally, one of them was vaping.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the candidates didn’t respond. What did surprise me was the ones that did. If I did get a reply, I was expecting a generic “thank you for your concerns” canned response. Several of the candidates responded personally — a few with more detail than I expected. One had an aid call me back to talk about my concerns directly. Here’s a summary of the information I received from the people running for office in the 2016 Nevada election.

Nevada US Senate candidates

United States Senate

Joe Heck is a republican that’s currently serving in the US House of Representatives. He had an aid call me from his Washington DC office.

Congressman Heck is a co-sponsor of HR 2058, which is legislation that would allow for the grandfathering in of electronic cigarettes. He’s against anti-vaping legislation.

Tom Jones (sadly, not the legendary Welsh crooner) is an Independent American Party candidate for senate. While he addressed my other concerns using more detail, he had a short response to the vaping questions.

The FDA should not be involved.

Jarrod Williams classifies himself as a non-partisan democratic socialist. He gave the most detailed answer.

I believe that vaping liquids do need to be regulated. As of right now there are very few protections for citizens who use them, and few requirements necessary for the companies to disclose what is contained within. I believe that these steps should have been taken before vaping was released to the general public. I do believe that vaping should be treated similar to smoking in its restriction in public areas, until verifiable independent research can show that there is no danger to those around the vaping individual.

The other major party candidate, democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, did not respond to my calls or emails. Minor party candidates Tony Gumina and Tom Sawyer did not reply as well. (My guess is that Sawyer was off fishing with Huckleberry Finn.)

Nevada congressional candidates

US congress

While I had decent success getting information from the gentlemen running for senate, only one of the four candidates for the House of Representatives responded to me. The major party candidates, democrat Jacky Rosen and republican Danny Tarkanian, did not reply to me. Independent American Party candidate Warren Markowitz also didn’t reply. Independent candidate David Goosen sent me a reply from a MetroPCS phone. I am still undecided on whether it’s charming that he sent me a reply from his mobile or worrisome that he’s using a carrier known for “burner” phones.

I am for the free market. I went to the vaper rally at Dean’s Place and told people no new laws for vapor. I will vote no on all new laws for vaping at the federal level.

The power is yours!

Captain Planet

This election isn’t merely about Clinton vs. Trump. The US Congress controls the FDA (in theory). State assembly determines local vaping laws. There’s still time to contact your local candidates for senate, congress, and state assembly. If vaping is an important part of your life then you owe it to yourself to find out their positions on vaping.

With so much anti-vaping legislation happening and anti-vaping propaganda being spread, I sincerely hope you use your voting power to make things better for vapers and the vaping business. As Captain Planet was fond of saying, “The power is yours!”

Raymond Padilla
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